Jordan Howard Defends Her Family On Twitter

16 and pregnant

Last night, on 16 and Pregnant, we saw Jordan Howard caught between her mother and her boyfriend, Tyler. There is no question that the episode caused uproar by Jordan's mother, Kelly's, seemingly racist comments. During her episode, Jordan mentioned that Kelly didn't like Jordan dating a white guy, then when Tyler is over Jordan's house, the comment, "This ain't no white person's home!" is thrown around. Jordan received backlash on her episode via twitter and responded to them.

If you were wondering how things are between Kelly and Tyler now, you don't have to wonder any longer. Jordan tweeted:

We all know MTV loves the drama. My mom is not racist. SHE IS MIXED LOL.

Tyler and my Mother get along. Talk about books and watch "Game of thrones" together. They have a blast!!!!

I have never seen Game of Thrones, but if it has the power to bind families together, then I'm all for it. Jordan also spilled the beans that she and Tyler are engaged! Speaking of beans, she uses the term "cool beans," which I totally love. She further tweeted:

My fiance and my mom practically don't even talk or act like any of that drama ever happened. We are all cool beans!!!

And, in case you were wondering how Kelly is with Jordan and Tyler's baby, Chase, you need to wonder no longer. Jordan tweeted:

Let no one say she doesn't love her grandchild!!!!! My mom loves chase. Does 300+% more than Tyler and I could ever have done by ourselves!!

As an additional update, Jordan told us at Teen Mom Junkies that she is still living with her mother, but plans to be out by July.


That b!tch can kiss my white ass.

Yeah, like that will help the situation. Super mature.

Don't worry there's room for one more. Pucker up. :)

Wow the maturity level is astronomical! hahahha...

We'll at the end of the day I'm glad they all seem to be getting along. Good for them.

Some people just don't get it.

I am glad they are getting along though. It's best for everyone that they do.

Regardless of the fact that she claims her mother is not a racist, she DID make comments regarding white people tons of time on the episode. You can blame shit on the editing and the fact that yes, MTV does like drama, but those comments had to have been made at some point for them to edit it. Even if her mother is of mixed race, it doesn't mean that she cannot be racist. That statement of Jordans doesn't retract the comments Kelly made on this episode. I felt absolutely terrible for Tyler during the entire episode. The mother made him feel ridiculously uncomfortable when in her home and I hardly believe that her mother has "come around" and not treating tyler as a "white" stranger in her home. We live in a word of differences and we have to learn to be accepting of other peoples differences, such as the color of our skin. We live in 2012 people!!!!!!!!

"Last night, on 16 and Pregnant, we saw Jordan Howard caught between her mother and her boyfriend, Tyler. There is no question that the episode caused uproar by Jordan’s mother, Kelly’s, seemingly racist comments."

Seemingly? No, they were just plain racist. That episode made me cringe. I felt sorry for Tyler the whole time. I can't imagine my child getting pregnant by a black person and saying "this ain't no Black persons home" WTF is that about? Disgusting.

When the mother made the comment, "This ain't a white person home," she was saying you cannot come in here using profanity and being disrespectful.

Uh.... NO. Only white people can be disrespectful? That is completely ignorant and only helps to continue the racism. When she said "this aint a white person home," she meant Tyler wasn't welcome there because he's white. Period. Disgusting behavior from Jordan's family, and disgusting that people continue to try to excuse and defend it.

Absolutely agree with you. I think it's even more disgusting that people are trying to make excuses for her behavior. Own up!

Oh, yes, because THAT'S not racist at all... wow.
Anyways, there is no way that Jordan can say her mom isn't racist. Those statements ARE racist. She may be better now with Tyler, but it doesn't change the fact that she made racist comments multiple times throughout the show. If I recall correctly, she even blatantly stated that she didn't like Tyler because he's white.
And I have to agree with comments I saw of people saying that if it were the other way around, there would have been even more outrage. Unfortunately this world we live in is very hypocritical. I don't think it's ok to be racist to ANYONE. No matter what race you are.

Jordan's mother was one disgusting, manipulative racist! It was hard to watch, honestly. I felt bad for Tyler.....and had to wonder why Jordan just couldn't figure out why he stopped coming around. She changed the entire game plan right before giving birth without explaining to Tyler her reasoning, or apologizing to him for messing up the plans. She knew her mother had previously not allowed Tyler to be in their home, so why did she think he's going to be hunky-dory with a sudden open-door policy clearly only meant to get Jordan back under her roof? Her mom knew what she was doing, alright. Sad how SKIN COLOR can take away some people's ability to be reasonable.

I agree with you, but at the same time, he should have been there for his child no matter what the circumstances were. That's his baby too, so nothing should be able to keep him from seeing his child.

but her mother practically did.. when someone wants to spend time with their child (like I assume he had) you want it to be peaceful and humbling.. not walking into a lions den because your skin color is white. THEN when you have an ignorant racist mother, and 2 brother's just waiting for something to be said so they could attack him.. COME ON. I wouldn't want to go around either. SHE should have realised, and left the house to go see him with the baby. She needed to understand he has the right to see his child.

That family is clearly racist for a number of reasons. Jordan admitted multiple times that her mother is racist or that she thinks differently of Tyler due to him being white. That cannot be edited to look bad. It looks bad by itself.

Secondly, at the end of the episode, you hear her brothers say something along the lines of "you aren't in a white house" and "come careful." WTF does that even mean? That's racist as well.

Racism is trash. And only trash profess it. I wonder how many articles would be written about it if it was Tyler's mom saying she doesn't like Jordan because she's black. I wonder what would happen if Tyler had siblings that yelled at Jordan to remind her that she was not in a "black house."

If I was a member of Jordan's family I would be thoroughly embarrassed and ashamed of my behavior. Stupidity breeds stupidity. I hope Jordan can escape it.

I have to completely agree with this comment. I love how people say they're not racist but in the end of the episode the brothers said that and then went after him. I'm sure if it was the other away around like you said... shit would've hit the fan! I hate how america is today... A white person says or does anything to a black person, its racist! But if it was switched... its absolutely NOTHING.

I am an African American woman and I felt sorry for Tyler. There is racism everywhere, not just with the white community. I'm more mad at Jordan than her mother, because she let her mother manipulate her relationship. Tyler and his family are very good people that got the short end of the stick. Jordan's mother has some nerve disliking white people when she is mixed herself. Can't we all just get a long?