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Jordan, from season 4 of 16 & Pregnant was due on February 26th, but ended up being induced last night. She welcomed her daughter, Skylar Aris Zeplin, sometime around 2:00 this afternoon. Although there aren't a ton of details that have been released yet, Jordan did plan to deliver her daughter without pain medication, and she had been told that her daughter would be a pretty big baby. Her son, Chase, weighed over 9 pounds at birth, and Jordan was expecting another 9 pound baby this time around as well. We'll update this post with more information about Skylar as soon as more details are posted.

Jordan did share some photos via her Instagram account, and she seems to be so in love with her brand new baby daughter.



Jordan is the 4th girl from the 4th season of 16 & Pregnant to have a second child, along with fellow cast mates Kristina Head, Sarah Roberts, and Mackenzie McKee.

Congrats to Jordan, Tyler, and big brother Chase on the newest addition to their family!


I didn't even know she was pregnant. Lol. But, I didn't watch the fourth season of 16 & Pregnant, so I have no idea what type of person/parent she is. So, I don't really have anything to say.

Well, you managed two and half lines of not really anything. Go you! :D

Congrats to the new blah blah blah.

She's adorable! Congratulations to the happy parents and big brother. :)

(I didn't watch the 4th season of 16 and Pregnant, so I'm hoping she's a good mom and not Jenelle/Farrah 2.0.)

Her story revolved around her mother and brothers' disapproval of her boyfriend being white. She seems like a nice girl and on the catch up special she revealed that her mother had come to terms with things now and she seemed to be doing well.

That baby is adorable, looks like a one-month-old already!

In the second picture, Skylar absolutely looks like the size of a one month old. It scared my vagina - she's pretty traumatized right now.

But, then I checked on Jordan's instagram and Skylar is a little smaller, it was just an angle thing. (I still want a C-section).

I want a C-section or adoption. Leaning more and more towards adoption. No coffee or margaritas for 9 months + however long you breastfeed? Mmmm....the struggle.

Roast Beef-- I would have died if I had to kick my caffeine habit when I was pregnant and nursing! (Hell, I'm still nursing my youngest and I have 4-5 cans/cups of soda a day.) And since she's been sleeping through the night, I've been having the occasional drink. ;) As long as you're not nursing drunk, you're safe.

C-sections suck. I've had three. It hurts like a b**** to cough, sneeze, breathe, move... And for some that feeling lasts weeks. I was lucky and recuperated quickly, but it still sucked.
But that's all I can offer. I've never had a vaginal delivery, so I can't tell yiu how that hurts.

I definitely don't want a C-section, because that screws up all your abdominal muscles and takes

Whoops, accidently hit the enter button before I was finished typing! Anyways, it takes longer to recover from a C-section, so I want to deliver the good old-fashioned way. But I am definitely getting an epidural. However, both my significant other and I are over 6 feet tall, so that baby's going to be HUGE.

I guess deep down I would like to have one of my own, and I'm perfectly able to do it naturally (at least my doctor say so). My boyfriend is really against us conceiving (after we get married). He thinks the resources of the world are becoming too finite, and there are too many kids out there who need a loving home. I completely agree with him, but there's something in the back of my mind that keeps saying "oh hell, just give it a try." I just know I will not be getting pregnant, aborting, and getting pregnant all over again. But that's just me.

AHHHHHHHAHAHAHA "it scared my vagina"

Aww, come on, it shrinks back down after two weeks or so!! I birthed a 7 lb. baby with no pain meds, all natural. But, yeah, I have to admit, I was praying that she would be a small but healthy baby towards the end there. 9 lbs. is probably beyond my powers, now that I think about it...

@Farrah's Neck Mole

Will you be my surrogate? I'll feed you grapes and massage your back. You do the birthing. Even trade.

@sharp t.h.
Anytime, honey!!

You guys, I just watched one of those birth videos of a 9lb baby. I'm pretty sure I also just saw my uterus running out of the bathroom.

So, I forgot to wear my glasses today and your name looked like "Farrah's Neck Hole" to me at first glance. At first I was all "EW!" and then I was all "Well, if Farrah did have an inexplicable hole in her neck, she'd have exploited it like every other orifice on her body and jammed a dick up it on camera... so let me re-read that." ;)

They are my favorite 16 and Pregnant story! So Happy for their family :)

Skylar looks exactly like Chase.

