This Week in Teen Mom News: 16 & Pregnant Edition

16 & pregnant

1. Sarah Roberts' daughter Tessly turns one

sarah roberts 2

Sarah has been pretty quiet about her second daughter, Tessly Jordan Loucille, but did comment that this week she celebrated her first birthday. Sarah, who is currently with Tessly's dad, didn't post any pictures of Tessly online, but did show followers on Twitter her daughter's birthday outfit.

Hopefully Sarah will show some pictures of Tessly enjoying a birthday party, but she's commented before that her children didn't sign up for 16 & Pregnant, so she tries to keep them out of the spotlight. Either way, happy birthday to Tessly.

2. Ashley Salazar is selling insurance


Ashley has made several life changes over the course of a few months, but her most recent change is in employment. Ashley, who was formerly writing online articles and using her journalism degree, has decided to switch gears and sell insurance for State Farm.

Ashley made the switch very public on Twitter, but there's no real word yet on if she's making any sales. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

3. Shawn and Aleah work on co-parenting


Shawn Burke and Aleah Lebeouf were featured on season 5 of 16 & Pregnant, and you'll probably remember them as the juvenile detention center lovers. Shawn had a son from a previous relationship named Noah, and he and Aleah were taking care of him on their own before Aleah got pregnant.

Noah's mom wasn't really involved much, but it appears that she's come around and is taking on more responsibility with Noah.

At first Aleah seemed hesitant to letting Noah stay with his mom for extended periods of time, but by the looks of that Tweet, things are going in the right direction.

4. Nikkole Paulun's back on Twitter


Gosh, what did we do for a month without seeing Nikkole all over Twitter. I'll tell you what...we didn't see any fake boobies pressed against tanning beds, tacky advertising tattoos, or stillbirth references.

Anyway, for those of you that didn't know, her account was suspended for some reason (unknown to me) and after a month without Twitter, she's announced that she's back.

In her one month hiatus she was able to get back together with ex-boyfriend Ryan Rice who she claimed was physically abusive. Also, I'm still waiting to see those Playboy pictures she supposedly took.


so the old man in the pink shirt is tessly's dad or grandpa?

And is Loucille his last name or is that just a wonky spelling of Lucille?

I think it's supposed to be a creative way of spelling Lucille.

Let's just be thankful it's not Lewseal.

I'm so ashamed to know this, I need a damn life...

Tinleigh's middle name is Louise, and I'm 98% sure that she's named after Sarah's mom. So I think Loucille is also named after Grandma Louise.

Why is she giving her kids basically the same name?! Girl please, buy a baby naming book before having #3.

I've lurked forever and now posting! Hi everyone! Forgive me if this has been covered already but is this child's name pronounced "Tess-LEE" or "Tes-SILLY".

It's stupid either way I just wanted to clarify.

Awesome name!! I have no idea how to pronounce it. Maybe r-e-g-r-e-t?

If it's like the Tessliegh (I know, I know, that spelling) I've met it's Tess-LEE.

love the name! um i think that these girls and these names are just plain stupid. these kids have to go to school eventually and i know if i had them in my class id be struggling to pronounce these names right.

This tripped me up for a moment seeing the same picture of Sarah, Justin, Tinleigh and Tessly. I thought an article was deleted. Lol

Well, I would love to see pics of Tessly too but I applaud Sarah for trying to keep them out of the spotlight.

Selling insurance is tough. My husband tried to take the tests to sell life insurance and couldn't pass. They are supposed to make good money.

It is sweet that Aleah has taken on that motherly role with Noah too. Yet, she is mature enough to allow his bio mother into his life. Hopefully, for whatever reason she wasn't in it before, won't come back in the future.


Me too haha I thought my computer was drinking baby dye

I hit the back button on my iPad because I thought I had clicked on the wrong link lol.

Yeah...I hate how people (as a majority) seem to be unable to get past their personal feelings about an ex and do what's best for their kid. It's so uncommon that it's something to brag about. I don't know this two so I'm not calling them out at just seems like a lot of people whose relationships didn't work out but still have kids with the other person feel like they should be given a high five for being magnanimous enough to ALLOW their child to see its father/mother.

LOL I know....on this whole fucking show everyone thinks they deserve a medal for co-parenting (even though they actually suck at it). Like for the short like Leah and Kail weren't complete cunts to the father's of their childsis they acted like they deserved a fucking medal. That's like saying congrats for feeding your kids...(even though Leah doesn't do that), congrats for not being racist (even though Kail doesn't do that). Congrats for being a normal adult...(nobody does that).

Haha, I loved when Jurrmy said, "I want to know when the coparenting went to hell?" like he was shocked while he's spent the past two years trash talking Corey with Leah every chance he gets. I dunno, Jeremy...maybe you and your entitled wife have something to do with it.

@Rae i cant wait to see the reunion i hope Dr Drew asks corey how he felt hearing Jurmmyy trash talk him. cause corey never says anything negative abt Jurmyy

Sex4Kuerigs, I will bet anything that Dr. Douche says absolutely nothing about how Meth Man and the Percocet Princess treat Corey so terribly. Instead, he'll be on offense, hounding Corey about how he could dare to try to take custody away from such a loving mother. Then he'll make up some numbers about how 947% of Teen Moms don't allow their kid's father around at all, and that's completely within their rights because moms are more important than dads anyway.

Meth Man and the Percocet Princess...I am dying!

i say they let andy cohen do it, wwhl style!!

I know I'm older then these kids, but I just dont understand the inability to handle the co-parenting. My ex & I stopped loving each other, not our daughter. All major milestones had both of us & even our partners at the time involved. there was no playing one parent against the other, he & I both delt with her if she was in trouble. There were very good reasons my ex & I split but my daughter didnt need to know what they were! She is 21 now & she has been able to figure out on her own why dad & mom arent together. My ex had some hiccups being on the same page but learned very quickly how to co-parent. And believe me that ones not the brightest crayon in the box. lol

I think it shows their immaturity.
Also you said you stopped loving eachother, not your daughter. Most of these girls don't stop loving the guys, they are still in love with them (or they convince themselves they are anyway). As for the boys, a lot of them never had love to lose. Or they get over it way before the girls.
Even Leah, who was the fuck up in her relationship, convinced herself she was sooo in love with Corey and it was special (even though she'd said she had connected better with Jeremy as they hadn't been forced together for their kids).
I can't imagine how awful it is having parents who co parent like these people. It's hard enough having your parents split when they stay on good terms for you! Let alone them acting like you are a pawn.

Nikkole is on the same shitlist Jenelle is on. Even lower. What an insult to those who HAVE had a late term miscarriage or stillbirth. She can choke on her "abusive" boyfriend's dick.

Just the spelling of her name irritates me. I never saw her story nor do I care about her. She is a shameless slore! When I heard about the fake stillbirth, that threw me over the edge. I'm glad she didn't get picked for TM2. "Nicole" your 15 mins are up, sweetheart. Get a real job and clean up your act for your kid.

...and "Nikkole's" mom's name is "Rikki" - isn't that just too fuckin' cute?!? *vomits off the side of an overpass and hits Nathan driving one of Jenelle's cars as she sits in the passenger seat talking stupid (The Roll is with Doris) - he freaks, gets into a single motor vehicle accident, breaking their necks and arms and hands forcing them off twitter and out of the public eye for at least six months*

I can't believe that haters haven't hated!


Whose life revolves so much around twitter that you have to announce your victorious return after the BAN is lifted? Get a life. No one cares about your musings on social media, NikkHOLE.

Nikkole has the most drowsiest looking face I've ever seen. Is she ever surprised or happy looking?

Why the long face?

Go away again please Nikkole, that is all

Happy birthday to Tessly. Only 17 years to go before she can change her name. I'm sure her dad is proud as punch watching her take her first steps, as he follows with his walker.

Too bad Skankosaurus can only sell insurance in Texas, because I know Adam could probably use a good deal. Maybe he'll offer to give her an ee baby for a 15% discount.

I want to like Aleah, but I could never quite get on board with her. She had a tricky situation, and her boyfriend seemed like a loser, and she moved in with him in that zoo with his battling brothers, and apathetic mom when I think Aleah had a good mom herself (I know a few girls last season didn't have parents they could depend on, but I think her mom was okay). I flipped a shit when she left her newborn there over night when she fought with Shawn. I don't know, I guess she was okay and she's good to Noah, but I think most of her problems were self imposed.

