16 and Pregnant - Jordan Howard

16 and pregnant

Jordan Howard hails from Pennsylvania and her and her boyfriend, Tyler, are expecting. Tyler is a loner and not popular with Jordan's mother or any of the kids at school. Despite this, Jordan has been living with him so she can get to the hospital faster if need be, since her mama works the graveyard shift.


  • Tyler looks like someone who would never have a girlfriend and live in his mom's basement until he's 45, and I feel like an awful person saying that.
  • Kelly won't let Tyler shack up at her house, but Jordan can shack up at his house? Why is that different? Kelly: "When I seen him, I definitely didn't think you would be intimate with him." Hahaha! That was so mean!
  • Jordan asks Tyler's parents if she can stay with them after the baby is born. They're fine with it.
  • Tyler talks like such a gamer (and I'm a gamer myself, so I recognize this stuff). When Jordan asks Tyler what happens when she tries to take the baby, he says, "I'll fight her to the death." Hopefully he doesn't forget to bring along his Blade of Devastation and Shield of Righteousness.
  • The obligatory baby gear shopping trip. Blah, blah, they find out how expensive things are, blah.
  • Kelly throws a surprise baby shower for Jordan, but since Tyler isn't allowed in Kelly's house, he's not invited. I really don't get what her beef is. Tyler isn't a druggie who is out to corrupt her baby girl, and he's the father of her daughter's child.
  • At the baby shower, everyone (even Jordan's friends) are making fun of what Tyler looks like. "I always thought you would be with someone cute...er." Who says that???
  • At the shower, Jordan's mom is starting shit again, so Jordan calls Tyler to pick her up and take her out of there.
  • Tyler bought a crib and it's at Kelly's house, so they head on over when Kelly is at work to smuggle the crib out of her house. They're Crib Cat Burglars!
  • Kelly calls Jordan later and gives her voicemail a tongue lashing about the crib. It's her crib! I think her main issue is that Tyler stepped into her hallowed halls and not that he took the crib.
  • Kelly ends up sending Jordan an email saying she wants to work things out with both her and Tyler, and that she's sorry. When Jordan meets with Kelly, Kelly says she was just upset when she came home and saw all the baby stuff gone. I don't even know what to think about this lady.
  • Side note: How adorable is Jordan? I love her.
  • The Big Meeting! Jordan and Tyler both meet with Kelly. Kelly says she wants to be a part of the baby's life and wants the door to be open to them. She apparently had a change of heart, but I'm not sure I trust her.
  • Jordan decides to move back into her mom's house. Tyler isn't thrilled with the decision.
  • Chase Alexander was born on May 31st, weighing in at 9 pounds, 3 ounces.
  • The baby's first night home, Tyler was supposed to spend the night, but his mom says he has to stay home to clean his room. Tyler probably just fears for his life, since he knows Kelly despises him.
  • When Tyler shows up the next day, Jordan is none too happy since she was up with Chase all night. He said he just didn't think she wanted him there.
  • Kelly meets with Tyler's parents, and his parents don't seem too shocked that Tyler has suddenly gone into hiding mode. However, he does show up later to see Jordan and Chase, so they probably talked to him or something about it. Tyler states he just doesn't feel comfortable going to her house. Not a good excuse, dude.
  • Jordan suddenly has a lip ring. Did she have that the entire episode? I just noticed it.
  • Tyler shows up to see Chase and Jordan is not happy and her family is like, "This ain't no white person's home!" and when he's leaving, Kelly runs out the door cussing him out.
  • Jordan says she's dropping out of school.
  • This entire episode confused me.

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I'm just........confused. What was this episode?

This is a sad case of a manipulative racist controlling her child's and gramdchilds future. That woman got exactly what she wanted by alienating her daughter from her boyfriend and actually made her think it was all his fault. That girl needs to take a long hard look at her mom and maybe she will stop blaming her babies daddy, who her mom seems to think is worth nothing but a paycheck, and realize that she and her baby have NO chance of a real future with that awful woman controlling her every move! SMH Racism is wrong!