And 9lbs? No pain meds? Yikes. I shutter (quiver? Kail, where are you?) at the thought.

I like your new extended name, Sharp T.H. :D

Agreed, it's perfect!

I need to keep Hippocrates alive. Having Jenelle (come on, we know it had to be her or some minion) visit us was one of the greatest moments ever on this blog.

YES! Hippocrates will live on!

I'm so sorry, I am out of the loop. J-twat was here and did what now?! When did this all happen?


Some Jenelle minion with terrible grammar came on here with multiple SNs to defend Jenelle. At one point, she accused us of being "a bunch of hippocrates" (or something to that effect).

It made me laugh because I thought of it as a Freudian slip given that Jenelle is such a queen of WebMD diagnoses that, at this point, she surely has taken the Hippocratic Oath. Also, I remembered Jenelle talking about the prestigious program she is in at Harvard Medical School Miller Motte Technical College and assumed she must have heard of Hippocrates.

So, I made some crack about the philosopher Hippocrates and someone pointed out he may now be the Greek God of the Internet Trolls. The minion responded that we were still a bunch of "ass holes" who were minding Jenelle's "buisness" who should all just "shit up." Clearly, this person has a hard time with physics. Oh, yeah, and then something about "verity." Whatever the fuck that is - I imagine it might be a lot like variety if it were spelled properly.

Luckily, she had pity on me...she must have known this whole exchange was going to cause me to lose massive amounts of sleep, mostly worrying about the Greek God of the Internet Trolls smiting me at any second. So, she alerted all of us "dick heads" (clearly, biology isn't a great subject for her either) that she actually meant to say "hypocrites" but her "auto correct" messed it all up.

As you can tell from my quotations, the irony runs strong because her low rent autocorrect doesn't know how to spell any other word. Also, I checked on my phone and unless I am royally fucking up the spelling of "hypocrite," it does not change it to Hippocrates.

Anyways now hypocrite = Hippocrates and Hippocrates = well, hypocrite + one of the Top 10 Moments of TMJ (according to me). If you want me to use it in a sentence, I would say Kail is the biggest Hippocrates of them all (in addition to being the biggest victim of all time).

Thanks for the info Sharp, I am finally in the loop. Savor your well-earned title! I do hope they find their way back here though, I could use stupidity of a different stripe to play with. ;)

Tyler looks like 84076x better than the greasy freak he was in 16&p.

Chase is sooo cute!

Agree with your comment but please don't use the word freak!!! Words hurt!

Their son is one ugly kid. You're all thinking it.

Make you feel big making fun of a defenseless child?
You making fun of peoples appearance just shows how ugly you are on the inside.

Probably ugly on the outside, too.

He's not the cutest toddler in the world but he's nowhere near ugly. But who knows he might grow up to be really cute.

He looks a lot like both of his parents. He will probably look like a darker version of Tyler when he's older. Btw Tyler looks a lot different than in his 16 & P episode!

True. I didn't want to agree with Jordan's mom but he did look kind of dirty in the 16&P episode. He has a MUCH nicer haircut now, too. The bowl-cut look had to go, man...

Yeah, he definitely appeared to be a scrub in that episode. However, I'd rather hang with a friendly scrub than a raging racist. Hopefully her mother was horrified by her behavior being shown on national tv and has calmed herself down.

Thankfully! That bowl cut, dirty clothes and overall awkward demeanor was not appealing. He looked like he needed a shower in Lysol. Not to mention the "Baby on Board" sign he had on the window of his car two months before the first kid was born!

Seriously? I think he's adorable!

No, I'm not thinking that at all. I am, however, wondering what you look like that you feel the need to insult the appearance of a toddler.

It is disgusting to make fun of how a toddler looks. It really is a reflection of your character that you'd say something like that.

Some people do not deserve their freedom of speech, to use that right to insult a child? Pathetic.

Honestly, I do not think he's a cute kid. I have to agree with you. But you probably shouldn't put that on blast on a site where people are just itching to verbally attack someone. Just saying.

