Jennifer Del Rio has her Baby Shower

16 & pregnant


16 & Pregnant season 3 girl, Jennifer Del Rio, is currently 29 weeks pregnant with her third child, and her family decided to throw her a baby shower this weekend to help her get everything she needs to prepare for the baby.

Jennifer and her husband are working on putting together a Lion King themed nursery, and the baby shower's decorations went right along with that theme.

Check out these pictures from the baby shower that Jennifer posted to her Instagram account this weekend.

jennifer2 A diaper cake that Jennifer's cousin made for the baby shower

jennifer3 Jennifer and her husband, Luis, cutting the cake at their baby shower

jennifer4 Jennifer got the crib ready for her new baby's arrival

Jennifer gave birth to twin boys, Joshua and Noah, on her 16 & Pregnant episode. She has since gotten married, and is now expecting a third son.

The couple plans to name the baby Sebastian, and they seem to be thrilled about the newest addition to their family's upcoming arrival.

Jennifer and Luis have less than 11 weeks to go until they get to meet their son, which makes her due date sometime around the beginning of May.


Isn't it a faux pas to have a shower for a 3rd child...especially if it is the same sex as the other children?

I think it's up to the family? This is his first child (as far as I know) so maybe they wanted a celebration that he could be part of. The crib doesn't look new, so maybe they didn't ask for big items as much as diapers, clothes, etc and just wanted to celebrate the new baby. Leah had a shower for Addalyn, I believe, that seemed like a much bigger affair than this, and I believe Kail had one for Lincoln as well. I'm not defending any of them, it just seems like this is becoming more of the norm.

Kail had a CONVENTION for Lincoln.

A wedding, complete with a DJ and dancing! Oh, and Kail wore that headpiece with the flowers...

I honest to God thought thaat was her wedding

Ohhh yes, how could I forget about the lovely flower hairpiece. You'd think after years of hair and make up artists and being around Chelsea, she could have figured out that she looked ridiculous.

If it was hosted and primarily attended by Luis's family, and if Sebastian is Luis's first child, the baby shower is appropriate enough. Otherwise it is an enormous faux pas.

I will say that if I were in her shoes, even if it was my husband's first baby, I wouldn't let anyone throw me another "official" shower.

Maybe I should take the "enormous faux pas" part back. In my part of the country it would be, but there are clearly different traditions in other areas and cultures. If it's part of the status quo there isn't a problem; the problem is when mothers are blatantly trying to gift grab. I don't think that's the case for Jennifer... but I wouldn't know!

I didn't get to have a baby shower with my first- we moved right at the beginning of my pregnancy. We didn't make many friends and didn't have any family that lived close to us. So with my next, I'd like to have one! I don't even want presents, I just want the happy experience of celebrating my pregnancy with my loved ones.

My personal thoughts are that regardless of whether I'm having my first child or my third, if my friends and loved ones want to throw me a party, decorate onsies and give me a shit ton of diapers and baby stuff I need/they think is awesome, more power to them. Plus...CAKE!

I think it's only tacky when women register for crazy ridiculous expensive shit that they don't need and can EASILY afford themselves and throw their own shower.

I've never heard of the faux pas thing!! Whaaat! How interesting. I'm from the west coast and have never heard of such a thing.

It really depends where you are from. Where I live we throw babyshowers no matter how many kids a person has. I just threw one last year for a friend who was having baby #5... and all were girls.

Where I live multiple baby showers are the norm. Everyone I have ever known to have a baby has a separate shower for each child. I never knew it wasn't like this everywhere until I started reading this blog. I have brought up this topic in a few conversations and most can't see a problem in two showers. I guess where I'm from it's more about the celebration of a new life rather than receiving gifts. I'm glad people on TMJ realize that things are different every where and there is not only one way to do something.

Where i'm from too it doesn't matter how many babies a woman has, she will get a baby shower every time. This is actually the 1st time i'm hearing it's a "faux pas" to have multiple showers! Who knew?

I was gonna say, my aunt and uncle have 11 children (yep, you read that right), and they've had 9 showers.

My goodness. If my sister has 11 kids, I'm avoiding Christmas like the plague. I can't afford a dozen Lego sets or Barbie convertibles!

Traditionally you are not supposed to have a shower after your first child. But nowadays with blended families it happens more often. Usually it is in situations like these where the father is a first time father but the mother has other children and it is their first child together. I personally wouldn't do it. Maybe a small celebration for the babies after the first is okay but I wouldn't go asking for the big items again. A diaper party is okay. Most people also throw them for themselves when it should be given by a family member or friend.

I recently heard the term "Sprinkle." Like a shower but less...extravagant? Like just diapers and things to replace whatever the first baby puked and/or pooped on the first time around. I don't like that term because it makes me need to pee.

During her first pregnancy, she had twins. Her parents didn't like the twin's dad, and when his family threw her a shower, her parents didn't show up. So it's possible she wanted to throw a baby shower so her parent's could be there.

I personally don't have any issues with someone having a shower for all of their children. Even if you don't ask for or need gifts you can use it as a time to celebrate such a joyful event. And any excuse to have cake=win.

I personally think it is tacky, but some people have a shower for every child.

I know in Spanish tradition you normally have a baby shower for every baby

I kind of feel like if they are going to name the baby Sebastian, a Little Mermaid theme sounds more appropriate.

I just thought the exact same thing! Lmfao

Not if they change his name to Hakuna Matata.


I automatically think of Little mermaid when I hear that name. My dog is named Sebastian, because of the movie.

My son has a little friend named Sebastian - his parents call him seb and all his little friends call him bash! Sooooo cute it's one of my favorite names just because hearing little toddlers yelling out "bash" makes my heart melt.

While it is weird to have a shower for a second (or third) child, especially if the new child is the same sex as the others and there isn't a big age difference, I don't really find it tacky.
It depends if the mother insists she have one or the family wants to throw the parent's to be one. Not to mention, the baby is her husband's first. Maybe Jennifer's in laws wanted to have a shower?

Or maybe her rage-a-holic ex tore up all her old shit.

The great second baby shower caper reemerges! Does anyone remember like over a year ago when this topic came up and there was a big debate? Before that I'd had no clue people considered it tacky to have a shower for a second kid, apart from if they're years apart or something. Everyone I know who's had a baby has had a shower for each kid... but I get why people think it is gauche. I think in lieu of asking for big presents, little gifts can be requested or just a little celebration is had. In this case I don't see anything wrong with the shower because it is her husband's first kid and his family would probably be happy to get the new baby some things.

Oh yeah I remember that. I kinda taught it was over the top IMO. yes it's tacky, but oh well so does leopard print bedding for little girls.

What was really tacky was Kail's second baby shower tho. It bugged me to no end. Girl calm down you aren't even four months pregnant. It's a dang god baby shower you don't need no DJ or anybody doing speach on stage. She probably felt like she was living larger than life but it was extremely tacky and tasteless IMO.

Also now Lincoln is the boy who had an almost pink-themed baby shower, because as usual, Kailyn wanted to make people talk by wearing a pink dress/stuff at her baby shower.

K: "I don't want people to think I am having a girl just because I am wearing a pink dress!"

It's a baby shower Kail, what are people suppose to think from an expectant mom wearing pink at her baby shower except that she thinks she is having a girl.

Ha ha ha I thought that was weird too! The only explanation I can think if is that Javi's family wanted to throw a baby shower (Kails family probably didn't go to either Lincoln or Isaacs shower) and since they got married when she was eight pregnant (most women have their showers at eight months pregnant, or around two months before the due date) they didn't want to overwhelm everyone by having a big wedding and a big shower during the same month, both which guests would presumably need to travel to and buy gifts

Plus who wouldn't want to score a bangin' DJ with all those Benefits lying around?!

Where do these young girls find guys who are willing to take on a child (or two) and have another? I'm 24 and most of the guys I know are focused on graduating, or starting their career. Not marrying and having 10 kids.