He'll naw people need to realize there r boys out her that dnt want to take care of they kids her brothers should of ate his ass up u don't do a baby like that I don't give a damn if the grandparents didn't like me I was going to c my son

It seemed like Jordan's mom was kind of manipulative. She purposely made Tyler feel uncomfortable. It's definitely not an excuse to not come see his son, but I can understand why it would be difficult for him. She was kind of scary. Does anyone know how they're doing now? What is the current relationship between Kelly, Jordan, Tyler, and Chase?

It's so sad that Jordan (and yes she is adorable) is so highly influenced. Her mother's intentions from the start seemed to be to sabotage their efforts at raising their baby together successfully. She was okay with shacking up with him during the pregnancy so why did his parents have to come to her house in order to see their grandchild? She could have just as easily have taken Chase to their home (one that she seemed awful comfortable at). Ultimately, Tyler should always be there for his son, but I don't blame him for not feeling comfortable at Jordan's house (which she made clear was very small). Her siblings seemed to be in their business and Tyler knew that her family didn't like him and talked bad about him. He wasn't even allowed in her house. Who does that? It's funny how her mom wanted to be a strict parent once her daughter was pregnant, where was that prior to conception? It's disgraceful that Kelly is such a racist! The only one missing out will be Chase. Whether she like it or not his father is white. WTH! Our President is the product of an interracial relationship. She should be ashamed that she looked like such a rotten bitch on nationally television. She was so negative about her daughter's relationship with Tyler who appeared to be a nice kid and she wasn't happy until she pushed him out of Jordan and Chase's life. Jordan has to open her eyes and make her own decisions. To expect Tyler to be comfortable at her house after her mother clearly expressed her utter dislike for him is foolish and immature. I feel sorry for Tyler and his family because they will not have the opportunity to have a good relationship with Chase (who is gorgeous). I hope Tyler sticks to his word and fights for parental rights. I hope he gets 50/50 custody and Kelly has to watch as he drives off with Chase every weekend! He has a great chance especially since Jordan's mom made a complete ass out of herself and showed her true, racist intentions on TV for the world to see. Shameful, just shameful!!

This episode really pissed me off. Jordans's mother is a complete racist b!tch. The part that pissed me off the most was the fact that she downgraded Tyler for his looks and being white when she OBVIOUSLY is not that attractive herself & ummmm.... somewhere in her bl0odline there is "white" or Indian or whatever. You could tell by her hair and skin tone!! And then she had the nerve to say "be intimate with him" looking down on Tyler!! Uh lady, when you buy some proactive for your face, lose 300 pounds, and fix those god awful teeth then.... maybe then you can criticize someone else. The most horrible thing??? That Jordan is an mirror image of her mom and she does not even know it yet. She let that woman manipulate her!! & after her mom manipulated her she showed the same controlling and judgemental signs that her mom did. My thing is, She said she asked Tyler to stay the first night with her when she came home from the hospital but he wouldnt. BUT when he came over, he said he didnt know she wanted him there that she should have told him.....hmmmmm.... She never responded to that makes you wonder?? Was she lying?? This girl played him and his family when her mom was being an ass then turned against them when "control mommy" manipulated her. SAD. & then the idiot quit school & lets not even get on the subject of her having 5 brothers and sisters....like mother like daughter. PLEASE DO NOT PUT THEM ON TEEN MOM!!!

She is being a mother

Being a mom how??? Did you watch the same episode as everyone else?? He tried to see his son on several occasions, man please. This ish was ridiculous!!! When he went to her house in the end she lied and said the baby was asleep which he wasn't cuz they showed him again after her punk a$$ brothers ran after him. Tyler didn't look scared to me, he was standing waiting to knock the hell out of someone. Also, did you hear what her mom said? "This aint no white person's house" What? If Tyler was my son, or brother I would have probably punched her in the mouth. Wth was that comment supposed to mean? Then you say she's being a mom? no She's being a loser, quitting school and living in a 2 bedroom small place with her mother and siblings. I hope Tyler takes her ass to court and is granted custody.

