Jordan Howard Defends Her Family On Twitter

16 and pregnant

Last night, on 16 and Pregnant, we saw Jordan Howard caught between her mother and her boyfriend, Tyler. There is no question that the episode caused uproar by Jordan's mother, Kelly's, seemingly racist comments. During her episode, Jordan mentioned that Kelly didn't like Jordan dating a white guy, then when Tyler is over Jordan's house, the comment, "This ain't no white person's home!" is thrown around. Jordan received backlash on her episode via twitter and responded to them.

Mid-Weekend Cuteness!

16 and Pregnant's Katie Yeager's adorable little girl, Molli, is crawling! Molli was on a mission to get that cell phone and there was no stopping her. Never get in between a girl and her phone, that's what I always say. Before you know it, she'll be texting the other babies on the show and taking duck-face pictures in the bathroom mirror.

Bonus Clip - Alex's Mother Talks About The Pregnancy

16 and pregnant

Last night had one of the better episodes of 16 and Pregnant probably all year. I won't double recap the episode, but you had Alex being pulled in all directions for all different reasons. Her mother, boyfriend, and her best friends parents were all pushing for adoption for their own reasons. Naturally her mother was looking out for her best interest and future, the boyfriend was looking for an easy way out (in my opinion), and her friends parents were the ones ready to adopt the baby if it came to that.