Jace Involved In Hootergate Scandal

Jenelle Evans

Hollybaby - It's fine that Jenelle lets Jace play with balloons -- but should she really have let him blow up a Hooters ballon? Hooters restaurants are known for their waitresses who wear booty shorts and let their cleavage hang out. Should a toddler really be subjected to these sexual images?

16 and Pregnant's Ashley Salazar's Book Is Released

16 and pregnant

In a day and age where everyone is a writer, it's no surprise the 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom girls are getting in on the action. Farrah wrote a book, Maci is writing a book, and 16 and Pregnant's Ashley Salazar's book is being released today. Ashley started a blog after she learned she was pregnant and you can find it here: Ashley's blog. (Just a word of advice: Do NOT search for "Ashley Salazar blog" in Google, especially when you are at work. It brings up a whole different Ashley and while she is very pretty, I'm sure her womb has never been with child. Just use the link I provided.)

Can Anyone Explain This Scentsy Fad To Me?

Chelsea Houska

So as many people know, in order to get my stories I have to basically check twitter and facebook all day long in order to find anything remotely interesting to post about with the Teen Moms between episodes. Let me tell you, it's getting harder and harder by the day, especially now that they're all pushing this scentsy shit every other post.

Class Dismissed - Chelsea Is Coming!

Chelsea Houska

We picked up this bit of info from a reliable source (someone who goes to the college Chelsea is going to be attending) that yesterday class was dismissed early due to "bad weather". However, as they were leaving, MTV's camera crew was getting set up for Chelsea to come and take her aptitude test, and apparently didn't want the distractions of, you know, other students.

More Teen Moms Support NOH8

catelynn lowell

Catelynn, Kailyn, and Maci were in L.A. recently to shoot for that hack Dr. Dre, or is it Dr. Drew.. whatever, he bores me. In the meantime, they went out and took more photos for a good cause called NOH8. If you aren't aware. NOH8's mission is to promote gender, marriage, and human equality, which is definitely something I can get behind. It's a good cause, and generally the photos are very well done.

Today's Awkward Twitter Conversation Brought To You By Leah And Jeremy

Jeremy Calvert

While Twitter has been a great tool to learn what celebrities are eating for lunch, communicating with your friends, and for bloggers to promote our latest articles. One thing it should probably not be used for is to chat back and forth with your boyfriend or girlfriend, as Leah and Jeremy realized recently.