Sometimes in these comments its like people actually DID watch a different show.

To Melinda, you quoted Jordan's mom Kelly: “When I seen him, I definitely didn’t think you would be intimate with him.” Hahaha! That was so mean!
But your comment "Tyler looks like someone who would never have a girlfriend and live in his mom’s basement until he’s 45, and I feel like an awful person saying that." Yes you ARE awful, horrible is more like it!
Tyler is not ugly by any means, just because he doesn't dress or look like every taylor lautner wanna-be guy in America doesn't mean he is ugly! He seems really sweet and loves Jordan, and they both have good hearts. I feel sorry for them because Jordan's mom seems to have mental problems and speaking from personal experience, they will have a rough road ahead of them because of her. When I married my husband, I was young (21) and she never liked me from the get-go. I never had a real relationship with his side of the family and our 2 boys don't know thier grandparents because of the things she put us through. Nothing was ever good enough; how I looked, who my family was, she didn't care that I was a quiet,shy good girl who stayed out of trouble and after so many years together, he FINALLY had enough and told her off. I had wanted to leave him because of her and we lived through hell but at the end of the day, we were meant to be together...
I really hope Kelly accepts them because the baby IS a part of Tyler and nothing she does will change that! May God Bless them.

It seems that people on this site think that 16 years old=grown woman. Jordan was a child and naturally felt she needed her mother. For all the people calling Jordan's mother racist, welcome to the world that most of us live in. We have had to deal with that BS for a verrrrry long time. How does it feel to see it when the shoe is on the other foot? Not good, right? When someone doesn't want one of you, that's a problem? Hypocrisy pure and simple.

Kim, don't be rediculous. Your comments are ignorant. You are assuming that every person who posted here calling Kelly a racist is white. So is it only white people who would say this, or would a black person who doesn't like racism say the same thing? Let's all grow up and be real, it always take two to tango, in ANY situation in life. And clearly your comment shows that you are indeed a racist using terms such as one of you. Blah blah, what you should look at is how many times in your own household have you stood behind racism only to blame your racism because of someone else's racism. Racism is racism, and it starts at your own actions, period.

Awesome response! Couldn't agree more. Just because Kelly is African American doesn't mean she can't be racist! I mean, seriously, get real, haha. I hate when people try and hide behind "Oh this was done to us for years and years" ... It was and STILL is done to other people to this day, not just African Americans! Like you said, racism is racism, no matter what race you already are. And this woman, was DEFINITELY racist. Plain as day.

I agree 100%.
You only see white racists, but they never portray black racists.
Sad the girl turned the bf away when he came over, and funny the baby was actually awake. She's just like the 'grandma'. Sad for the baby.

Kim, It's ignorant to try to gloat when ANYONE is being discriminated against no matter their race, religious orientation, sexual preference or whatever... What kind of person makes a statement like "how does it feel now"! You have issues.

Your're an idiot! Racism is wrong regardless of who it is. Why do you think there is some sort of hypocrisy going on with these discussions? I wouldn't allow anyone around me to act like that. I don't support ignorance regardless if the person is white, black, etc....Jordan is a kid and does have a lot to learn but you know what she chose to have sex, now she needs to grow up and stop letting her nasty a$$ mother manipulate her. In the beginning they looked so happy but her mother purposely destroyed that. You say "we" experienced racism, so you should know how terrible that shit feels right? How ignorant is for someone to feel inferior over you because of your skin tone, correct?? Well if that's the case why you YOU think its okay for anyone else to go through that?? Especially when there's an innocent child involved. You are just as immature as Jordan!

Jordan brothers r so fucking cute

They were!

Can you imagine if this was a white mom saying this about her daughter's black boyfriend?? This episode wouldn't even be aired... there would be an uproar. Racism is racism and shouldn't be taken lightly no matter what colour it is discriminating against.

ummm...next please.

