Adam and Custody

Let's keep the Adam news rolling...

During Monday's Teen Mom 2 episode, Adam said that he received custody of Paislee. In August 2015, Adam and Taylor settled out of court. This upset Chelsea. She was fighting with Adam over custody of Aubree and she thought it would affect her case. Of course, as we know, it didn't. Taylor decided to clarify on Twitter that Adam didn't have custody of Paislee but visitation. Adam felt the need to respond on Instagram that Taylor was the one confused. He posted a copy of the court documents as his proof.

Favorite Teen Mom

Let's have a little fun.

Who is your favorite Teen Mom? This is not necessarily who you think is the best mom out of the franchise but who you are interested in more. Who do you want to hear about? Which girls' segments do you prefer watching? Who would you want to have updates on after the show ends. Actually, I should say if Teen Mom ever ends. At this rate, these girls will be 30 and still on a show called Teen Mom. 30 & Desperate might be more appropriate. Maybe you relate to one of them? Or maybe you are more interested about their kids and what happens with them. Or you just enjoy watching the trashtastic drama in their lives. While this is mainly focused on the Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 girls (since they got more than one season), you are welcome to add input on the Teen Mom 3 cast.

Teen Mom Bundle of News

1. Lindsey Nicholson (Harrison) Gets Implants

You might remember Lindsey from season 4 of 16 & Pregnant. She was the MMA fighter/model who gave birth to daughter, Aniyah Monroe, on October 13, 2011. Her and Aniyah's father, Forrest Ponce, are no longer together and Forrest is not involved in Aniyah's life. Lindsey got married in July 2015 to TJ Nicholson, who adopted her daughter as his own. Lindsey has joined her follow 16 & Pregnant alum, Briana Dejesus and Kailyn Lowry, in going under the knife of Dr. Miami. And, of course, the surgery was broadcast for all to see on Snapchat. And Lindsey is now the proud owner of Farrah-sized breasts. Which, if your curious, is 800cc. Or, in Lindsey's case, is a 800cc and a 750cc. Try cage fighting with those boulders in front of your chest. If your curious, check them out at Starcasm!

16 & Pregnant: A Look Back ft. Jenelle Evans

Hey Junkies! It's a slow day at work today, so I'm bringing you guys a long promised post. Jenelle Evans was the first girl featured on the second season of 16 & Pregnant, which makes her the young woman who got the ball rolling on the franchise fan favorite, Teen Mom 2. Join me today, as I take a look back at Jenelle's initial episode on MTV and see how much has changed in nearly seven years. And by the way, I'll be posting an article that includes an open discussion either tomorrow morning or afternoon. So save all your best snark!

This Week in Teen Mom News

"Behind the Cameras" Teen Mom OG Special

The Teen Mom OG season premiere is one week away! MTV is airing a "Behind the Cameras" special tonight at 10/9c. According to MTV, the special will "feature all of the production folks (like familiar faces Heather, Larry and Kiki as well as a few new members of the team) spending some quality time with the MTV ladies." I wonder if they will finally explain why Heather is always sitting on the floor?

16 & Pregnant: A Look Back ft. Catelynn Baltierra (née Lowell)

Hey everyone, I'm back from hell and here with a new 16 & Pregnant Throwback article! I'm sorry it's been so long. I'm also sorry in advanced, because I went a little photo happy in this article. Consider this a present from Teen Mom Junkies straight to you and yours! Happy Holidays fellow Junkies! I'll be back sometime next week with another throwback article and this time I'll be featuring one of the Teen Mom 2 girls. First up is the girl everyone loves to hate. I don't even think I need to name names. So without further ado, let's take a look back at the heartbreaking story of Catelynn Lowell...

16 & Pregnant: A Look Back ft. Amber Portwood

Hey everyone! I'm coming back at you guys with another 16 & Pregnant throwback episode! I would've done this one a lot sooner, but Hulu was seriously hating on me. I'm a broke college student and they really want you to pay the bill like every month, pfft! I'd like to take a moment to everyone who answered my boob question last time. I learned yet another reason to avoid pregnancy for as long as I can :P And I'd like to apologize for the slow news lately. All our favorite girlses have been relatively quiet and I'm always reluctant to write really short fluff articles. Are there anything that people are itching to discuss? Do you like fluff? Maybe another free discussion post? As always, let us know. And finally, my finals week in school is coming up so I'm going to be pretty swamped up until the week before Christmas. Try not to miss me too much if I have to take a little time off, but I'm going to try my best to avoid doing that. Now let's get into Amber Portwood's story: