Jenelle's Next Mug Shot

Jenelle Evans

The Twittersphere has been absolutely exploding with rumors given all of the drama over the weekend on the Teen Mom reunion and of course, (and thank god!), it all got filmed AND much of the problem was due to Jenelle. Now, it's clear the reunion quickly became the setup for Jenelle's next mugshot because according to reports, Jenelle laid into Nathan's girlfriend, Ashley.

You Won't Believe Farrah's Latest Business Venture

farrah abraham

Can we talk about how mercenary Farrah is a for a minute? Although it would seem as if the moms from Teen Mom 2 are particulalary ambitious, and right now, just about every teen mom has started some kind of a business, it's clear that Farrah is the one teen mom would will do anything for money.

The Real Reason Briana Complains About Money

Briana DeJesus

It seems that all Bri has done this season of Teen Mom 2 is complain about money. Yep. Episode, after episode, after episode, this momma will not stop talking about how Luis needs to provide for her family. But what's confusing about this is that Bri actually earns a fair amount of money, right? By know, everyone has gotten wind of the fact that the teen moms get paid a total of $300,000 per season of Teen Mom 2. So what gives?

Does Chelsea's Storyline Suck or What?

chelsea houska

Let's keep it real: Chelsea's storyline on Teen Mom 2 this season sucks. And the funny thing is, you can even see how hard she's trying to pump up the drama.

Is Kail Going to File A PFA Against Chris Lopez??!!!

Chris Lopez

This week, The Ashley had the scoop on what's been going on between Kail and babby daddy, Chris Lopez. As one would expect, Chris Lopez has definitely been kicking up the drama after the birth of Lux but apparently, what's interesting here is not that Kail has been keeping him from seeing Lux but rather that Chris has actually been violent with Kail!