Is Amber Portwood Pregnant? And The Baby-Daddy Is?

andrew glennon

There have been a lot of questions in Teen Mom circles over the past few weeks about what happened to Amber. She mysteriously disappeared from Instagram over a month ago, and since then there had been radio silence from her.

You Won't Believe Farrah's Latest Business Venture

farrah abraham

Can we talk about how mercenary Farrah is a for a minute? Although it would seem as if the moms from Teen Mom 2 are particulalary ambitious, and right now, just about every teen mom has started some kind of a business, it's clear that Farrah is the one teen mom would will do anything for money.

WTF Simon?

farrah abraham

Anyone check out the "Being Simon" MTV special last week? We almost forgot to comment on Farrah's clear steering of the episode and how desperate she was to make herself look like a expert in real estate.