Two of the Teen Mom 3 Cast Members Leaked

mackenzie douthit

It has been leaked to Radaronline by an inside source that two of the girls to appear on Teen Mom 3 are Mackenzie Douthit and Alexandria Sekella.

This comes as no surprise considering photos of both the girls with an MTV camera crew positioned near them have been circulating the internet.

Mackenzie is the cheerleader from Oklahoma with a boyfriend named Josh who loves bull riding and wearing sleeveless shirts.

MTV loves the perky cheerleaders, so I had her pegged from the start to be appearing on Teen Mom 3. Mackenzie and Josh are parents to Gannon Dewayne.

Alex appeared on the 90 minute episode and she's the one with the boyfriend, Matt, who was high the entire time and probably still is. Alex and Matt are parents to Arabella Elizabeth.

Who do you think the other two to appear on Teen Mom 3 will be?


It's almost kind of definite that the third mom to be featured on Teen Mom 3 will be Katie Yeager.

According to The Ashley whom I would trust with my life (almost), MTV camera crews have been spotted in and around Katie's hometown in Wyoming.

Katie and her baby daddy, Joey, are parents to Molli J.

I don't know how I feel about this news. Katie's episode almost put me to sleep.


Ugh I didn't like either of those girls very much.


This season has been pretty boring so far

I'm really glad that Mackenzie is one of the girls. I really liked her, she seems so sweet and like she'd be a great Momma. I'd be interested to see what has happened since her episode of 16 & Pregnant. She's been my favorite of all the girls so far. The other girl though, I don't really care much about seeing. She wasn't bad, but I don't think I could stand having to see her stoner, nasty boyfriend/ex-boyfriend on the show all the time. But glad that Mackenzie was chosen! :)

I wish they hadn't picked the Alex girl. People who have a blatant disregard for their childs safety really irk me

Alex tweeted after that episode aired that Arabella was never in a forward facing seat and Matt was the one who put her in the seat all bunched up. Alex yelled at him for it, but MTV chose not to show that. Don't know how true that is, but it's what she said. :)

If Matt was the one who put her forward facing and she supposedly yelled at him then why did she take a picture of it if she knew it was wrong, and then upload it to her fan page. Furthermore why did she go on to tell people that her daughter was big enough to be sitting like that. If she yelled at Matt for doing that she wouldn't have put the picture up and she wouldn't have defended herself saying Arabella was at the weight requirements for the seat.

I know you said you don't know how true that is, so I wasn't making the point towards you, but towards Alex's tweet.

I understood what you meant lol.

I liked McKenzie...she was boring, but I can't wait to see that huge child grow up haha that was the biggest baby ever. And the other girl is a huge disappointment, won't watch her parts (ok...I probably will). Fingers crossed they pick Brianna!

Obviously they're going to pick mckenzie... a good girl, like maci... and alex, a dumbass like jenelle! Now, the next weeks episode was like a chelsea so im sure she will be on there.. and the girl whos baby daddy died will be on there too... like farrah...

Why is everyone hating on Alex? Her boyfriend was clearly a disaster, but she did the best she could without him, right?

Amanda there is no excuse for some of the choices she made as a parent. I don't care if it was her boyfriend who put her baby in the carseat like that, as a mother YOU FIX IT. It wasn't just once she was show having the chest clip at her belly button it was the whole episode, it wasn't just once she was shown having a headrest that is not safe pushing the straps down so that her babies arms were not restrained properly. She was show cosleeping (which I firmly believe in) with multiple blankets and pillows around the baby. She's made so many unsafe besides forward facing her few week old infant (You can't refute the pictures) that I feel its scary to put her on the show because people can see this and think its OKAY!

New moms aren't perfect. We all try our best but you don't know everything right away. It's a learning process. I look back when my son was younger and sometimes cringe at mistakes I made but I have learned from them and do better now. My son is in one piece and is happy and healthy. :)

I understand that but these are not "little" mistakes these are basic knowledge. I have two children and you bet your sweet tushie I researched and learned everything I could about child safety, including how to properly buckle my child into a car seat. If you choose to co sleep it can be DEADLY if not done properly, these are not trial and error type things.

Wow.. I can imagine how much fun it must be to be your kid. Lighten up! Of course safety is important. Young moms need help and guidance not to be put down and called bad mothers.

She was offered help and guidance, even given the offer of an appropriate car seat, and turned them down pretty immaturely and rudely (ppl have screenshots of deleted Facebook posts/replies). I get your point, but it really doesn't apply to how this girl acted.

That was the dumbest comment I've ever seen. Because this poster knows how to correctly put their child in a car seat and know how to co sleep safely it's not fun being their kid? That is screwed up. It's probably more fun then being killed because of your parents irresponsibility. Teen parents need to take some responsiblilty, they don't need everyone patting their backs and telling them it's okay to make life-threatening choices for their kids, they need to man up and do the same research ANY parent should do. Just because you're a teen parent doesn't give you a right to be an idiot about your childs safety.

OMG that was the dumbest comment you've EVER seen! Wow... you must be new to the internet.

My opinion is they should have stoped with teen mom! I understanding 16 and pregnant and doing where are they now's ect but the reason some girls are getting pregnant on purpose is to be on teen mom and I clearly feel sorry for the ones who aren't chosen antihero thing is how when they get in teen mom they are clearly a celebrity so yeah thanks MTV for making people famous for getting pregnant you see his jenelle turned out and some of the others too. I personally am a fan of Farrah and caitlynn they've actually done something with their lives and bettered themselves from this also Jordan Ward yes she may have got pregnant a second time but she is doing right she's married he's in the military supporting his family they pay everything themselves she clothed diapered her kids and breast feed she may have gotten pregnant again but at least she was married with the right Guy and knows what she's doing now she is a role model

Another thing Gary Shirley, yes he is a great dad but the dude would be no were in life if it wasn't for teen mom. I don't think he even has a job and if you watch the 16&p episode with him and amber he cared more of video games this show changed them and if I were amber I would've left him too yes she is in a bad place now and I think the show got to her but all Gary ever does is flirts with girls trust to meet girls talks sexual on his twitter and true to sell his shirts if teen mom never aired not many girls would have anything at all to do with him and I wont pay a penny for anything he sells or Kyle king sells its stupid Kyle kings clothing line might have started even without macis help because his family is rich ect but Gary's idea is just stupid. He and much others would be nothing without mtvs help I honestly think amber would still be there for her daughter if the show didn't air.

The Ashley just revealed that Katie Yeager will also be on Teen Mom 3.

Katie is so boring snooze! All she did was whine about not moving!

hahah exactly! She doesn't understand you have a child all your dreams when you where a little kid are gone and it does come possible it will 100% more difficult .

Can't we get a minority in the mix? I mean all the teen moms have been white (well orange with all the tanning they do.) I'd like to see how some of a different color handles the fame and how they raise their kids.

I hope they do Myranda!! She was my favorite and they seemed to be the only ones that don't have a lot of help!

Myranda made so many dumb mistakes, and ones that she should have known were dumb just by using common sense! First, there was the painting in a non ventilated area, bowling, and the worst: going to the batting cages. I wanted to wring her neck when she said, "it's just a ball." Um, hello, sweetheart, do you really believe a softball can't hurt you? I got a black eye from one when I was a kid and since these pitches are pretty much perfect do you really think that it can't hurt you if it hits you in the stomach?

I think the girl from ;ast season who had the twin sister should be on teen mom. I loved her.

As for everyone wondering about Mackenzie, Gannon is getting big now. Not near as chunky but still cute as could be ;) Mackenzie is still as beautiful as always and is currently still doing gymnastics. & yea, She has lost all her baby weight, and to clear the rumors, she is NOT on drugs. Her & Josh are truly great parents and Mackenzie has a GREAT support team with family & friends. I attend a career school with and know Mackenzie personally, & she is by far the most down to earth girl on 16 & pregnant!

Thanks for the update! I really liked Mackenzie. :)

Aaand, that's where I stop watching. McKenzie seems like a very nice girl, but she was so naive it wasn't even funny.

As for Alex, she needs to learn that once you put a picture or a status on FB, it's out there FOREVER. It's a HUGE lie that her child has never been in a forward facing seat. Just because you delete something off your fan page because you got flack for it doesn't mean it never happened and people forget about it. It is really obvious that Alex only cares about Alex - she's been told several times by many people that she's making life-threatening mistakes and over and over, she lies, tries to cover her tracks, and acts like a whiny, rude brat.

No one expects a new mom to be perfect. We ALL make mistakes, it happens. It's how you deal with it once you learn it is a mistake that defines who you are as a mom, and Alex refuses to correct anything. Sure, Arabella is back in a rear facing seat (although she claims it is a myride and it is NOT!) but it is still installed incorrectly. The "Matt buckled her in" excuse isn't gonna fly either, because she posted several pictures on her fan page of grossly incorrect car seat usage after the episode. (Of course they're gone now because she will never own her ****) It disgusts me that she will be on the show, I won't watch a single episode of it.