Well, at this point there's no need for anyone to try to insult you, because you just did all of the work in making yourself look like the biggest fuckwit in the room. Good job!

She looks like she is a bitch.

Lmao. I was looking at her twitter and she comes across as kind of a bitch.

She seems to be a good mom though. And seriously, her and Tyler are probably the most physically unattractive couple of 16&Pregnant, but they make some really adorable babies.

Tyler and Skylar. Hmm.

LOL your name. With all the surgery you think she'd have that removed.

Uhhh I don't know about the adorable babies part cause Chase looks like his dad and that's not a compliment.

Holy crap guys I didn't say she was hitler I just said she LOOKS like a bitch. I don't know her. She could look like a big ole bitch but be the sweetest person ever. Anywayyyy is this the girl that had the racist mother? I can't remember exactly but I know there was one who's family said "this ain't no white person house" terrible. They are pretty physically awkward but idk I think they work for each other. I wouldn't wanna watch them kiss though lol I'd wanna wash my body after. That's the vibe I get. I'm a downright horrible human being shame me all mighty shamers!

She is a bitch. On her episode, she was cackling with her friends about how she only dates ugly men because she knows they won't cheat. Umm, how does that make Tyler feel?

Jordan's mother was incredibly racist to him and made fun of him for being ugly too. She said these things to his face, so much so that he didn't feel comfortable going to their house after the baby was born. Then, Jordan's mom went on a campaign to call him a deadbeat.

I don't follow Jordan, but I went to check her Instagram when she first announced her pregnancy. There was a video of her watching him vacuum while she sat on her ass like "Oh, my man comes home from work and cleans and cooks for his queen." Maybe I'm sensitive, but if I came home from work and my significant other sat on their ass taking pictures and videos of me after previously calling me ugly and shit, I would feel that person was a condescending jerk.

Ooooo I forgot that she said that. Why do these girls say this kind of gossipy shit on camera so nonchalantly? Do they really think MTV is going to edit that stuff out?

I know I felt incredibly bad for him through that episode. It just shows how racism is only taken seriously if it is against an African American or anyone frankly who is not white. If it was the other way round the police would have been knocking on the door. They chased him ready to beat him up, they made comment after comment on the colour of his skin, seen him as inferior. It was truly disgusting. Don't get me started how she clearly thought he was "uglier" than her which is why she went with him. That is so emotionally toxic and abusive, calling your partner names :/ And I'm sorry but she is so lazy, he works .. i know i know, every mother is a working mother and all that jazz because having kids is hard work but I'm sorry, he goes out and works all day, he should get to come home and spend quality time with his kid, not clean after her lazy butt and cook for her. If you are not a working mum and a stay at home mum you should do that kinda stuff because that is how you pull your weight in the house. People can claim that isn't fair but she is living there for free, she looks after her child while he works but really no one should come home from work and clean and cook when the other half has been at home all day.

If this had been a white person displaying racism against a black person, Al Sharpton would have been picketing outside the house before the episode even ended.

I think its such a shame people are commenting on their physical appearances, how shallow and rude. Come on guys, of all the train wrecks we've seen on this show (Farrah, Jenelle, Amber, Danielle, Nikkole); shouldn't we just be congratulating them for working on their relationship, giving their son a stable home that, at least, Tyler works to support? They have done a lot of better than many people in their position and that is a significant achievement.

I still feel like they missed a opportunity to incorporate Led Zeppelin in there sons name. Cute family, I hope they keep it up.

They are not hideous ppl god.what is wrong with anyone saying how ugly someone is.even babies.unless someone purposely makes themselves unattractive then say something i guess. I think their kid and that baby are really cute.i hated the way i looked in my early years. And know that you shouldnt make fun of someone for what they cant help. Im glad i grew out of my looks. A lot of ppl dont have the best looks but the ones who do normally turn out chunky and unattractive in later years. And the ones you make fun of and comment on turn out 10 times better then they had.

Maybe it's just me but I think most babies look pretty "ugly" during the first 1-6 months. It's like Bill Cosby said about newborns: "I said to the doctor, 'Can you put this back? Cause it isn't finished cooking! It needs to cook two, three more months!'"

