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mackenzie douthit

In case you don't remember from last season, I recap the 16 and Pregnant episodes in bullet form. It's basically just my random thoughts while watching the episode. However, this season I'm adding a poll at the end of every recap!

  • Mackenzie Douthit lives in Miami, Oklahoma, and is Suzy High Schooler...competitive cheerleader, horseback rider, and she's pregnaaaant. Her boyfriend, Josh, is a bull rider, but he's had some concussions so he only rides wild horses now. I guess wild horses are safer than bulls?
  • How cute is Mackenzie? I want to adopt her.
  • Mackenzie and her boyfriend go to a carnival and are turned away from the ferris wheel because she's pregnant. Is this normal practice? The ferris wheel? Is it because of the high altitude? She's only like 5 months along.
  • When Kenzie (my new nickname for her, since I'm getting sick of typing 'Mackenzie') asks Josh what her due date is, he says "September 19th," which is totally wrong. When she tells him the correct date, he's all, "Huhhh?" I can make a joke about him having too many kicks to the head by a bull, but it's actually true so it wouldn't be very funny.
  • Kenzie's sister tells her not to name her baby something like Cowbell or Buckshot. Is there actually a chance for that?
  • Kenzie's mom, "He never actually touches you when you're around us and now you're pregnant." Obviously he touches her when they're not around you.
  • Everyone in Kenzie's family looks exactly the same.
  • Obligatory awkward conversation. "So, Mackenzie, how are you and Josh doing?" Then we get to hear how she's annoyed with him for still doing rodeos.
  • When Josh is late one night, his mom calls and tells Kenzie that he's been in a very bad car accident. Now I feel bad for mentioning kicks to the head by a bull. Anyway, he has neck and head injuries caused by his pick-up getting hit by a truck.
  • Kenzie doesn't have a job and Josh doesn't have a real job, so they can't afford daycare. She asks him what to do with the baby when she goes back to school? He's getting surgery and should be okay after awhile. He doesn't have a job. Hmm, maybe he can watch his son? Just a thought.
  • Kenzie goes into labor the first day of her Junior year, at 36 weeks. This show always makes me want a baby up until this point. Labor, and then endless baby crying. I remember those days all too well.
  • "I can't feel my butt." Best line ever.
  • Gannon Dewayne is born via C-Section and he's roughly the size of my 3 year old nephew. 9 pounds, 7 ounces...and he was a whole month early!
  • A Trojan commercial. Well played, MTV.
  • Finally! Josh is watching Gannon during the day and Kenzie is watching him at night.
  • Gannon seriously does nothing but cry. At least that's all they're showing.
  • Kenzie goes back to tumbling after a couple of months and is totally out of practice.
  • Does Josh own any whole shirts or are they all cut up like that?
  • Josh still wants to ride bulls even though he's falling apart. Kenzie is none too happy about it. He agrees to quit when Kenzie gives him a guilt trip.

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Cute girl, a little unrealistic and in dream world still and has a lot of growing up to do but their son was adorable(AND HUGE!?!). Also, I hope I wasn't the only one who cringed when they had their 5 week old baby in a Bumbo on a table...major potential disaster. Babies die from that all the time, Bumbo's should only be used on the floor.

Don't forget about the Yaz birth control commercials too!! Hahaha

super cute girl, but i wouldnt want to see a girl her on teen mom 3
because of the following reasons:
1. Neither of them have jobs, so they dont show the true struggles of teen parents.
2. she seems a bit nieve ( i hope she gets on bc)
3. her story line shows a positive light on teen parenting and the point of the show is to show how its hard to raise a baby at such a young age. but im very glad she doesnt have to give up her dreams like some girls have to when they become pregnant and dont have thier families support. she looks as if she has things are the easier side of being a teen mom

I don't want to see her on TM3. It wasn't realistic. She was cute and fun, but she seemed extremely immature. I'd be interested to see where they are at the reunion. It doesn't seem like MacKenzie has a job yet judging by her twitter.