At Kim, your comment was just ridiculous. If that would have been a white woman b*tching because the guy was black, the comments would have been the same. Racism is horrendous no matter where it is coming from or who it is directed at. People with a thought process like yours IS the reason sh*t like that is still going on today. Maybe people like you should look in a mirror before you call other people hypocrites.

[...] night, on 16 and Pregnant, we saw Jordan Howard caught between her mother and her boyfriend, Tyler.  There is no question that the episode caused [...]

Her mom was just a classic case of "expressing hurt as anger". Soo many people do that, some people do it to a fault and people just classify them as a bitch (like Jordan's mom, or Amber Portwood).

Her mother obviously felt rejected and like she was losing her daugther to her boyfriend. She was hurt and jealous and felt like Jordan was choosing Tyler over her. All the racist stuff was just a coverup. Because yeah as Melinda said.. he was a good guy. Not a drug addict, buying things for the baby and supporting Jordan. There's really no real reason to dislike him. Her mom was just hurt. When she calmed down and articulated that after the crib incident I was quite proud of her.

Jordan also expressed her hurt as anger after the baby came. She was hurt that he wasn't around and expressed as anger. It was so upsetting to watch Jordan be SO negative to Tyler. She would be mad at Tyler for not coming around. Then when he does come around, she acts so bitter and mad, making him feel even MORE like shit, causing him to come around even less. I really wished she could just not be bitter and just be encouraging and grateful when he DID Come around instead of scolding him. I'm sure results would have been different. Also he needed to let go of the fact that they weren't living with him. They both needed to let the trivial things go and just be the best parents they can for their baby. Hope they're better now.

And man I almost shit my pants when her brothers ran out after Tyler when he left the house. I thuoght they were gonna beat his ass holy shit. Thank god for momma running out and saying "he ain't ready for that!" lol omg

Why do you assume those little boys would have "beat his ass"? He didn't look afraid to me, he was ready, standing and waiting. And Jordan's mother's feelings were not a cover up. She took every chance she had to clown Tyler and embarrass her daughter. It's funny that she's racist and you're saying, "She's just hurt, its pain" ummm would you say that if it were the other way around? Racism is disgusting! It's caused the death of so many innocent people and shouldn't be accepted in our modern society! Her mother isn't "Hurt" as you put it, her mother is alone and bitter and she's going to make her daughter the same way. Did you see a father in the picture? So where is Kelly's husband? She has four kids living in a two bedroom place and has the nerve to call someone else a loser. Please, stop making excuses when there shouldn't be any. Her daughter was reaching out for her the whole time, she wasn't afraid of losing her. She was afraid her of grandson being raised by his white father, and Jordan confirmed that when they were shopping. Tyler should take the footage to court with him and prove that his son is going to grow up in a hateful household where there isn't even space for him. I guarantee you a judge will grant him custody of his son! There are laws preventing numerous kids from living in a home too small especially when some are girls and others are boys. There has to be a certain number of bedrooms and they obviously didn't have it. Kelly looked like a racist fool and the it was aired on national television. She should be ashamed of herself.

Jordan's mom is so manipulative, it's disgusting. What a horrible, horrible person.

I think this episode was a perfect example of MTV editing. This episode was ALL over the place, I think there is a ton more to this story that we didn't get to see. There were just huge chunks missing... nothing seemed to make sense. We all know how MTV likes to spin things.

That being said - her mom is racist. There's no possible explanation for any of her comments other than she is racist. No editing could help her. I don't care what race she is, it's wrong. She is a hateful, manipulative woman and she needs mental help. Period.