They had such a bizarre 16 and pregnant story. It all seemed really staged and over-edited. But overall the couple seemed to fix their issues with each other and with Jordan's mom. Hard to determine their parenting skills from one episode and one catch up special, though.

WOAH. I just noticed the new format. Much easier to hit the thumbs up/down buttons :D Thanks for putting so much work into the site lately, Steve and Megan!

I am so glad that Tyler changed his hairstyle. The bowl cut just looked bad on him. Despite what people say about them, I think that it's amazing they're still together despite all the racism that went on, but I'm happy that they are. And I hope that they are VERY happy with Chase and Skyler. Chase is absolutely adorable! And normally I don't think newborns are cute, but this one is one of the cutest I've seen!

I agree with the newborn comment. I never think newborns are cute I usually wait until they get older but this newborn is definitely the cutest I have ever seen.

what a funny looking couple, i swear this should be an advertisement for the saying opposites attract. shes smiling through gritted teeth and last thought, he's lost all his weight and tidied himself up a bit of which her family mocked him for. Well at least judging by that picture and the others ive seen we can clearly see where his weight and scruffyness ended up. This should be a warning to everyone who criticises someone elses appearance, tables can turn very quickly. good luck jordan you may well need it, oh thats right ugly men dont cheat hey.

I wish their story was featured on Teen Mom 3. They would have been more interesting then any of the other girls they picked. That is one big newborn by the way!

I can't believe how different Tyler looks now! He definitely grew into himself.

They chose awful names... Chase is a name for a dog, and just for personal preference, I hate the name Skylar.

Definietly an awkward looking couple, lol. Oh well, congrats on the second baby:).

My son was a little over eight pounds, and I thought it was a struggle having him. Lol.

She is pretty overweight to be having a child. There is a link between the mother's weight, and the child's risk of obesity. I worried for the short term and long term health of this child.

Pretty sure her weight is none of your business. Overweight does not equal unhealthiness contrary to popular belief.

I just watched Jordan's 16 and Pregnant episode when they had a marathon on the other day. Jordan's mom was SOO rude to Tyler and as many of you have said called him "dirty and greasy" and wouldn't let him in her house! Jordan got sick of her mom not accepting Tyler and she threatened to move in his house with his parents when the baby was born. Her mom finally realized she was going to miss out on seeing her daughter AND grandchild so she said Tyler could visit the baby as much as he wanted. He barely visited though because he felt awkward in her home. At one point he almost got into a fist fight with Jordan's brothers. The mom was screaming "He ain't ready for that!" so the brother stopped.

Anyways, I kind of recapped if you forgot it or didn't see it. I hope they all get along now for the sake of the two children.

I know this will get a ton of downvotes but it must be said.

As a woman of color and a frequent poster on this site, I must point out that racism and prejudice are not one and the same. Jordans mom was incredibly prejudiced towards Tyler, which of course is wrong but is still not racism. Tyler could have not dated Jordan and not encountered any of the issues he did. Jordan can never stop being black and as a result have lower wages, higher chances of incarceration and less educational opportunities for her children. Prejuidice is wielded at a personal level, while racism is delivered institutionally.

Racism and prejudice are disgusting habits that should not exist in 2014. However, only one of these societal tenemants had the power and ability to enslave, slaughter, and imprison millions without any longstanding implications. What Jordans mom displayed is not that.

Wrong. She was prejudiced yes but also racist. She did not like him because he was white. I agree both should not exist.

Racism implies power, institutional power to be precise. Prejudice is the dislike or even hatred of someone based on their race (or sex or religion). As i said earlier Jordan's mother has no power over Tyler and his life's outlook. She has no say in his personhood.

I read your post rather fast and then after I replied I reread your post and your new reply. So if my post is in anyway a misunderstanding of what you were initially trying to imply, than I apologize. I just wanted to say that

Wrong. The definition of racism is: the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, esp. so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races. Just because your OPINION is that racism only exists at an institutionalized level does not make it the truth.

Jordan's mom and her brother were definitely racist. Why did they not like Tyler? Because he was weird? No. Because he was disrespectful? No. Because he was addicted to drugs? No. They didn't like Tyler because he was white. That's racism. Why was the mom prejudiced against Tyler? Because he was white. Racism. You're basically telling us that because white people in general aren't incarcerated as often and earn more, that what Tyler experienced wasn't racism and that no white person ever experiences racism. Which is bullshit. I agree that racism is disgusting and vile, and I judge a person based on their character instead of their skin color, but never mistake the fact that racism doesn't just happen to black people.

Racism is a prejudice against someone because of their race, any race. It's not a term reserved exclusively for white people.
What happened during slavery was horrible, but let's stop pretending like its ok for Jordans mom to treat Tyler like crap because of reasons like slavery and unequal job scenarios because neither are his fault. That's something that makes me mad, no oneon this earth today played a hand in the times of slavery nor could they go back and change history. My ancestors fought for the union army to end slavery, so if someone uses the whole " I can treat you like crap because your ancestors killed mine" I quickly inform them of the truth . It's not an excuse for hate

The more commonly accepted scholastic, sociological definition of racism is as you stated a above, with the addition of privilege/power. Not once did I excuse or absolve Jordan mother of her prejudice, nor should it be. I am just pointing out that she is prejudiced and not racist by the sociological definition. They are equally bad but not interchangeable. Her hate and malevolence are inexcusable and disgusting, but not racism. Her attitude towards Tylers skin can only anger and hurt him and others. It cannot wield control over him, you, or I the way racism can.

I get where you are going with the textbook definitions and recall the same discussions in academia. However, the discussion is not entirely accepted to this day hence why some split the discussion of racism between institutional and individual, although I have seen racism be in use instead of institutional racism because of redundancy.

In vernacular, it is quite common to label someone a racist because they are being prejudiced against another individual - it isn't a wrong use of the word and conforms to both formal and informal definition, although it may not be suited to all academic discussions. We are hardly academia here.

I feel easy saying that Jordan's mom was being racist (or prejudiced if you prefer) towards Tyler. I feel uneasy labeling her as a racist - that's a heavy charge and I do not know if she truly has a problem with Tyler because of his race. It may have been far more about her emotions. I'm sure she saw her daughter graduating from high school, graduating from college, and marrying a strapping, successful man. Instead, she gets an awkward, pudgy, pasty, World of Warcraft nerd with no real job to speak of that knocks her up while she's in high school. Of course there is going to be anger and disappointment. Her actions may have been far more about her being angry and deciding to level that against Tyler by using something he cannot help (his race), instead of it being that she truly cannot stand white people (when, according to Jordan, her mother is mixed). I'm not at all unconvinced that, had Tyler been black, she would have found something to hate about him because, in her eyes, the boy ruined her daughter's bright future. Plenty of parents have this reaction. Unfortunately, she chose to have this angry reaction and level it as a racial issue. Even more unfortunate is she chose to air it out on TV.

yes I re-read your post and got what you were saying. Quick reading and me in an already bad mood. Sorry for the misunderstanding

Hey sharp, the hippocrates there's nothing wrong with WoW. He's just a low-life!

I don't think there is anything wrong with WoW or Tyler. I'm saying he is a classic ComiCon nerd, not the strapping man Jordan's mother probably foresaw.

Which, there is nothing wrong with ComiCon nerds. I think they're adorable. I'm sure Tyler is a really, really nice kid and I certainly don't think he deserves the abuse of being told that he isn't worthy because of how he physically looks.

I was going to comment the same thing but thank you for saying this! And of course it got down votes cuz half of the people on here are probably white conservative republicans.

Some of you love to shit-talk children as if they can help how they turned out. They have a precious family and the new baby is adorable! CONGRATULATIONS.

I think Jordan has a pretty face.

Lol she doesn't look good pregnant. Just fat.

I bet the photographer told her to put her hand on her stomach so people would know she is pregnant and not just fat.

Is it me or Tyler kinda looks like at thinner version of Gary Shirley

Nasty comments about the mothers will be deleted? What happened to freedom of speech? These dumb, ignorant teen moms will all burn in hell some day. There's no questioning that. This so called fake dad, Tyler, is the ugliest SOB to ever grace television. I truly wish for Karma to take its place in ALL of these teen w h o r e s lives and to rain bad things down upon them. They're lives should be a struggle and they should receive ZERO notoriety from it. Period.