Knowing that the girls that get chose for TM3 will come into a decent amount of money, I don't want to see it go to kids that don't have motivation or goals. People that will continue to put off college or furthering their potential careers since they have another means of income. I mean, c'mon. She was nice, but her idiot of a boyfriend thinks that he can make a living doing something that REGULARLY gives them career ending injuries and destorys their body. Then he's even more unemployable because he has the disease of everlasting stupid because he's had so many concussions. It's the first episode, so I think it's hard to call whether I want to see her on the show. Katie's was more interesting to me, and Briana's looks more interesting next week (and original). I'll have to watch the rest of the season, but I expected a lot more out of MacKenzie's episode as the leadoff. She was just so cliche the whole time. "I gave up hanging with my friends!" "My boyfriend and parents just don't understand" blah, blah, blah, we've heard it a million times before from the first 36 girls they featured on the show.

People actually make a living off of it quite often. I grew up in the rodeo atmosphere and some of the guys are millionaires or VERY well off. But it does take quite a bit of skill to succeed to that level.

She seems like a nice girl, but for reasons that others have posted I don't want to see her on TM3. She's WAY too naive (at least editing has made her seem that way,) and I CAN'T FREAKING STAND those stupid side-less shirts her boyfriend wears! We have to look at Adam wearing enough of those, NO MORE PLEASE!!

That's pretty much how I felt about looking at those shirts too lol.

I thought Mackenzie was adorable, but I couldn't get the thought of my mind that those two had sex! They are so young and childish (not in a bad way). They'd be the last people to ever get pregnant in my book. That and they chewed gum during the whole episode, which I couldn't help but to notice. Haha, but I loved her. Gannon is adorable. And my god, he was HUGE! Her in that cheerleading uniform was just too funny. As for her being on Teen Mom, I wouldn't be too interested. She didn't really have alot of drama.

I have to praise her for BREASTFEEDING! And pumping, amazing! So glad to see a teen do whats best for baby!

I don't want to watch this chick anymore than I already have. Hopefully MTV is getting these reviews...

Does anyone know Mackenzie Twitter? I would love to follow her! =)

well i like her but she kinda reminds me of "leah" hummm... maybe im crazy.. but i wouldnt care to see her. but shes a fun girl!

I think they should show her on Teen Mom because she seems to be younger than the other moms. It seems like most of them get pregnant their senior year and struggle to finish their last year or last few months. It would be interesting to see how it would work out for her since she was only a junior in high school when she had her baby.

Ok, I just watched this. People, I get that the girl is cute, but that does not give her a free pass for being a freaking idiot.

So, you didn't want to go on birth control because you didn't want to gain weight? Honey, you know what'll REALLY make you pack on the pounds? Being pregnant. A few extra pounds won't stop you from going to the state championships for cheerleading, but you know what will? A freaking baby in your belly! Sheesh!

And you want your boyfriend to give up his passion that is, yes, quite dangerous? Fine, but why don't YOU give up YOUR passion as well? Tumbling can be incredibly dangerous. All it takes is one bad fall and you might not be there anymore. Babies require sacrifices from BOTH parents.

The time to start worrying about who will take care of the baby when, and where the baby will stay is not when you are so far along you're practically giving birth. You had a lot of time to think about those things... like, your entire pregnancy.

Also, if you're going to ride a carousel, please make sure you're not wearing a mini-skirt. That goes for all you ladies out there as well.

I mean, don't get me wrong, she seemed nice and everything and once she gets her head on straight she seems like she'll make a great mother. But that episode... just... *headdesk*

i believe she will be my favorite this season(: i loved her! she sounds like such a sweetie too. hopefully she will be on TM3. theres drama about the relationship but not like Jenelles. her life isnt boring so it would always be interesting to watch! :)

I would love to see mackenze on the new teen mom, she's a mom they need to start having on here more often. She's a great mom and her and josh are adorable, he's a great dad too. I'ma 16 and about to have a baby in 3 weeks, me and my boyfriend and sisters and friends all watched the first episode and loved it, she's different. All the other moms kinda seem the same as the rest, I would love her too be on teen mom 3, id watch it more :)

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I'm glad her parents didnt make her feel like crap.