This episode pissed me off as well, but apparently for different reasons than most. One thing that is all too common on the 16 and Pregnants is the pattern of the teen dad feeling like since the romantic relationship with the teen mom didn't go/isn't going exactly the way he'd like it to, then he doesn't have to bother about the baby. So she didn't move in with him. Man up! Be a dad! Visit, take photos, bring toys, mix formula, whatever just do something to contribute. I know he did man up after all, from what it sounds like but the episode made it sound like he was an entitled brat stomping his feet for not getting his way. His parents excusing him that he was "angry and hurt" wasn't ok either. Just because you are angry and hurt doesn't mean you get to go around angering and hurting others. Also, most comments on mtv.com have been really mean to Jordan and accusing her mother of manipulation. There's a lot of sexism and racism in that. Why couldn't she just legitimately have turned over a new leaf? Because women manipulate?? And fussing that Jordan dropped out of school and was going to be a "drag on society like her mother" was just out and out racism. Period. Just because there is a somewhat redeemable white guy in the mix DOES NOT MEAN EVERYONE HAS TO DROP ANCHOR AND JUMP ABOARD THE "WHATEVER HE WANTS" SHIP, people!

Even though I disagree with your other comment, I completely agree here. On almost every single episode of this show, if things don't go perfectly the way the dads want to, they either take off all together or have very minimal involvement. I know that teen relationships are difficult to navigate in the first place and then adding a baby onto it makes it even worse, but come on, guys! Nothing in life is ever going to go exactly your way - and it makes them seem like spoiled, arrogant, selfish brats. Petty arguing over not getting their way is only hurting the kids.

@ Lisa I think that's the way MTV portrays it. I don't know about that being entirely true. If you review previous episodes there are lots of Dads in their child's life. Gary, Ryan, Joe, Corey, etc. They all were/are very active in the lives of their children. Ryan was portrayed as a horrible person then it came out that while he was working long hours Maci cheated on him with her current boyfriend. Amber was clearly on drugs and Gary was the more stable parent. Kailyn was a mooch and her mother barely participated in her life yet Joe's family took her in and paid for EVERYTHING. What did she do? She lied and started screwing someone else and tried to screw them over. Leah cheated on Corey a week before their wedding! I don't like that this show makes all the father's seem like bad guys when that's obviously not the case.

I probably wasn't clear enough in that last statement... there are a lot of dads on the show that HAVE stepped up. MTV likes to edit the living crap out of things and spin situations into something they were not. I understand that.

BUT... there are also a number of dads that are complete deadbeats, no matter how MTV edits. Gary isn't exactly a shining example, he's always out drinking, getting tickets, and leaving Leah with his mom. Sure, he's a better choice than Amber, but I wouldn't really use him as an example of a good dad. There are a bunch of others that are not in the picture at all, either. Not all of them though.

First off he was trying to be a father. He bought her the crib that her mother tried to keep, he was at the delivery, he was texting and talking and trying to see his son. He wondered why the baby couldn't spend time at his house as well. Jordan said why would I trust you....really? The girl lived with him during her pregnancy and she all of the sudden doesn't trust him? His parents were clearly supporting her and offered her a place to live after her mother rejected her and Tyler. She NEVER wanted Tyler to be in the picture from jump. Honestly, if he was my son i wouldn't want him at her house all the time either. After the way he was treated, I mean the kid wasn't even allowed to step foot in her home until she thought she was losing control. It has nothing to do with him being a "redeemable white guy" who cares what race he is. Her mother and family treated him like sh*t. I wouldn't want my son in that environment either. She could have just as easily spent equal time at his house, but no she made his parents drive to her home to see the baby. Yet she was so comfortable shacking up with him during her pregnancy. Her family stayed making smart comments, etc so why should he feel comfortable to be in her home. That makes no sense. I know I keep saying this but I really hope Tyler goes to court and fights for his son. As far as Jordan dropping out of school, its sad that she feels like that's the only opportunity she has. I had a child young and it is tough but in order to do anything in life you have to graduate. I just think it's ironic that her mother talked so negatively about Tyler the entire time but in the end her daughter was dropping out of hs. Why don't Kelly step up and help her child finish her final year of school?