Nikkole can go suck an egg.

Now you've got me picturing Adam using babies as currency haha.

The only thing Adam has to contribute to society is his ability to father babies that will grow up to have daddy issues. Maybe he's got a chick at the tattoo parlor who is willing to exchange an hour of work on his tattoos for a shot at carrying his 3rd/4th baby.

It'd probably have to be a tattoo apprentice, and not a trained artist. He makes cute kids, but they'd be like the pesos of baby currency because they come with an absent father.

Plus, as Germany learned after WWI, if you just make more currency to cover your debts, each bit of currency becomes less and less valuable. If he's going to use babies to pay for services and goods, he needs to slow his roll and keep an eye on that baby inflation.

I personally cannot stand it when a friend/acquaintance on facebook or wherever gets a job that relies so heavily on commission. Suddenly they go from normal person to makeup pusher. Their statuses are all about the new mascara they just got in the mail and do you want to buy any!? And then they love all the girls on their team and do you want to join it?! DO YOU WANT To HAVE A PARTY AT YOUR HOUSE? You get discounts and free placemats from pampered chef! Do you want to have an online party? Hey can you do me a favor and invite everyone you've ever met to this thing and every subsequent event so that I can make money and all your other friends can delete you for being as obnoxious as I am?!?!?

Fuck that.

Talking about Leah? Yeah i hate people who do that too, they seem to be in a cult. Only few people rilly suh-seed in that business.

I love the unfollow button on facebook. They also try and invite you to their "Events" aka buy my shit party. FUCK OFF.

I didn't understand how Mary Kay worked my freshman year of college and a friend's sister started selling it. She invited me over for a free facial. When I think facial, I think scrubs, peels, massages, relaxation! Nope. They give you a dab of soap (expensive as shit soap at that) and you wash half your face with it and then put moisturizer on half your face and then they ask you to see what a huge difference it makes. Spoiler alert: It doesn't make a damn bit of difference.

So that was disappointing but her "team leader" was this really pompous woman who was a complete MaryKayBot 100%. She told me the story of how she started selling Mary kay and it was basically that she was the breadwinner for their family and had a great job with a big salary and benefits. She decided one day to just QUIT and start selling Mary Kay and she's been so successful at it blah blah blah. I still didn't catch on that this was a sales pitch along with a job recruitment and wound up going to help my friend out the next day for an "event" she was planning. Impulsiva McDumbass was there, as well and actually sat me down and asked me this question, verbatim: "Okay remember my story I told you about how I got started with Mary Kay? Tell me, what part of my story impressed you the most?" It took all the self control I had not to say, "The part where you put your family's welfare and basic needs in jeopardy to peddle mascara to sorority girls!"

They kept asking if I knew anyone who'd want to be a consultant or if I wanted to be. I didn't but I wanted to help my friend so I was like, "I'll ask my mom, I guess." My mom is not dumb and was like, "No way in hell." And then, folks, that was the day I learned about pyramid schemes.

Also: My husband's aunt is the dumbest person I've ever met. And she's a total hypochondriac. She becomes a "consultant" of every fucking business that does this. But she never actually sells anything. She just buys inventory with her husband's money and then never follows through. She put her "mary kay consultant" business card in their RSVP card they mailed to us for our wedding. At my nephew's wedding, she was talking to people at the reception about the My Thirty-One stuff she was selling which is like monogrammed bags and luggage and stuff. My cousin does the My Thirty-One mess and she's actually very successful at it but she doesn't hound people to buy the product and she's not obnoxious about it. I actually had to send my cousin an email warning her about my husband's aunt just in case there were like regional conventions or something because we all live in TN. I explained that she's a nutcase and will trap you in a corner and tell you her entire sordid medical history within 5 minutes of meeting you so if you see her, RUN! That woman is a complete turd. Her husband is retired navy with two different military retirement/pension plans and STILL has to work 60+ hours a week to keep up with his wife's shopping addiction. And every year around Mother's Day, she sends an email to my MIL (her husband's sister) with suggestions of whatever she's selling for a Mother's Day present even though my MIL (and thus crazy Aunt's MIL) has been dead for like 10 years now. I would punch that woman in the face so hard if it wouldn't make her ill-fitting dentures fly out and her crossed eye to finally roll into the back of her head. Sorry..needed to rant.

@Rae i think they tell themselves that they gave up this good job to run a marykay business to feel better abt that dumbass decision. my nail salon now sells the shit in the salon and i had to tell the owner if she tried to push that shit on me again i will stop going there to get my nails done i go there to relax and have my nails done not to be harrassed and pressured into buying shit i will never use.

The only thing I miss about having friends who worked for Mary Kay were the free makeup sessions LOL! It's sad Miranda's doing the whole pyramid scehe thing now with those stupid body wrap things. I don't even understand... Do people selling all that crap not get how annoying they are? Well duh no they don't but just saying they should.

Did she give up a job as a police officer to sell body wraps? This show ruins people

@Beth, I don't think she did. She moved away to marry Corey and had to leave the sheriffs dept she was working for. I think the body wrap thing is relatively new.

I don't get why she couldn't be a cop where she lives now though? I could see someone being like "Hey I'm on TV, I could sell these wrap things" but just no.

Yeah I was guna say, you don't have to give up your whole career because you moved lol. Every place needs police! I suppose it's an easy way to make money but it seems a step down.

Eh, her not being a LEO anymore doesn't really bother me that much (the wraps things are like every other product of that ilk though).

We don't know why she isn't doing it. Maybe once she moved they did the math and it wasn't worth it for her to drive all the way to the old town for what is probably a small paycheck. The town/county they're in now may not be hiring. In tough economic times that's the kind of thing that can be effected by a hiring freeze.

Maybe she really didn't like it and now she's going back to school for something else. Maybe Corey makes enough money she doesn't need to work and spends her time volunteering.

Hell maybe she just sit around and waits for her crazy-attractive and sweet husband to come home. I would if I could.

Well she might have had to leave her job if she moved far enough away. I think they prefer that you live relatively close to your departments' jurisdiction. She might also not have been able to go from one department to another just like that. She probably would have had to go through the whole new hire process even if she was prior LEO. And like my booster seat said, some departments are just not hiring depending on the financial state of the county or municipality. Anyways, it sucks that she had to leave but maybe it was her choice to stay at home. Maybe Corey wasn't thrilled about her working such a dangerous job. Who knows. But yeah, those body wrap, makeup and sex toy sales people drive me crazy. I have friends who sell that kind of stuff and it sucks to be like, yeah, no thanks. Lol

Hey if she wants to be something other than a cop then that's more than fine with me (not a huge fan of cops especially with all the footage coming out with all the abuse of authority) but body wraps? C'mon now. And I'd really hope Corey wasn't so controling as to make her quit her job. He knew that was her career choice when he met her. Kinda reminds me of the episode where Leah wanted to start working more and Corey wasn't having it. I totally forgot he was like that.

I think Corey didn't want Leah "working" because 1. Financially it didn't make sense and especially 2. Work for Leah equals trolling for dong.

That's not good enough. She has just as much of a right to work as he does and I didn't see a problem with her taking a part time job to get out of the house for a little bit. I mean they couldn't even afford paint at the time so I wouldn't see why it didn't make financial sense. Like I said though, whether or not it does doesn't matter. Most homes have both parents who work and there's nothing wrong with that.

I think I remember Corey making a huge deal about Leah going to work because he was afraid she would cheat on him with someone at work. I remember thinking that was weird because she was working at a dentist's office. I guess he was worried that she was going to fuck the dentist or something. He tried to be nicer about it, like, "you're going to spend your whole paycheck on gas and a babysitter." Maybe that's true but I feel like he was kind of being an ass about it. I hope he is not like that with Miranda.

Well as we all know, that didn't stop her from cheating. I feel like if someone's gonna cheat, they're gonna cheat and you can't stop it. And because Corey has been burned so many times I could see him being more controlling toward Miranda, not that it's an excuse at all and if he is that way he needs to seek help for it.

They didn't "get a job". Selling insurance is actually a job, and it's commission based. But the stuff you are talking about is multi level marketing/network marketing/pyramid schemes. They certainly aren't real jobs and you have to actually pay to become a part of it. They encourage the people who join to push their sales on facebook and on their personal friends and family. As "Javi's Miley Addiction" said it is a very cult-like thing and there's lot of articles about how messed up this type of "work" is. It's not a real job, and it's basically a great way to waste your money.