RIGHT?! I cant even get this one guy to just want to be my boyfriend, he would rather have his fun then get serious (we both just graduated from college and both got good jobs). I don't think a lot of these kids are exposed to new and different things, they're completely unaware theres more life for them out there.

Oh God, thank you for this comment. I had a depression day on Valentine's Day because of that. I'm 23, my life is not messed up compared to these girls' lives and I don't even have a boyfriend. If I had a kid I'd never expect anyone to even smile at me. And look at them, they're having kids, getting married, engaged, pregnant, divorced, pregnant, pregnant, separated, married, pregnant, pregnant, pregnant, engaged.

I'm sure that the 6 figure salaries that some of these girls are pulling in is helping them find men that are willing to commit a bit quicker. That's why you'll find that most of their marriages will end in divorce. If a guy is just in it for the money, and the girl is just looking to build a "cute little family" for everyone to be envious of, they're both going to end up miserable with children that grow to resent them. A win for everyone!

Babe, trust me. These are not winners these girls are pulling in.

This, Sharp. So true. It isn't hard for these chicks to get boyfriends or even get married, but the guys aren't typically stellar. A lot of them just want a woman so in love with them that they can be a loser and still keep her hanging on. They think a woman with kids will be more "grateful" for the companionship that they can get away with murder.

I'm 22, single out of a bad relationship that ended in October (homewrecker got herself pregnant with a trap baby!) and at this point I am so HAPPY not to have a boyfriend. Maybe it's because for the first time in my life I have legit standards but yeah, no appeal at the idea. Don't lose heart fellow young single chicks!

Same here. Just turned 23. Was on and off with a guy for years up until last year. He was lying his ass off. Best thing ever? Chick was calling me for a year on fake numbers. He blamed the harassment on me. But then she hacked my account. Ummm I work at startups. My life is data analysis and coding. You can't hack a hacker. By the time it came out that it was her doing everything, she had already been knocked up. Oopsies.

It's been rough to be betrayed. But, it is so much better to develop myself and gain some self-worth instead of relationship hopping. These girls do not understand this. Many of the guys they hook up with have done nothing with their lives, have been in trouble, or are looking for a void. So you have two empty people trying to fill a void with a relationship.

Plus, a lot of these guys are benefiting from tight bodies and MTV money. The girls have no sense of self-worth whatsoever and have learned to babytrap at 16 (among other unhealthy behaviors they have picked up from living in an unstable home).

Sorry about your crappy ex. Karma sucks, though.

Dude it's crazy that we both had a trap baby experience and got the same impression from it. I'm so sorry you were harassed like that! The chick I dealt with would buy my ex presents all the time and a few times she left her pants at the house - I don't even know how that works lmfao. Anyway she wasn't crazy stalker status on ME really but she made sure her presence was apparent however she could. So cool that you used your smarts to find shit out - but yeah, it can be really heartbreaking to be betrayed like that. I saw the baby as karma itself because my ex tried soooooo hard to get her to have an abortion, apparently. Worst thing about it was that THAT was the straw that broke the camel's back and showed him she was manipulating him, not me basically begging him to stop before our home was ruined.

Anyway, the perspective you get from something like that really strengthens you, IMO. I feel for these girls who relationship hop and can't feel comfortable by themselves. Honestly that's most likely going to lead to them being alone just later down the line once those "tight bodies" have gone away.

I'm about to turn 23 myself and I feel like I can happily go ten years without a serious relationship or a baby, as much as I want one someday. It just isn't worth the pain. There are good guys out there who they themselves aren't looking for puss on the regular and a housecleaner - what I essentially was to the ex.

Last thing, Sharp you are right again about karma. I had some cool shit happen the day I found out about the baby, it totally opened my eyes to it. I wish the best for everyone who was on 16&P but overall best thing I can hold onto is that I didn't fuck myself getting stuck dealing with a dickhole like my ex for life. Calm, peaceful solitude is such the better alternative. Take care dude, and enjoy your badass career!

