Tyler Baltierra Shows The Fellas How To Celebrate An Anniversary

It's always hard to figure out the perfect way to celebrate and anniversary. Of course, you want to do gifts, dinner and all of the big stuff. However, sometimes words written from the heart can strike a cord that makes the anniversary all that much more special. That's exactly what Tyler Baltierra did in his recent post, celebrating his 12 year anniversary with Catelynn Lowell.

The Shocking Reason that Jenelle Up In Kail's Business?

Last night on Teen Mom 2, we saw Jenelle and Kail facing off as Kail found out that Jenelle had tweeted her congrats on Kail's recent pregnancy. Kail immediately got upset, given that she wanted to announce her pregnancy herself and Jenelle inadvertently leaked it. But here's the kicker: Jenelle claimed that Javi was responsible since it was a mutual friend of hers and Javi's who actually told Jenelle the information. Apparently, Javi had told the mutual friend about the news.

Javi Steals Spotlight from Kailyn

Javi recently revealed that he's going to be the subject of a Teen Mom special, which means that we'll be seeing a lot more of the conflict between him and Kailyn. Even though Kail is on pregnancy #3 and at lot more consumed by post pregnancy drama with Chris, it seems that her baby daddies come back to haunt her since Javi's special is sure to commant quite a bit of attention.