Aleah Lebeouf: 16 & Pregnant Season 5

16 and pregnant

The Ashley posted yesterday afternoon that they had discovered the name and story line of a 4th girl who is scheduled to appear on the next season of 16 & Pregnant. Although not much information is available about her yet, I'm sure we will find out more in the next week or so.


What we do know, is that the girl's name is Aleah Lebeouf and she hails from Festus, Missouri. She is 18-years-old, which is a bit older and hopefully more mature than some of her fellow co-stars. Aleah gave birth to a baby girl named Peyton Reianne Burke on December 13th weighing in at 7 pounds and 8 ounces. Aleah is diabetic, much like Mackenzie Douthit, and wears an insulin pump, which should be able to monitor her blood sugars a bit more than the traditional shots. Due to her diabetes, Aleah was induced 3 weeks before her due date. Aleah is still dating the father of her child, Shawn Burke. One thing that makes this story a bit more interesting is that Shawn has a child from a previous relationship, so Aleah has been playing the step-mom role for quite a while with Shawn's son, Noah.

After looking through twitter and Facebook, I found that the couple shares a profile on both social media sites, and that they seem to be run primarily by Aleah. Through these profiles, it does seem that things are going well for the family of 4, and Aleah never fails to share adorable updates and pictures of her daughter.


Aleah is no stranger to the 16 & Pregnant series or the Teen Mom series, and she even tweeted last night that she was enjoying watching the Teen Mom 2 Catch Up episode before their new season starts on January 21st. She's also tweeted at Teen Mom 3's Katie Yeager while watching her episode. Do you think Aleah is simply trying to get a glimpse of what her life will be like after MTV airs her episode, or will this be another girl who allegedly got pregnant to try and land a spot on the show?


Are they 12 years old?

Nope she is 18

This blog was... how do I say it? Relevant!! Finally I have found something which helped me. Kudos!

no they are 18

I had to read that twice as the first time I read that she hailed from "Fetus, Missouri."

Wow, I found this "article" or "blog" very offensive. Firstly, last season was supposed to be the final season. You don't know me--but I didn't even know if I would ever be able to have children. I watch the shows to get a sense of how things get edited-that is all. Never just assume things because you have NO IDEA what anyone has been through..

Don't let ignorance get to you. Especially since now you'll be on the show your going to get a lot of media attention. People don't know how to speak they don't think of what they say all they care about is people paying attention to what they're saying. I think you have a beautiful blessed life and can't wait to see your episode :) !

Thank you! It doesn't necessarily hurt me or bother me, but damn near ALL of the people on the show--watch the show. This blogger is making judgements on me because I watch Teen Mom? Psh, Teen Mom 2 was/is one of the best rated shows on MTV.. Everybody watches it lol. But why would I watch teen mom? It's not like im a teen mom myself or anything like that.. Lol

Lol I agree