I should clarify that I'm not terribly opposed to McKenzie being on the show, she's just not one of my favorites. What I really don't want to see are those dumb sideless shirts that her boyfriend seems to be so fond of...

I really wanted Brianna to be on there!!

me too!

I feel like they're choosing only the girls that we've seen so far for Teen Mom. I don't really wanna see Mackenzie, and especially Katie, on Teen mom 3. they were just boring. Alex though, I'm interested to see how she is. I think people are taking the car seat thing way out of proportion. I understand that it wasn't safe and not smart, but that's her child, not yours. everyone should stop judging and leave that up to God. I really expected more out of this newcoming Teen Mom 3, but I guess I was wrong.

Ha. Leave it up to god? How about we leave it up to the legal system that clearly states her actions are endangerment.

You don't need to comment back with your snappy ass remark either. I believe in God and I'm NOT afraid to admit it.

No one gives a shit about your religious beliefs, this is a Teen Mom article.

I was laughing at your irresponsible attitude toward parenting not your belief in god. Lol defensive much? Since when does a belief in god exclude personal responsibility in life? I know adults who decide not to pay their mortgages because "if I file bankruptcy it's god's will" and that's a pathetic cop-out. Same goes for refusing to learn parenting skills and using "god's hands" as a justification. Belief in god or belief in the power of god has nothing to do with what someone should do day-to-day to keep their kids safe. Btw my "snappy-ass remark" was rhetorically valid and sound, and your response was completely irrelevant. Let's try to make a more logical argument next time mmmkay?

I don't get why you all judge so bad. I was a teen mother and I messed up. Yes people told me to do this and that & as a teen I would show the same reaction as Alex but deep down I knew I had to work on what they told me or what ever. As a teen mom it just gets annoying having people always telling you your doing this and that wrong. When people mess up they remember that for ever but when they do something good they sure aint got nothing to say!!! SMH shame on you people. Be happy she had the courage to keep her baby and make sure her baby tries to have everything she didn't! Just give these TEEN MOMS A LIL MORE PROPS. n stop putting them down like if they are the worse people out there.. n remember everything on TV is not true. MTV makes things look worse bcus all them days months of recording goes in 1 hour episode n they need to spice stuff up.. of course they gonna make um look bad to have people like us more interested! I feel for her for trying to deal w her crackhead BF but as a teen you feel that the person will change once they see their baby! Sometimes it works sometimes it don't. I understand when people don't agree w something someone does n its OK to let them know just don't keep bashing um about it!

So you think the baby is meant to die if the mother refuses to gracefully accept parenting advice (that IS legally supported)? What a ridiculous argument, don't think I've heard that one before. Why don't we just ignore the SIDS research and let all those babies die too! If God wills it! I reeeeally hope you're not a parent.

Oh dear Moses, Katie's episode was so boring. I couldn't even stand having to watch her for an hour, let alone an entire season! Yawn.

I want brianna and alex. Alex just because I am so curious what is going to happen with her and her bab daddy and I really want her to better her self and be a great mommy. I really don't want to see Mackenzie, she's cute and so is her baby but she is not interesting imo.

OMG!!!!! TEEN MOM 3 will definitely be boring... These girl's are soooooooo countryy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I like Alex and her story.... I think it will be interesting.

Only good thing about Katie being on is that her boyfriend is hot!

If Katie is on I think it's kind of cool. Wyoming is forgotten ALOT. I am proud to be a Wyoming Native. She might be boring but we don't have tons of things to create drama and we like it that way in Wyoming. If it's true, congrats Katie!

Yeah, Katie is on teen mom. I saw cameras following her around about a month ago.

[...] mystery.  Mackenzie Douthit, Alex Sekella, and Katie Yeager have been unofficially confirmed by various sources, which leaves rumors circulating as to whom will round out the cast.  So far, I have heard [...]

I wish Briana would have been on Teen Mom 3. I wanted to see what happened with her and Nova's dad. Also I like how her mom handled everything. Jordan's mom was a total b****. Oh well, can't always have what you want.

I'm over the moon that Mackenzi and Alex are in it i could fully relait to both of them KEEP THEM IN IIT

Ughhhh stop bashing on Alex

I want the kickboxer. And Mackenzie

I'm glad they picked Mackenzie I really like.As for Katie all she did was whine.So I don't really like her.Alex was okay but the whole seatbelt thing I didn't like. Also some of the choices she made.I really hope they don't choose Katie and Alex.The other three girls I want are Briana,Lindsey,and Kristina.