OH nvm Rae, I saw your other comment. Sounds like you're fully aware lol.

I am SUPER wary of a "job" that requires you to fork over money to have the privilege of making money for them. My MIL did the life insurance sales thing for a couple months and I was actually really miffed because she's just like me...we couldn't sell candy to a 5 year old and the only way she'd make money would be to sell A LOT of insurance. She KNOWS she can't be pushy but took the job anyway so I was irritated. She was living with us at the time for free and while I adore my MIL, the idea was that she would cover the electric she was about to be working for a paycheck that was 100% commission based and neither one of us is pushy enough to make a living that way, even if it's just to cover electric. They charged her to get "certified" to sell life insurance with their company, her first interview was with like 20 other people and they showed them a powerpoint presentation and tried to "recruit" them and it just gave me a bad feeling like they were scamming her. We lent her the money for the certification. (She wasn't living with us because she's a mooch, she just needed a cheaper place/had some health problems and we offered for her to move in because we love her.) She ended up having another bad health scare that required her to stop working for awhile about 2 months into the job so she had to quit. I think that not being involved with that company saved her a lot of money and grief. There are some careers that require some investment to begin but if your "investment" only pertains to that specific company (like, say, thousands of dollars worth of Mary Kay shit that they convince you will help you make more money in the long run) is sketchy as hell. Plus, 75% of the time, she'd have someone signed up for the insurance policy and get to the point of payment and you have to have a bank account/checking account to buy these policies for whatever reason and for some reason, a HUGE amount of grown-ass adults didn't have a bank account at all so the entire sale was scrubbed.

Not to mention you turn into a zombie and your only interactions with others are some form of selling this product and there's something soul sucking about all your interpersonal relationships being that hollow. I did hospital newborn photography a few years back and I made like $300 every two weeks because I just couldn't bring myself to try and manipulate or guilt a woman who just had a baby to buy our cheap products and prints at a county hospital where a majority of the moms have no money. I actually ended up buying a few things for the parents/moms that had really fucked situations and I knew they couldn't afford anything. One woman was putting her baby up for an open adoption. I did her photos with the baby and waited for the adoptive parents to get the baby to do their photos. By the end of the hospital stay, the bio-mom decided she couldn't do an open adoption and decided on a fully closed adoption instead and took all day saying goodbye to her baby. She didn't have much so I picked out a picture I took with her and the baby and bought her a locket with that picture and just slipped her the invoice so she would know to call if it never showed up in the mail for her. I'm not cut out for sales.

As for the Mary Kay crap, is a great little blog about all their skeevy sales tactics and it explains about how they push you to go into debt in order to have a big inventory on hand and how the pyramid crap actually works to screw you over.

Yay a new Callee to replace the old one!

Anyone know if Ashley's still with her baby daddy?

She still has the old one in the sense that she doesn't parent the child or support it like her aunt and uncle do but she does have the poor kid calling her AND her aunt (the adoptive mother) "mommy" which has got to be insanely confusing for that poor kid and probably super offensive to the mommy that's actually her mommy. Don't lend family money and don't adopt within your family. ZERO boundaries.

This show has actually caused me to think if I ever adopted (not happening, kids don't drink so we'd have nothing in common) I'd want the quick and dirty contact-them-when-you're-18-if-you-want old school way lol these kids get crazy stalker from hell on their kids's parents.

Like in Juno! "Let's do this old school, like Moses in the basket." I always said if I adopted, it would be orphans from Asia or Africa or something.

There's a reason that style is "old school" and that's because anonymity and secrecy is actually very damaging to children who are adopted and it is they who have campaigned and still campaign for openness in adoption. There's a big reason why things have changed.

Also Ashley isn't the legal parent. If her aunt didn't want her involved or for Callie to call them both "mom" then she could tell Ashley to fuck off. But she doesn't. It's their choice as a family. I'm not sticking up for Ashley as a human per se because she has really disappointed me, but I'm speaking from a perspective of someone who cares a lot of adoption reform and awareness.

Also adopting within your family should ALWAYS be the first suggestion and that's what's recommended by family courts and child services. They will always try to place a child with a family member to be adopted before placing them with unrelated strangers. It is in the best interests of the child to stay with relatives, and this is an undisputed fact not only supported by all levels of government, but by the UN as well. The only problem is that because of PRIVATE adoption agencies being allowed to operate the way they do in North America, there is a huge public misconception that family is just replaceable and DNA doesn't matter. It's simply not the truth. It hurts to see comments saying otherwise but I understand that most of the public just rolls with those misconceptions and don't mean any harm. But I will always take the opportunity to provide the fuller picture whenever possible.

You know this comment isn't my favorite... Here is my two cents as someone who has been there and done that with placing a child. The whole mommy thing is totally at Callie's families discretion and by that I mean the aunt and uncle who adopted her. I actually feel sorry for Ashley. She reminds me of a younger me. Ashley is on a tough road and it is too bad that she hasn't found the support that she needs. I spent the first years of my son's life drunk and hooking up with destructive men. I didn't love me and didn't know how anyone else ever would. It wasn't until I found a good support group that I finally was able to move forward with my life. To know that it was okay not to be sunshine and roses over a situation that sucked for me.

I can't help but feel sad for her. She may be older and she may be a nut case but I strongly suspect that she is just damaged and hasn't actually dealt with the grief of adoption. And A good on Ya for the adoption knowledge... I suspect there is a connection somewhere in your life :)

I'm not speaking up for anyone per se, but I'd rather not know my birth mother was a hot mess.

I really didn't mean to offend anyone with this comment. I know Ashley went through hell going back and forth about her decision to let her aunt and uncle adopt her child. I'm just one of those people who NEEDS very strict boundaries established or else I get walked all over and find myself in miserable situations. As for staying in the family, I think it can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on the family. I believe wholeheartedly that Jace would be better off if they had put him up for adoption and he didn't have to deal with Jenelle and all her men coming in and out of his life at all times because Barb very rarely puts her foot down and sticks with it when she doesn't want Jenelle around him because she's too stoned or with a violent drunk.

I've had several family members that have been in shit situations when they got pregnant and either put the baby up for adoption or had the kid taken away. I think if the child is taken away by CPS or whoever when it's still an infant, depending on the circumstances, getting it away from the entire family can be a very smart move. But when my cousin lost her child due to her boyfriend breaking both the infant's legs, her mother was devastated and we tried everything we could for someone in our family to take the child in. But by the time we found out any of this was going on, he had already been placed in state custody and there was nothing we could do. His bio mom is still able to visit with him, though, and she's never gotten her shit together, abandoned her second child when she was 6 weeks old and I just think the first child would be better off having all ties to his bio mom severed until he's old enough to make the decision for himself.

On the subject of open/closed adoptions, the idea of completely open adoptions makes me uneasy. Carly's adoptive parents didn't want to do an open adoption at all but compromised because they really wanted to start a family. And then we see four seasons of boundary crossing and snide comments from Catelynn and Tyler and their batshit crazy families. If it were a situation like that, I would close the adoption to protect the child from it's biological relatives. BUT I realize that not everyone has boundary issues because they're bad people...most of the time it's just a huge struggle to move past something like that and obviously Catelynn and Tyler have had trouble understanding that they're the birth parents and NOT her parents. I used to watch Unsolved Mysteries all the time when I was little and so many of the segments were about closed adoptions where the records were completely sealed and inaccessible to the adult adopted child. Personally, I think closed adoption is a better option but I would definitely want to make it easier for the child to learn about his biological family whenever he/she decided to do so. The idea of those people who basically ran baby mills and adoption scams as recently as the 1960s or more recently make me sick. A lot of the time, they'd take in as many children as possible for the money and end up letting the infants starve to death or killing them when they couldn't immediately find a family to place them with. And those always resulted in the "records sealed, you can't ever find your family" type of approach.

This all being said, I don't have children. I have no idea what the true bond between a mother and the child she carried for 9 months is like. I truly don't. But I would want whatever is the least chaotic for the child so they can grow up with a normal childhood and then have readily available information on their birth parents/relatives whenever they decide they want to look into it. I guess what I'm saying is that extremes on both ends of the adoption spectrum make me very uneasy and it seems like some sort of happy middle could be achieved.

I hope I didn't insult anyone and I'm genuinely sorry if I did. It was my personal opinion on the subject of adoptions but mainly my knowledge of Ashely's 16 & Pregnant episode along with all the crazy, horrible things she's done since that colored my response.

It is such a complicated issue and I really see a lot of it having been a birthmom for sooo long.

I was a hot mess my own self for a while. I was trying but there was just so much grief that I was self destructive. Now years later I finished medical school and am a Doctor. I have two children of my own and a fantastic relationship with my son and his family. We are very close and I am better for knowing them.

Boundaries are hard as shit in open adoption. The better everyone communicates the better off everyone is. I would have hated the world to see me when I was at my low points from it. As for closed adoptions, I know that it can be really hard on the children to not know THEIR story. With that said in the number of years that I have been in support groups I don't believe that all adoptions should be open, as there are legitimate safety concerns.

Rae, I love you and I know you didn't mean anything by your comments. Like I said, adoption is just a topic I'm passionate about and I like to share more about it when I get the opportunity. There are a lot of misconceptions about adoption and it's nobody's fault and you didn't do anything wrong. Thanks for sharing some more thoughts on your perspective of adoption. There's no easy answer really. Adoption is such an emotionally difficult thing for everybody involved, and there's no easy answer on what is the "right" thing to do. It is also a pretty new concept in human history, about 100 years old or so and it evolves every decade, and every individual adoption situation has so many variables. That's another point that I try to get across, trying to remind people to reserve judgment and assumptions about specific adoption situations because they are all different and have different needs.

@Messer Beauty Salon thank you for providing some more insight from your perspective as a woman who has also placed their child for adoption. I feel like some people are not often aware of just how significant that grief can be. Thank you for sharing that. It's obvious that Ashley has faced extreme pain and emotional turmoil over Callie. That does not justify some of the strange and disappointing things she has done. But I do sympathize with her for the loss that she feels and I hope she can start coping better. It's funny because so many people say Catelynn is "obsessed" with Carly and can be very insensitive towards her. Catelynn actually seems to process her grief and emotions in a pretty healthy manner and is doing as well as you can do living with that loss that never goes away. And her open adoption dynamic with Brandon and Teresa is actually pretty ideal in terms of boundaries. They are clearly set and followed. But yeah I just don't get how people can be mean to her or Ashley when it comes to them missing their children. The loss is always there.

It's Ashley, from State Farm!

She sounds hideous!

She's wearing khakis!

HAHAHAHA. Does it matter if I'm married?

You'd do that for me??

Well, she's a whore, so....

1. I can't hear that kid's name without thinking of Tesla, be it the car, inventor, or hair metal band.

2. The turnover in the insurance industry is pretty high, right? Doesn't she have to start her business by recruiting friends and family? Good luck, doesn't have any.

3. I liked Aleah. She seemed like it was really important to her to take good care of Noah and her daughter. Shawn had her living in a nuthouse.

4. Nikkole can go to hell. My niece was stillborn, and I'll never get over her death.

I'm not sure if it was your intention, but you just made a really good argument for the name Tesla ;-)

It reminds me of testicles like someone said before. Tesla too. God yea Shawn's house was an absolute nuthouse. Sorry about your niece :( Nikkole is going to hell.

SO SORRY to hear about your niece. I can't imagine the pain your family went through.

Thanks so much. Part of the reason why I kept my "Nikkole" moniker is because I detest her so much. I'm hard-pressed to dislike any girl from any iteration of that show as much as I dislike her!

I don't blame you! I 've never gone through that but can't even imagine :(

Not mentioned in the article, Chelsea got a new Jeep! It's black, lifted with black wheels and big tires. I'm a fan of Chelsea and Jeeps and I'm pretty jealous because I want a lift on mine! I just don't want the mpg that comes with a lift and oversized tires!

She still has more new cars than most people her age (*grumble grumble says the chick who's had the same car since high school*) but she doesn't get a new one every fucking semester like Leah or buy one for her useless twat of a boyfriend who can't drive legally anyway. Props to her.

Or put hillbilly horse banners on the back (maybe just leopard print)?

is it hillbilly horse...or hillybilly whores??? cause ya know with leah it could go either way

i meant hillbilly whores lol...but once again with leah it could go either way i guess, or hillbilly whoreses

Apparently, Teen Mom 2 has been renewed for a season 6!

I thought I'd hate this idea because it gives Jenelle more money but I'm actually really excited to judge her some more and watch their relationship crumble and find out just how little she's parenting her replacement baby. Plus, you know Barb is going to snap eventually and give Nathan the wickedest purple nurple anyone's ever seen.

Yeah that's definitely the negative... She deserves no money and no fame, it's already gone to her head enough.
But things are just getting juicy now! Jenelle with her new baby and apparently trying to get Jace back (lol), Leah spiralling downwards, Chelsea with a new man and Kail... Okay Kail doesn't bring much apart from two very cute kids.
Atleast if we get to see Jenelle fuck up on tv her minions can't believe her tweets about her oh so perfect life.

It was juicier when Juhnelle was with Keifah. Her shit is pretty boring now (which is good). I just watch for Babs.

My boyfriend loved Keiffer. He was a fucking idiot but he was upfront about it and he was funny

I totally hate this idea because Jenelle will get more money and MTV has apparently decided to make her look "changed". I loved the queefer days because at least then they were showing Jenelle as she truely is. She hasn't changed but they need to change up the story or it'll get boring so now they're trying to hide all the bad stuff she does. Of course we can still see through it but that last scene, just ugh. (where Barb was saying how she's grown up now. No, no she hasn't!)

That will be hard to watch, if they give Jenelle a good edit I will skip her segments!

Yeah but with Kail we get to see how fast her "forgive and forget" bullshit is going to actually last with Vee. I smelled bullshit from day one on that one and watching Vee's reaction to Kail's "little white boys" comment was interesting...Kail likes to be in control and she's not in control of Vee's opinion of her and that probably drives her insane.

Which could explain her being able to buy a new car lol. I love Jeeps

I don't get them getting new cars, whats wrong with the old ones?

Just had a look at her tweet and she said she picked the Jeep up from a place that does tires and services. I might be wrong but looks like it's not a new Jeep, just her old one revamped?

The Jeep Wrangler Unlimiteds built before 2013 had a really crappy engine in them. Always in the shop and bad mph. Could be why she wanted a new one.


I showed my husband that jeep picture and he was like, "I hope that's 4x4. Otherwise that's a huge waste of some badass expensive tires." But I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't. Her gas mileage just went from shitty to super shitty.

The interiors probably build up that stench of cigarette smoke and bad decisions pretty quickly. You can never get that smell out. Gotta buy a new car every time it gets too gross to be around anymore.

If she got it revamped I bet it was free, since she named the company in her tweet

Oh yeah. Our current car is used and its previous owner was a smoker. It smelled gross for a long time no matter what we did:/ houses are even worse! My grandpa quit smoking and their house still totally reaks of it.

My house was built in the 1940s and several summers ago, the living room ceiling collapsed. They took FOREVER to fix it so all hot ass summer, the AC would go straight through the roof literally and the walls and doorways were basically sweating all summer. We saw this rancid brown stuff dripping down one door frame and I couldn't figure out what it was for about a month. Turns out, it was old, old nicotine stains that had soaked into the paint over the years leeching out of the newer coats of paint on top of it. I thought I was going to puke.

Nikkole is such white trash, so is Ashley. I can't stand either one of those girls.

I think they are friends which makes sense

Birds of a feather get herpes together!

I want to frame that

I could put it in a framed cross stitch for you, haha.

In a teddy bear!

Tinleigh and Tessly. I'm sorry, but ugh.

I doubt she is really a SF agent. She might be working for one, but not a full blown agent. That takes a long time and costs thousands upon thousands of dollars to start your own agency with them. I don't think she has that kind of cash or the brains for something like that. I don't see her as an insurance agent, but who knows. Maybe she's getting her shit together. I'm skeptical.

Didn't watch her episode, don't know anything about her situation.