If it makes you feel any better, my husband and I just stayed at home watching Top Gear and eating pizza on Valentine's day...we're traditionalists like that. ;)

It's not normal! I'm 21 and I have a child and there's literally no new boyfriend/future stepdad on the horizon for me and my daughter haha! I don't know how they not only get boyfriends, but get ones like Jeremy and Javi who seem like decent guys who also want more babies and to get married?!

That's not me complaining btw, I don't think I'd want to live my life at 70MPH like these girls.

Aren't Jeremy and Javi in it for the fame?

I don't get it either. I have a 2-year-old and I'm 21, and I don't think I could ever get a guy who doesn't have kids to date me. My boyfriend's a single dad himself. No 20-something I know who doesn't already have a kid wants to shack up with a mom, in my experience.

I have to disagree ladies. I am 29 and a mother of 3 and I am in a relationship with an amazing man who doesn't have a child of his own. He loves my kids and me. He has a stable job and hes kind, supportive and loyal beyond belief. I don't think its impossible for a mom to get a good kid free man :)

Brandy your situation isn't impossible and I don't think anyone said or meant that it was. But it can be rare. Some guys are amazing and goodhearted like yours is but a lot have ulterior motives IMO.

Why the hell did you get downvoted so badly? I didn't take what you said as rubbing it in anyone's face. You have something incredible and that's GOOD and you're showing people that it's not impossible and that's encouraging. It's not super easy to find and I'm sure there are people who look for a long time trying to find the kind companion you've found (you may even have spent quite awhile finding him yourself.) Everyone should have standards. High standards. Because we're awesome and people shouldn't treat anyone like they're damaged goods and doomed to spinsterhood because they've already procreated. If the Teen Mom franchise has taught us anything, it should be: DON'T settle for less than you deserve. Let's not dog pile the downvotes unless someone is saying something truly offensive, idiotic or dangerous.

To be fair, you are 29 years old and I highly doubt you are dating a 21-year old. I think these ladies are referring to young guys in their early twenties. My sister in law's boyfriend is a wonderful father to my niece (her father passed away a week after her first birthday) but he is also 30 years old and very ready to settle down and have children. 5 years before he met her, he would have never gotten with a woman with children.

a teen mom I used to work with told me she got chatted up by guys all the time when she was out with her baby in the pram! I was shocked.

Excuse me while my stupid American is showing but I just thought, "Poppy was talking about her friend getting chatted up while out with the pram!" in a delightful British accent and got a little giddy.

Lmfao Rae

Here in the UK it's pretty rare to have baby showers. They are becoming more common here than what they were, i know a lot of pregnant/people who have had babies. At least 35 people ex colleagues, high school friends, college friends, family etc and out of all of them only 1 had had a baby shower and 2 are having one.
I only found out about them from teen mom, i know no one who has done the whole "make a register" thing here, i was so confused in one of the 16 and pregnant episodes where she was going around scanning things ha!

Fellow UK person here.
I think there certainly used to be, and still is, a lot of superstition about buying stuff before the baby arrives in case something goes wrong.
My mum was so superstitious she didn't buy a single thing for me until I'd arrived safely. She had to send my dad out to buy an outfit for me to go home from hospital in!

Yeah i know what you mean, I am not that superstitious but I had my friend refuse my gift when i tried to give it to her when she was 8 months along! I understood once she explained her worries but I guess when you have never had a child you don't really think about it like that! x

I'm Mexican and we do have a baby shower for each kid but its very rare that they register for stuff so they aren't really asking for big things like cribs and car seat or a stroller. We do it more for the fun games and food. The majority are also hardly ever planned by the actual mom to be it is usually a surprise a good friend or family member does for her.

My hometown is predominantly Mexican and that's how everyone does showers here. Maybe the close family members get them big gifts but I usually show up with a knitted garment or some diapers and that's it. It's all about the food and games and talk about the new baby - not "stuff."

Wonder what her Over protective parents think of this guy... they sure Hated Josh!