a lot of commenters like to say "who cares what race so-and-so is". Color-blindness is willful ignorance, not transcending race. If we want to transcend race we need to look at it seriously and how it STILL plays a role in our lives and minds not just wave it off. Anti-racism work is still not finished in this society. We are not yet at a point where we can ignore it. I strongly believe that many people are taking Tyler's side because he's a "redeemable white guy". What do you mean he tried to see his son? A handful of times over weeks? When one parent does EVERYTHING all day long and the other pops by for a minute once or twice the one who does EVERYTHING is going to think that the other doesn't know what to do with the baby as much and not trust him. Have you had a newborn? With my babies I was there learning their facial expressions, etc Someone else who simply popped by once or twice would not have known those things and would have confused and scared my baby. Please consider that race and sex play a role in our expectations. If he had taken the baby home and she'd popped by only twice everyone would have thought he was right to not trust her.

And the comment Kelly made about "this ain't no white folks home" may not mean exactly what all these white people think it means. I believe she meant that it isn't a place where men get to boss women around, coming storming in and demanding to see the baby when it will need to get put back down to sleep by an already exhausted mom. I think it also meant spoiled brat acting white boys need to man up not storm in and rant and try to get their way so disrespectfully. I'm white, and I'm the first to admit that a lot of us white folks are very spoiled acting especially as teens.


Acting spoiled is not a "white people" thing. Acting spoiled is a teen issue, whether white, black, purple, or green. Tyler wasn't "bossing" her around because he's white, he was acting that way because he's a teen, race be d*****. All comments like that lead to is more hate, racism, and argument. Sorry, but that is ignorant.

Wow seriously? You people are just amazing me with the ignorant comments you are making. "Spoiled ass white boy", "white men boss their women around"? Really. Wow ok because My x husband was AA and treated me and our son like dirt and my fiancé is white and treats me and our biracial son and his step son like gold! Is that because yes white? NOPE. It's because he was raised right, and because I was raised by good parents who taught me my worth. Stop the hate! Racism is bad, I don't care who it's coming from. In my opini

@ Casey T, finally someone is making sense! Exactly, it shouldn't matter what color anyone of them are, its about being treated with dignity and Tyler never got that from he side of the family and she ended up treating him bad in the end too. My husband is AA and is the best man I've ever met in my life. He's the greatest father a woman could ask for. It has nothing to do with color. He's just an amazing person because his dad is amazing and taught him well and instilled morals in him. My family loves my husband because he is everything I could have ever asked for in a partner.

You are wrong again, before she said that she also said, "I aint in the f*cking mood for this sh*t tonight" So yes it is the racist remark that most people believe it to be. Answer this, why does she believe that, as you say, its not a place where a man can boss a woman around and be stomping and storming? Is that what you think happens in white folks homes? Or just your white home? Stop stereotyping, for real. And you call him a spoiled brat for wanting to see his son, but I thought he didn't want anything to do with the baby. Tyler can't win regardless of what he does because he's white and as her mother said, he can't raise a black baby. That's just stupid, they planned on raising him together until she stepped in and destroyed that, remember? Also, the baby wasn't asleep, they showed the baby wide awake after her corny little brothers tried to act tough and went after Tyler.

LOL this is literally the dumbest thing I've ever heard. Yea it's not racist then because she really meant to substitute "spoiled" for "white."

Salome, when I hear people say "black" I'll be sure to just open a thesaurus and find all the synonyms for black and pick one I find suitable. If anyone argues I'll refer them to this website for your convincing justification.

Okay so the first half I was cussing out Jordan's mom through my tv & the 2nd half I was cussingnout Tyler -.-
This episode confused me as well! Her mother was ignorant and so rude but she loved her daugter and she let Tyler come over. In the episode at the end Jordan said Tyler hasn't seen chase for weeks! Then he comes at 9:30pm to see him -____- Tyler was wrong for that & I don't blame Jordan's brother's for pouncing like tigers when Tyler told them to fuck off or whatever in their house. Like I said this episode confused me !