Didn't notice that piece of trash was gone, didn't miss her a bit. I wish she would just disappear. She's not relevant, not famous, was only on TV for an hour once and is a complete imbecile. She's pathetic excuse for a mother, and I guess human being in general. She's disgusting. Not surprised that she would get back together with a guy she claimed was abusive. Taking a page from Jenelle's book. Jenelle faked a miscarriage, Nikkole faked a stillbirth, I don't get how these girls aren't besties. I have serious issues with the fact that she still has "fans" out there.

I'm wondering about the legitimacy of Ashley actually becoming a State Farm agent. As a lifelong State Farm client, I can tell you they vet the hell out of their potential agents - in addition to the financial investment they are also looking for candidates of good moral standing and quality. I can honestly say that I DON'T think ANY of the females featured on 16 and Pregnant would pass muster in that regard - especially Skankazar.

If for some crazy-ass reason State Farm DID allow her to buy in and become an agent, then I'm switching insurance companies tomorrow morning on principle alone - State Farm is an EXCELLENT insurance company.

I know! My dad's been working for State Farm for over 30 years. I've met a lot of agents in my life, and none of them were as young as Ashley, they were not as brain dead as her, and it took them many years and lot of money to start their own agency. It doesn't happen overnight. Just a few months ago she was pregnant again, I seriously doubt she was in the process of starting her own insurance agency. She's full of shit. Now, she is probably working in an agent's office, a lot of times agents hire recent college grads/interns to work in their office. That would make a lot more sense. I'm with you, I would be alarmed if SF was allowing people like Skankazar to become agents in such a short amount of time, with no experience whatsoever. I just don't believe it.

Maybe it varies by state? I knew a girl who was probably 24 when she became an Allstate agent. I think she was licensed to sell insurance under the main agents name.

It could very by state, but I know State Farm is particularly picky about their agents, and to get an insurance license it could take some time depending on the state. Until I see proof or something I'm not so sure. I don't get how she goes from pregnant to raging alcoholic to insurance agent in like 3 months.

She's probably just hired on as a saleswoman selling life insurance policies. My MIL did that through a different company and they didn't require much from her. She has a bachelor's in social work. It was entirely commission based and it was a shitty, shitty situation. Perhaps there's some small subset of the overall company of State Farm that sells specialized life insurance policies or supplemental healthcare policies and she's just in sales. I've never used state farm. I use Nationwide and they're fantastic. I've spoken to my agent about 2 times in 7 years but his worker bee is amazing and always calls me to let me know if there's been a change in my policy, I forgot to pay my premium or anything like that. She seems like a bright woman so I'm assuming Skankazar doesn't qualify.

I love the Nationwide commercial with Peyton Manning. "Chicken parm you taste so good!"

Almost as bad as Genesis and Giselle. Ugh.

I've never liked the same initial for your kids thing. It gets very confusing. My husband's from a family of 5 kids, and they are all J's. There's 5 grandkids and 4 of them are J's too. My husband gets called Jenny or Jessica or Jaclyn by his mom so much it's kind of hilarious. I wouldn't want to be like that with my kids.

ahh, im totally THAT mom. my son's name is Ryder Izaiah and ive already planned that my first daughters name will be Ryleigh Izabele. then in a perfect world, I will have another boy and give him a completely different name followed by a girl with the same beginning of the first and middle names (like the Ry Iz)

Both my girls names begin with C. It wasn't intentional. I was actually trying to avoid it. Though, I will admit, I originally had planned to use the same initials as myself and my stepdaughter, which is A. If I had come across Adalyn back when I was pregnant, I would have used it and had the A thing going.

My brother and I have the same first initial too. My mom tried to avoid it, but she ultimately decided that she didn't think it was fair to not give him the name she liked best for him just because it started with the same letter as my name. Then when my sister was born, she picked a name that began with a different letter and everyone was like really surprised, because they thought she would continue the trend.

Lol, I think the thing that turned me off the most about matching initials for your kids was the Duggars. They have 19 freaking J's! And the dad is Jim Bob! That family is just creepy in so many ways.

Don't forget Jubilee, so it's 21 total J's. I wonder if they regret not giving Michelle's birth-control-miscarriage baby a J name, I think they called him Caleb. Names aside, that family is nutty.

@ Leah's High Horse - we call him J'Caleb! Funny how J'Caleb never even had a name until the Jubilee drama unfolded.

J'Caleb is the best thing I've ever heard! I snorted and scared my dog. I think it also says a lot about them that they just assumed that baby was a boy. At least "he" was given a good name. Jinger and Jubilee are just terrible. In what world is Jinger preferable to all the names they used after her?!

Maybe Nik-hole posed for playboy college edition and it just hasn't come out yet.... Wait who am I kidding... She's never going to college

LOL! Brilliant.

She probably got roped into some creep in a hotel room claiming he was from playboy but it's actually some locally circulated escort catalogue. She seems dumb enough to fall for that.

They told her that the white rapey van had free tanning beds

Don't be silly!! Nik-hole is WAY too smart for that.

She already got an ugly logo tattoo so she gets free Electrik Beach tanning for life, duhhhhh.

"Oh you're feeling woozy? Don't worry...that's just the effect of the camera flash mixed with all the sexy you're exuding! Now take that top off and pose with that bedside gideon Bible!"

HAHA Megan I love how you usually keep the snark to a minimum but just can't help yourself with Nikkunt. If anyone deserves a biased report, it's definitely her.

OH P.S. - I hope all you guys are getting pumped up to watch the Ask Moms special in 35 minutes! Are we going to do live chat again?

Yes I'm so excited! Except i'm in cali so won't be on for a while for me

WHAT THE ACTUAL?!?!?! I didn't know it was on tonight! Jenelle's Eyebrows, I owe you my eternal gratitude.

I knew I had to say something since it's on a weird night. I know we don't want to miss this shiz

I don't have cable or a way to watch it! Bummer!

I freaked out! I'm watching my Seahawks and I went to see if it was on later..but it is recording! thank goodness!!!


LOL I guess someone was really mad I reminded everyone to watch the show of the blog we're all commenting on!

Does anyone have any tips of where to watch these episodes? MTV's website used to have them all available the day after but now they make you wait like 2 weeks or more before you can watch the episode.

I always watch them the day after on They have them up for awhile the next day I believe. A lot of times when I click the button for "full episodes" they'll have the one from the previous week up until about 15 mins or so before they post the one from the night before. They posted the "Ask the Mom's" special this morning and that's when I watched that one.

It's up now on! :) I watch them all online since I'm in the UK. If you wanna skip adverts, sites like have streams that are up the day after an episode

1. I love the look on that babies face like GTFO me
2. Ashley go fuck yourself you bucktoothed potato
3. That's nice...I wonder if the mom was a drug addict or what. Aleeah was pretty mature for her age.
4. Nikkole is the antichrist

Lol, I read ANTICHRIST in Debra's voice. "I'm getting tired of Nikkole faking stillbirths and her ANTICHRIST attitude!" Lol sorry I don't know why that's so funny to me.

LOL good. Whenever I hear Antichrist that's all I think of. Mission accomplished.

Also remember when Farrah brought that guy home and Deb asked if he went to church, and he said no, and she was like "You should start going because we don't want your soul going to hell" or something freakish like that. God damn scary ass woman.

She asked if he would like to go to church with them and he said yes. I thought it was going to be a nice, normal exchange and that Debra would say, "Good, because we want you to go to worship with us!" But not being one to disappoint she said, "Good, because we want you to go to Heaven with us." Bwahahahaha, that was a level of guilt I had never heard before and I went to Catholic school!

YES! It's been years since I've seen it. I just remember it was fucking psychotic and scary.

I really want to watch the episode where Daniel ditches her sorry ass again. That. Made. My. Year. It was like she was following a script for how to make sure this dude will never ever call you again.

That was one of the best episodes ever. I could watch Farrah getting rejected by guys all day. See this is why I'll miss her.

I laugh like a hyena every time I think about that part. What a presumptuous, psychotic bitch. People like Farrah and her family who go on and on about how great of Christians they are and then behave the way they do piss me off so much. There are plenty of Christians out there who actually act like good people and are respectful of others and Farrah's family just gives off a stigma blanket of crazy that makes people everywhere hate Christianity. And then those people become militant atheists who spend all their free time bashing Christians (not any other religion, I've noticed,just christianity) instead of behaving like normal atheists and simply not believing in God. They act like "atheism" means "My parents made me go to church at the butt crack of dawn my whole life and now I can't stand christians." To each their own but be respectful, dammit! (By the way, I'm not trying to preach at anyone...I don't even know what I believe but I DO think if you're going to claim to be a devout christian, you probably shouldn't fuck James Deen for a porno and then lie your ass off and drag the dude through the mud.)