While her parents supremely creeped me out with their, "Now I have to tell my husband when he gets home that you proposed to our daughter" mob vibe, they had reason to hate Josh. That kid was a grade-A asshole wrapped in douchebag bacon.

I wish her all the luck, when I watched her episode though I thought they were both as bad as each other, josh and Jennifer, her parents stirred a lot. But All i can remember from her episode vividly is when josh was driving the car and she kept shouting and then tried to hit him when he was driving even though her kids were in the back. And then she called the police on him because she refused to get in the car and wanted 2 little boys to be stranded on a road with her. I couldn't understand why everyone was slamming on josh while jennifer didn't get any backlash from what she did!
Did anyone else think this or am i alone?!

OMG. Thank you! I agree with you 100%. I thought I was the only one. You are not alone!

Is it just me that finds it odd that they are both cutting the cake like it's a wedding? Baby showers are so weird now.

THANK YOU! I thought that whole "cake cutting" thing was odd. Baby showers used to be chick-only bonding experiences where we all played word games and how fast one could change a diaper on a Cabbage Patch Kid while wearing bulky oven mitts. And the prizes were things like biscuit cutters and candles and such. Now it's like a mini-wedding (I'm looking at YOU, Kail).

You've given me a great idea. Whenever I have a kid, I will demand that at least SOME time at the baby shower be dedicated to a game called "Let's See Who Can Successfully Diaper My Grouchy-Ass Geriatric Persian While Wearing Oven Mitts."

I have to say that I think this trend is more a sign of the times than a regional thing. When I was younger I saw pictures from the baby shower that was thrown for my parents when they were expecting me (25 years ago). I asked where the pictures from my younger brother's baby shower were and that's when my mom explained that baby showers are only for the first baby.

Last year another blog I follow had what they called a "baby sprinkle" because the lady was expecting her second child (different sex than the first) and only really needed girly clothes and diapers this time around.

its like how are all of these 16 and pregnant girls getting engagement after engagement, then husband after husband, keep popping out multiple babies. Does MTV really pay that good? Im 26 and successful and I dont have any babies, engagement or husband, where did I go wrong?

The 16 & Pregnant girls who did not appear on Teen Mom made a total of $5,000 for their episode. Their baby daddies made $1,000. So no, for the 35 girls who only appeared on TV once, MTV does not pay them that well. However, if they choose to keep themselves in the media and sell stories about themselves to tabloids and whatnot, that is a different story.

You learned how to use a condom and not sell your soul to MTV.

I won't lie... I think the Lion King Stuff is cute. But what the hell is a "diaper cake"? That sounds like the least appetizing thing ever. I mean, if you just want an excuse to get another cake.. just get another cake!

Lol. It's actually a type of baby shower decoration. A bunch of diapers stacked up to look like a cake and decorated. I used to think the same thing. To me it seems like a real waste of diapers unless you are going to tear it up and use them.

Its basically a "cake" made out of diapers and some people put little baby items on it such as pacifiers, rattles, blankets, onesies etc. I think its sort of a cute idea

I made little sundae's for my friend's baby shower. Receiving blankets wrapped up around each other like a big ol' ice cream with red socks balled up in the middle like a cherry all shoved in tiny baby bowls with plastic baby food spoons. Took me 5 minutes in the parking lot of Walmart right before the shower. Super easy, super adorable, and it can all be disassembled and used as needed. I felt disgustingly domesticated but it was awesome.

I'm so curious how the baby's dad Josh is doing...wonder if he's in jail or in the kids lives? I remember him driving off like a crazy person with the kids...glad she's not with him anymore.

I really don't understand these girls. I know being ready to be a mom is a private matter. But I'm 28, I've been in a steady relationship with no or almost no fights for 6 years, we both have a job and a car, and I'm nowhere ready to have a kid. I really don't see how they can't be a little nervous to bring another human being in this world that will depend on them for the rest of their lives. Don't they want to build a nice future for themselves first? I guess we're all different...personally, I want to get a house first and make sure we can offer them what they need.