Is Mackenzie McKee the Farrah of TM3?

Signs seem to be pointing to yes. How you ask? Boob jobs, bad music videos and sex tapes!

Boob Jobs

Both ladies underwent enhancement surgery after their time on our boob tubes (see what I did there?). Farrah even had her assets redone in 2013, replacing her C cups with Ds. For some reason Farrah even keeps the old implants in her closet--a fact she discussed with her daughter Sophia during "Being Farrah."

Club Raids - Why Not?

16 & Pregnant star, Jordan Cashmyer, is one of the most talked about girls that didn't make the Teen Mom cut. We know that she's had a lot of ups and downs since her time on MTV ended, and we had thought that she was finally turning her life around when she stopped stripping, got her own place, and started spending time with her now one-year-old daughter, Genevieve. Sadly, the last few weeks have proven to still be tumultuous for Jordan.

Danielle Cunningham Starts College

Danielle Cunningham was featured on Season 3 of 16 & Pregnant. She was a hot topic for a very long time because of a lot of drama that went down after having her son, Jamie Jr. Her boyfriend was a drug addict and not long after the birth of her son Danielle lost control of her life and started doing drugs as well. She even lost custody of her son for a while to her mother. It's been a long time coming for this girl but she seems to really have her life in order at this point in time. Which is great because now she has TWO kids. Her son and a daughter, named Jayleigh. Jr is now four years old and Jayleigh is 3. This girl has her hands full to say the least!

Buy a Piece of Farrah...

Who wouldn't want my DNA?

And I am not referring to her sex toys. Farrah has taken "selling herself" to a whole new level. TMZ first reported that Farrah has partnered with Celebrity Gene to sell her DNA. If you haven't guessed, Celebrity Gene sells celebrity DNA. The samples--usually from a strand of hair--are liquefied and sold in keepsakes. Here is an excerpt from the site explaining their objective:

Help Me Help You

Hi everyone! I'm married, and extremely thankful for all of your donations to a wedding present. I have loved being a part of the Teen Mom Junkies family, and couldn't imagine life without all of your witty comments on a daily basis. It's been a week or so since I've written, and there have been a lot of changes since then. I really appreciate all of your patience with the changes. Change can be extremely uncomfortable, but it can also lead to some great things. Stick with us while we work through things!

Trouble in Paradise for Jordan Ward Finder? *UPDATE*

You all probably remember Jordan Ward from Season 3 of 16 & Pregnant. She and her twin sister were models and had an extremely tight bond. Jordan got pregnant by, then boyfriend, Brian Finder and they had a son named Noah. They soon after got married, Brian joined the Air Force and they moved to Texas and ended up having another child, daughter, named Arri.

Jordan Cashmyer Update & More

1. The Return of Raquelle

You know who we haven't heard about in a while? Jordan Cashmyer. Jordan was featured in the 5th season of 16 & Pregnant. She has been one the most talked about girls in the franchise and has definitely made some headlines from drug use to a suicide attempt to leaked nudes. Back in November, The Ashley reported that Derek had blasted Jordan on her official FB page about her stripping and lack of involvement with their daughter, Genevieve. Jordan's father got involved as well and informed her followers that they were seeking custody of Evie. This seem to be a wake up call for Jordan to get her life together. She removed all traces of her stripping photos and "business" page, tamed her inappropriate tweets and supposedly quit her job at Chez Joey. On her personal blog, Jordan stated she enrolled at CCBC and was going to pursue a corrections certificate once she turned 21. She was pursuing new employment and already had three job interviews. Despite all that, it looks like Jordan is back to stripping. That is...if she ever even left.