Fun fact: My mom thinks Farrah is Jewish. Every. single. time. I make fun of Farrah for her "Christian parenting book" plans or for being an almighty hippocrates, without fail, my mom says, "I thought she was Jewish?" And I explain it to her every time that she's not Jewish. In one ear and out the other. I guess my mom thinks that everyone with the last name Abraham has to be a Jew. The Jews don't want Farrah or her family. No one does.

As a Jew I think Farrah's mom is the kind of person that has a home made gas chamber out back and would try to throw me in it Hansel and Gretal style. Some Christians really really fucking scare me, but I've met a lot of nice ones too. Unfortunately most of them are like Deborah or worse just from my personal experience.

Loooool they ain't taking Farrah to heaven with them. Actually they will probably be glad, they'll get Sophia all to themselves

I find it pretty hilarious too. I really wish Farrah and her BELLIGERENT, ANTICHRIST ATTITUDE would be a part of Teen Mom when it returns.

I could rewind and rewatch her getting smacked by her mom all day

Yeah I actually wish she was going to be on it!

I feel like you have to have SOME intelligence and drive in life to be the antichrist. There's a lot of responsibility on your plate Nikkole is lower anti-Jimmy Swaggart or something.

Yeah Charlie SHeen is the antichrist. He's nuts but he's intelligent mostly. Nikkole has a tanning tattoo and that is all.

Maybe one day on a coke binge, Sheen will cut his own head off just to prove it will grow back because of all that TIGER BLOOD and then we'll stop having to hear about his crazy antics and various porn star girlfriends.

HA! Yeah..he's sooo WINNING!

Nikkole's mom was another one who had a little bit of 80s hair in her episode right?

Bahahaha yes

OMG the awkwardness of this Ask The Moms is already contagious, y'all.

Ohhh Catelynn you're gonna be a mom ..... again .. !! I can't.

Love the reason for why Farrah isn't joining them and it was put so eloquently by Maci *rolling my eyes*

What did she say?!?!

That after the show went their separate ways, Farrah made some decisions that maybe not everyone would agree with, and did not support the original purpose that the show had in mind, but that they support her no matter what, y'all.

OH cause the other teen mom's decisions have been soooooo great. And they're upholding the teen mom image to a tee.

Actually, Farrah's decision does support the aim of the show, she got rill jobs, her daughter might be a future stripper but at least Sophia will never starve, she never got pregnant again, she doesn't dickhop around(maybe she does but we don't know), plus she's very independent. Yeah her porn career is too much for mtv to handle, but what have the others accomplish except waste energy and oxygen?

Yeah because the amount of money makes her so much better? With all these appearances it's clear she never even has time to be around her daughter. She's just busy going to clubs and pleasing dirty old men. Yeah no thanks.

I still stand by the idea that the ONLY reason she hasn't had another child is because she can't get a guy to stay with her for longer than one menstrual cycle. That and her eggs probably never come out of their respective ovaries. They just roll their eyes, say "whatever Michael!" and then talk to each other about Dead Daddy Derek.

Or maybe they're too dizzy to find their way out with all the stripper pole spinning Farrah's been up to.

I hate how so far it's been about Amber going to gel. Come on, ask Leah about her drug use, ask Jenelle why she's a lazy piece of shit!!

Amber: "I'm not saying I'm a wise person, but cmon guys. I kinda went to gel."

It did really piss me off how the interview came out and Jenelle was all high and mighty on twitter saying "you went to jail to get sober and I did it on my own". Like if I were Amber I would've been a lot less nice than she was because that was awful, especially when Amber's sober in the truest sense of the word (no drugs including alcohol, etc) and Jenelle just means heroin. Because weed doesn't count and she's been hitting the bars with her alcoholic loser boyfriend.

What a bitcharooniedoonie. I hate her. I don't even like Amber and that's a shitty, horrible thing to say. Just because you went to one NA meeting and then bought your little keychains doesn't mean you're sober you twat-waffle! You're an addict to everything and I know for a fact the one thing you'll never break your addiction to is dicks with even lower standards than your own. Have a seat, slutweasel.

Amber was busy trying to get her life together while you were sitting your ass on the couch at your mother's like Briana, married, passing a fetus through your 5 for 5 Arby's hole, texting a new guy while your husband is in jail and then bitching about how annoying your son is because he's being A CHILD. You're such a prize, Jenelle. Everyone's super jealous of you and your boooyyyyfriend.

I want to change my name to bitcharooniedoonie. Lol

Jenelles whole "sobriety" thing pisses me off. It's an insult to those are actually sober and living a healthy lifestyle. We have family friends who just celebrated one year clean. Theyre husband and wife and the nicest people you will ever meet. They worked to get to where they are now where as Jenelle dick hopped and got knocked up and did absolutely nothing. I may not agree with Amber jumping back on the Teen Mom merry go round, but I have a lot more respect for her.

HAHA gel. I loved when people on the street were trying to pretend like they don't watch Teen Mom and then doing impressions of Babs.

Lol I like the guy who said he likes Chelsea.

I like how he looked like Gary Time and pretended like oh maybe I would date her. Bro, Chels is so far out of your league it's not even funny. Speaking of Gary, that answer from Amber about talking to him while in jail then learning he was in a relation the whole time is the juiciest tidbit that's happened so far.


Can we talk about how Gary is balding? I can't be the only one who made a noise in disgust. Gary is at an all time low on the attractiveness scale.

I said "EEP" out loud. I mean not like he was attractive before, but he is NOT aging well. Same with RHINE! Holy grey hair batman! I have to say Tyler still looks 12.

I have a crush on Rhine if he doesn't speak. Cos he's a bit nice to look at.

Someone said she loved Jenelle and she's amazing. Gag! Pleaes say MTV paid her to say that!

Gary's body is probably eating his hair for sustenance since there's no way he can effectively hork down the 30,000 calories a day he needs to maintain that svelte figure.

And yes, if I were Amber I'd be shocked to learn Gary was dating someone new, as well, because I'm pretty sure he hasn't seen his penis in a decade and I'm still not quite sure how they made Leah.

Funny husband (who doesn't watch, ever) walked by when they were showing the preview for the new season of TM and Tyler's part was on when he sees Catelynn's pregnancy test and he said "is he gay?" I said no, but everyone has their doubts, and he said "well, he missed one hell of a chance"...oh..I laughed. Couldn't wait to tell you guys! :)

Rae, you just made my day x1000000. I'm at work cackling like a loon at the idea of Gary eating the hair off his head. Did ge get fatter too?

Thanks for that Rae... Making me laugh and feel sick at the same time. I'm just gunna pretend gary has no penis, which is plausible since nobody has seen it for so many years. If ever.

Softball questions. The best we got was asking Jenelle if she gets hate from people. And that stupid answer made me want to punch my TV. That's the best answer she could come up with?!?

I think a better question would be, "Jenelle, can you count how many people don't think you're a grade A screw up?" Or perhaps how she thinks she's going to be able to get a job in healthcare as a recovering drug addict. (And I'm using the term recovering very loosely).

I turned it on, saw Maci's pained/constipated look, fast forwarded to them on the balcony and shut it off. Megan's recaps and the comments here will suffice for me.

"Dear Jenelle,

What is currently coursing through your veins along with your big fatty fat fat ego and the creatine and tuna transferred from Nathan's manboy juice?"

I want to HIGH FIVE whoever told her she was a disgrace at the Keisha concert.

I hope it was Kesha herself and Jenelle had an existential crisis.

Whaaaat? But that's why she had all those feathers in her hair for!

Why did Tyler have to crash the party? He must really be "one of the mom's" aka a woman.

Because God forbid Catelynn ever do anything without him. I was amazed on Being Catelynn that she could successfully operate a pee stick without his supervision and support. Then again, she did have sober April, and probably at least 2 MTV employees. And with Tyler talking over Cate, it gave us a break from listening to her talk over everyone else except Amber.