I think Jordan is a sweet girl deep down, she just needs to stop being a pushover. I wouldn't trust her mom one bit, it was really fishy that she made a complete 180 after what she did to Tyler and her daughter. Chase is a beautiful baby, but i have to agree with Jordan. Tyler needs to step up as a man and father, and see his son way more frequently. I hope things are better now, and that her mom grew up herself. Racist b****.

This episode was really bizarre. Jordan's friends and family said some really mean things about Tyler. I don't see why it would matter to them what Tyler looks like. He seemed like a nice kid, even if he was a little shy and awkward. Lots of people are. And Tyler's family seemed so nice and supportive..that's why I'm having trouble understanding why Jordan's mom changed her mind completely about Tyler coming over. As we all know, MTV does a lot of editing, and we are seeing MONTHS of their lives compressed into one hour of time, so clearly there is a lot missing to this story.

What would happen if MTV put a racist white family/mother on TV? Oh yea. They would never be stupid enough to do that.

Ghetto, racist trash.

4 simple words: ignorant, fat, racist pig.

This episode literally made me sick to my stomach. The fact that MTV would put this garbage for public gives them the final nail in the coffin--for me. atleast. Can you imagine the uproar if a "white" mother on 16 and Pregnant excluded a father for being black? Reverse racism at it's finest.

What makes it more ironic is that Jordan's mom is half white herself. She clearly is a control freak who has race issues.

this episode is just sad. i cant believe Jordan really left back home after her boyfriend and his family was there for her NO MATTER WHAT! It is hard to find a teen dad that will do everything for his baby and girlfriend. She treated him like a slave. I know us girls want to be treated like a Princess but don't take advantage of your BF's. If i would of been Jordan I would of stayed w my baby's father. She had all the support at his house now she is stuck at home w her mom that is going to control her daughter and grand daughter. I know we don't see everything but from what I seen Jordan was the one to blame for letting her mother interfere in her relationship with the dude she was pretty happy w.

They're said to be engaged and saving up for their own place right now according to their Facebook. I felt so bad for Tyler and pissed off at Jordan's family. I wonder if MTV is still recording them or not. I'd rather see them on TeenMom3.

People keep calling the mom racist and maybe I didn't watch closely enough but did she say she didnt' want him in the house cause he was White? I actually didn't hear her say that. I heard the daughter and the boyfriend say that was the reason but I never heard that come from her. When she spoke about why she disliked him it seemed mostly that she felt he was a loser and messy looking etc. Certainly not good reasons to ban him from the house but doesn't make her a racist. Like I said maybe I didn't pay close enough attention and missed where she said it but it seemed to me like Jordan and the boyfriend were the ones who were making a big issue out of his race, not her. While people of mixed backgrounds can absolutely be racist, I'm not convinced that her mom hates white people or cared about Jordan's race. If jordan had been a Black loser I think she'd have felt similarly. If he had been a smart, attractive white football player I think she'd have felt differently. It seems more that she was hung up on the fact that her daughter was dating a messy, unattractive guy who seemed unmotivated and had a ridiculous, over the top reaction to that.

The mother did say she didnt like him because he was white. Saying she didnt want no white people living in her house or something. That is why she moved out because she wanted her BF to move in and help w the baby at night but the mother said Nope. till after she moved out.

I wanna see Jordan on teen mom 3 jus to see hw they all makin out first off i totally understand tyler's feelings Jordan should stand by her man cus she nd the world see hw hurtful her mother is Tyler did nuffin wrong for her mother or her friends to dwn him i thunk should check her friends cus i wouldnt let no one talk bout no one i love Jordan mom knew wen she met with tyler nd Jordan to apologize that Tyler wasnt gon forgive her like dat nd for Jordan to say her mom is not a racist shows hw blind she is..aint no way ima let no one not even my mother come between my child nd his father!

Did Jordan mom talkin bout ur under 18 i decide if yu get medication or not her mom is miserable controlling a racist nd mean hearted her mom has serious issues shes a mixed woman maybe her childhood wasnt the best..being mixed