Seriously. Have we ever seen them do things without each other? It's really weird that they are always together. Does Tyler have any male buddies at all? I mean, I love my husband and love spending time time with him, but I also really like when he goes golfing or fishing with his buddies. If he spent all his time with me that would just be weird. I don't think it's exactly healthy to be together so often like Catelynn and Tyler. Heaven help them if they do get married someday. The codependency is seriously weird, not to mention they've each others only relationship! Since they were 13!

Also, what the hell was the host thinking when she was like "thank you Tyler for coming and showing us what we are all missing!" Yeah right, I'm sure we all are so sad we don't have an overly feminine guy who won't commit! Whatever!

Being the mature adult woman that I am, I made gagging vomit noises when she said we all wish we had a Tyler. Um, thanks, but I think I'll stick with being single rather than being the beard for a douchebag that emotionally blackmails me, is willing to impregnate me, but won't marry me, blames me for everything and is just a know it all bitch. Thanks anyway. And they do spend an absurd amount of time together. Get a damn life, Catelynn and Tyler. As far as other relationships, didn't Cate have an ex that she cheated on Tyler with?

Oh yes, you're right, I forgot about the dude from Florida or wherever. But that was one guy and it probably lasted a few weeks at the most. The scary thought is that Catelynn is probably the only woman Tyler's ever been with. Ever.

Oh gosh it reminds me of a new friend I made who I don't think I could ever get close to. She is literally attached to her husbands hip. They do EVERYTHING together. If we're having a dinner with all girlfriends she STILL brings him and she's not scared to admit it either. She says we don't do anything without each other. We don't like being away from each other and then she says but we're married that's normal. If you invite her to a girls night she still wants to bring him and if you say girls only she won't come. I'm like well gees if that's what marriage is like I don't wanna get married. I couldn't imagine being attached to someone's hip like that it would drive me crazy.... idk I mean good for them I guess. They're happy in love and they never fight so as long as they don't mind not having any close friends for themselves then whatever... its pretty annoying tho I don't hang out with them as much because of it.

@trash that's not fucking normal. I'm married and have a group of married friends and we all have separate hobbies from our spouses like sane people. We had one friend couple that was like that where we couldn't invite the girl out to do girl stuff without her hubbykins and their relationship became so weird and toxic that we ended up stopping inviting them to hang out at all. Individuality is normal, people. I'm looking at you, Jenelle.

Yeah she dated someone in florida but if she's been with Tyler since 7th grade, I'm guessing her "ex-boyfriend" was a situation where they passed notes in class and frenched once at the movies. Hardly life experience.

I'm so grateful about her wise advice on how to date a gay man for 9 years

Maybe it's a good thing they didn't keep Carly. If they had and, for some reason, their relationship survived, she would have been a third wheel for sure. Not only that, but Catelynn would probably always put Tyler above Carly no matter what. I feel for this trap baby. I really do. No child deserves to be born into this kind of dysfunctional relationship. At least when they were 16 & Pregnant, C&T seemed genuinely into each other. Now, five years later, not so much. Not only has their situation barely changed, but their relationship has considerably worsened. And if they do ever break up, then I can't see them being good co-parents. This isn't going to end well for anybody.

They could have kept Carly in the family and donated her to Butch. He would try to snort her, sure, but then she'd be cozy and safe inside his nostrils (and also I'm pretty sure his nose hairs have a mullet, too. You can tell just by looking at him that he's having a business party in his sinus cavity regularly.)

Add to me the "C&T need some space from each other" list. They said they've been to therapy for a long time and still go.

Sweeties, if you're 22ish and you have to keep going to therapy to keep your relationship together maybe it's time to move on. IT SHOULDN'T BE THAT HARD.

Because he's an independent woman

You just made me think of Destiny's Child. Lol

I read that and then did a Z-snap in my head without even realizing what I was doing. Ooooh, gurrl.

GOOD GOD. I just watched did you see him singing about having a baby? He just sounded like the biggest gay in the world I'm sorry (no I'm not).

The whole thing was awkward! Showing the reunion of the moms at the beginning, you can tell the conversations were staged and it was just, sooo weird!

Did they let Maci host so she can be monotone and talk about Rhine every time another girl says anything on any subject?

"I have really bad cramps sometimes." Maci: "Oh I know. Rhine is such a cramp and he still wants me so bad."

Is there going to be a post on here about the special? I totally understand if Megan was too busy/ not bothered about watching it, it was pretty awful haha. But even just a post for us to comment on, without a recap, would be cool, if possible :)

I can't watch the damn Ask the Moms because my kid has to watch Full House. Darn 3-year-olds!

Well, you can't watch your shows because you went and had a baby! ;)

P.s. Isn't full house DETESTABLE now? I used to love it when I was little but I caught an episode recently and it was just gag inducingly terrible.

It was the best show in the 90's and that wasn't just because everyone told me I looked like Stephanie Tanner and I still say How rude. EW are there new ones??? NO I hate when they do that

I still think the first few seasons are good, but when Michelle started talking in complete sentences it totally went downhill. She was the biggest spoiled brat.

The first few seasons are still totally watchable, but as Farrahs said, once Michelle got to be about 4 or 5 I just wanted to slap her. The one my daughter had on was particularly bad, but Topanga was on the episode and that made me laugh.

Love me some Topanga!

Michelle fucking sucked. I never thought she was cute or funny. Fuck off Michelle. (I sound so mean but wtvr). YES to boy meets world! I met Topanga and hugged her and holy shit her hair was soft. I think I told her that too and freaked her out, but I was like 11 so its ok.

ER mah GAWD Trap Baby, I love you! I just choked on my drink thinking of you as a kid telling Topanga that her hair was soft! Although, it always looked like it'd be soft and smell good. :)

And, AGREE on the Michelle thing. I never understand why everyone thought they were SO cute. "You got it duuude!"...more like, you don't. Not the cuteness anyway... :/

I agree! Everything was all focused on Michelle. Stephanie was my favorite, she was the only one that didn't get bland and annoying throughout the whole show.

The only website I love more than TMJ. Just click the link. You won't regret it, I promise to God.

I am so sharing this with my husband. He is getting really annoyed with our daughter's love for this crap.

I used to looove Full House and my mom would always make fun of the way I could watch episodes for hours on end. Now that I'm an adult, I don't know what the hell I saw in it!

Some of the reviews from that site have had me in actual tears!

I shall now go sit and read this site for hours...

so glad somebody shared this because i was about to. accidentally stumbled upon it and spent days reading the whole thing!

"How ruuuude!"

YES, Full House is horrible now. I try to watch it because I used to LOOVE it, but now it seems SO stupid. However, I DO still watch The Cosby Show and laugh like a kid!!

Oh yeah I loved the Cosby Show! But Bill Cosby's character was prolly my least favorite... Though I do normally love Bill (like his show Kids say the Darndest things!)

just be greatful your kids not stuck on freaking ernest,for the past 3 weeks my life is a constent repeat of ernest goes to jail, ernest goes to camp, and ernest scared stupid...

Sarah: Happy birthday Baby Testicles! I joke, I joke. Tessly isn't that bad of a name, I guess... Good on Sarah for not famewhoring her children out like a lot of these hoes.

Ashley: I don't want a newly "recovering alcoholic" managing my insurance claims. Nothing against my recovery peeps, just specifically this pathologically lying cunt face!

Aleah: The forgotten twin grew up so fast! (Why tf did people start using this god awful spelling of the name Aaliyah?!)

Nikkole:I don't even want to waste any good shit talking on her. What a pile of shit.

No it really is that bad of a name. Next to Tinleigh. Fucking horrible.

I have to say, I think they're both bad but I think Tinleigh is worse.

After happy birthday baby testicles was said I'm not sure

"I don’t even want to waste any good shit talking on her. What a pile of shit."

Bahahaha well stated.

In summary, Ask The Moms is awkward small talk, and Catelynn answering everyone's questions on their behalf.

She's from Detroit, better watch out! LOL

I'm already tired of her stupid yammering. But I noticed on Being Catelynn thst Tyler talks over her (and everyone) all the time. So when he's not around, it's her turn to dominate the conversation. But Tyler is definitely the worst offender. He's such a conceited little bitch, he thinks he knows everything.

Does she still have braces? Listening to her godawful accent blabber on about Carly and reading her most recent stalker email to Brandon and Teresa outloud while sucking food out of her braces was just...ergggg it was bad.

No but gosh her teeth are not pretty considering how long she had those braces on.

Second hand meth from April. Ruins your teeth.

Yeah, the braces are gone, but the teeth don't look much different than before and they sure are a gross shade of yellow.

I hope she's not pulling a Jenelle/Leah and smoking during her pregnancy.

Who knows? She claimed that she quit and was using an ap on her phone to keep track. It would be nice if Tyler would quit too so she would feel less tempted.

These gals need to take it to over to Jerry Springer. Is he still on? This special is slow.

Like Kyle slow or boring?

Haha maybe both! They call it "ask the moms" but there were only a couple of "ask" segments. Stupid.

Hahaha! Yes, a little of both I guess. I was just hoping someone would call someone else out on possible drug use, blah blah, the stuff we all chat about on here lol

it's still on, i was on it (no joke) but the episode was taken off youtube because of copyright :( damn nbc

LOL why were you on it?

Watching the reunion show and Maci's legs are like the size of my arms.

She looks eMACIated next to the other two on her couch. I am disgusted with myself for that last comment.

Aint nothin' good enough for you Maci, damn.

You don't know how badly I want to change my name to that.

I feel like I had a small crush on Rhine that day, because of how well he bitched her out, and what a whiner she is.

HAHA it's the original Jesus God Leah!

I also quite liked "cause you're lazy as fuck" when she dropped a semester's worth of classes.

I still use "lazy as fuck" quite often. I actually use it to describe my co-worker!

No kidding! I used to be her size, about 4 years ago. I've gained like 25-30 pounds since then and I look back and wondered why I thought I looked so hot back then. My bones were showing. At least my boobs aren't fake, that just makes her look strange.

Is she still pretending she never got a boob job?

Hahaha of course. I just wish she would admit it. Maybe she's regretting it because the rest of her looks like a 12 year old boy.

Maci was and forever will be a self absorbed psycho bitch. I can't think of her without thinking about the time she paid for her and all her girlfriends to tag along with Rhine's family on his vacation time with BEEEEENTLEY and Rhine's new girlfriend. And then they spent 5 hours trash talking the girlfriend and Maci going on and on about how Rhine still wanted her and Dalis would never be as fantastic as she would all while her loyal little followers nodded and encouraged her. Then the strutted down to the beach like something out of a whore infested West Side Story and BEEENTLEY didn't want anything to do with her. I've never seen someone that skinny be deflated that completely. Hilarious.

But the fact that she did ALL of that without ever once thinking, "Hmm...maybe this is inappropriate and makes me look absolutely pathetic..." just goes to show that she's a delusional whorebag who peaked in high school because she got knocked up by a semi-attractive consta-yawner who still lives with his parents.

She loves to hear herself talk so fucking much. I'm excited for the new episode when she's mad about RHINE living with his new gf and he's like ummmm you've done that twice already. Once with the bulldog KY and once with this new pedobear looking bf

Oh I know! That was gold haha!

Plus during the Being Maci special she was basically living in a frat house!

Cause that's an environment for a 5 year old!

Bulldog ky hahah that's a new one. He always reminded me of Bobby hill from king of the hill. You know it would be cool if teen mom did a spin off with the dads that's pretty much a parody of king of the hill. Corey can be hank, jurmy can be boomhauer, adumb can be dale, and Gaythan can be bill

That was honestly one of the best things ever because Maci was so caught off-guard by Bentley's reaction. You can tell she really thought he would be so happy to see her and just ditch his dad to hang out with the whore patrol all day. Instead he started crying and told her to go away! Maci tried playing it cool and was like, "Oh, he's just tired. He needs a nap." I'm pretty sure Bentley threw sand at at her lol. Okay, maybe he didn't. But he did in my book, damn it!

Yeah he threw sand, kicked her in the twat and then ran over her with a dirtbike. I remember very clearly. ;)

He peed on her which is even better

"Jesus is fixing my mommy's heart" Jesus God Amber, you didn't deserve that girl, but I'm glad you pulled through for her.

That is so sweet. I'm really happy that Amber found her footing because Leah definitely deserves it. Side note - Amber's hair looks great!

I did like her hair, but I wish she would lose the dang false eyelashes. They just don't look good.

I feel like she has to attach free weights to her eyelids in between fake eyelash applications just to keep them strong enough to keep her eyes open.

SERIOUSLY THOUGH. she looked sooo much better at her release from prison and the days after.

Can't stand Gary. Can't stand Amber. LOVE me some little Leah. She's such a sweetheart these days which is incredible considering everything she was exposed to as an infant and a toddler.

Oh I know, the feels!:( I'm just glad Amber's there for her now. Little Leah's precious:)

It's basically "Ask Amber and Catelynn" while Leah sits there with a stone cold look on her face.

I've barely hear Jenelle. Except for the story about ke$ha and penises and disgrace.

Whoever that 40 year old woman is, I'd like to give her an internet high five. Dancing penises are nowhere near as offensive as Jenelle's assault on my eardrums, with her "LEAVE ME ALOOONE."

She's probably on this blog.

shes definitely on this blog. shes nothing but a fame whore. which means she needs to know every comment made about her.

just kidding, I realize now that you were probably referring to the 40 year old and not jenelle. my comment still stands, though :P

HA! If Jenelle was indeed on this blog and the WORST thing she could think of was the lady at the Kesha concert, she obviously ain't reading what he have to say about her!

Hahaha I was referring to the 40 year old but you're probably right! Oh i KNOW Mack or Grangie and Mama Dawn are on here, because whenever we start talking shit there's like a million thumbs down from Gannon, Jaxiass, the ponies, Issac, Oreo, etc.

Please explain further. I didn't catch it and have no clue where to watch the damn thing but that sounds fascinating.

Does Kesha have a restraining order lined up in case she and Jenelle ever cross paths?

Oh so someone asked if Jenelle ever receives backlash in person. And Jenelle said that she went to a Kesha sorry KE$HA *gag me* concert and some 40 year old mom went up to her and said I don't let my children watch your show, you're a disgrace. And Jenelle says "I wos like you're letting yur kids go to a Kesha concert where there are dancing penises and you won't let your kids watch my show? huhuhuhhuh (that's supposed to be her stoned bevis and butthead laugh).

She looks very reserved in a lot of the pictures.

Seriously? LOL

I looked at your comment really hard, Girlses, and I could not find anything remotely offensive about it. Reserved isn't even necessarily a negative. It's stating a fact that she didn't look very animated or energetic in the pictures. Sometimes the thumbs downs are a real head scratcher.

You know how you can gently pull your cat's tail while your other cat is walking by and they turn around all angry and blame the other cat and bitchiness ensues? Sometimes I wonder if Megan gets bored with us and just randomly thumbs down very tame statements just to watch us go a little mad. Dance puppets, dance!!

(This is why I'm not the blog writer. I would use my powers for evil whereas Megan uses her powers for good.)

Stone cold? Or just stoned?

Stone methadoned.

Can we also address how all the girls look like normal cute early twenties girls and Leah looks like she got married to one of the Duggar boys?

One million thumbs up. And she's already well on her way to repopulating the earth. Can we just talk for a min

Sorry :( can we just talk for a minute about what beautiful reality tv joy it would be to watch one of the older Duggar boys (I think John David ia 24-25) bring Leah and the girlses home, and announce that they were courting?!?! Leah wouldn't last 10 minutes in Duggar land.

Could you imagine Momma Dawn meeting Ma and Pa Duggar for the "courtship" discussion? Momma Dawn's "keep your legses open for your husband" tweet would go over quite well with Boob and Mullet.

Can that be a thing that happens, because it would substantially improve my life. I actually think John David might like a "bad girl" (for them, that would be a Christian girl that wears pants, but you get the idea) but Michelle would flip a shit. She and Jim Bob love talking about her sinful youth, and if their son was being led astray by a SINGLE MOTHER with three kids to TWO DADS, she wouldn't even know how to handle it. Mama Dawn would be thrilled to see that they also get paid to be their annoying selves on TV, and that her new son in law would come with an army of sister slaves to raise all of Leah's girlses for her.

Leah would be crying before the first date ended that he wouldn't have sex with her. Come on, now.

I know she's a Christian now, but I can definitely see her as a "Born Again" Christian in 10 years or so. I imagine her either turning out to be exactly like Mama Dawn, or maybe like Grangie.

It'd be like the end of Kingpin! "Bye, whore!"