16 and Pregnant - Hope Harbert

16 and pregnant

Hope Harbert is from Lee's Summit, Missouri. Her boyfriend Ben has a mohawk.

That's the important thing here. Oh, yeah, she's pregnant too, and Ben is a jerk. He said he didn't want anything to do with either Hope or the baby.

  • Why are most of these girls (almost all, in fact) from single parent households? I don't even remember the last one who had 2 parents.
  • Ben ignored Hope for 2 months before calling her and saying he wanted to be there, because he had "a change of heart." He also wants Hope to move in with him, which I think is dumb.
  • Hope's parents have never met Ben and Hope says, "He'll be a good dad, but he's not a good boyfriend." Sounds like a great relationship right there.
  • Next scene: Ben's mohawk is gone. I guess the girls aren't the only ones who change their hair during filming.
  • Ben tells Hope he didn't want a long-term relationship, so she asked him why he texted her back that one time. His answer doesn't matter. I'm sure the real reason is because he heard she's going to be on TV.
  • Hope springs it on her mom that she's moving in with Ben, even though momma hasn't met him yet. Needless to say, her mother has doubts.
  • Ben doesn't go to Hope's doctor appointments because her mom goes and he hasn't met her yet. WHY DOESN'T HE JUST MEET HER ALREADY???? Sheesh!
  • Ben's mohawk is back. Someone fire these editors.
  • Ben finally meets Hope's mom, Betsy. Hope's brother and sister are named Chance and Freedom. Anyway, the meeting goes okay, and she seems to like Ben.
  • Words of wisdom from Betsy: "I want you to expect nothing from this man, because men suck." Amen, sista!
  • When Ben is looking at a Bumbo, she's like, "That's so we can set him on a counter or something." NOOOO, it's so your baby can sit up on a FLOOR. Ugh, I sense a serious injury in the works.
  • Hope asks her doctor if she can be induced since she's so uncomfortable and the doctor okays it.
  • After 10 hours of labor, Dr. Chang tells Hope she'll need a C-Section since labor is going very slowly.
  • Cue the extremely graphic C-Section. Seriously, MTV, I don't watch medical shows just for this reason.
  • What has been seen can not be unseen.
  • Tristan Blaise was born on August 26th, weighing in at 8 pounds, 5 ounces.
  • Hope is stuck in the house for a month. All her friends are in college, her mom lives an hour away, and Ben the Bartender works nights.
  • Hope asks Ben the Bartender how he would feel about her getting a job. He says he'll watch Tristan while she's at work. Maybe he's actually going to be an okay dad, after all. I Hope so. (see what I did there?)
  • When Hope gets home from work, Tristan has a mohawk. Ben is leaving his mark.
  • Hope tells her friend she only leaves her house to go to work or to the grocery store. Welcome to my life! Or the life of just about any other mom. Sigh.
  • End of the episode and Ben seems pretty great. Color me surprised.

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I thought her boyfriend was great! One of the best I've seen out of all the seasons. He was so supportive and kind to her. You could see he really did care about her, and he seemed like a good dad. It was a nice surprise considering how this baby came about.

Lol, I cringed when she said, "so we can set him on the counter". Hopefully she has NOT done that.

Seriously! I thought he was going to be awful and just like the rest of the crappy dads we have seen this season. I mean they had a rocky start but damn he accepted the responsibility and maned up just like the rest of them should of. Especially because he just wanted a hookup every other guy this season was the boyfriend at one point. I am veryyyy impressed with him actually.

This episode bored me to tears. Actually all of these episodes had.

This girl literally was the most monotone person, and she just did not seem happy when the baby was born. Maybe it was all the drugs, I don't know.

And I agree, the Bumbo comment just did not settle with me at all.

This girl's voice was so annoying! It only got worse as the episode went on. So winey and monotone. Almost as bad as Danielle from season 3 only nothing can ever be as terrible as that.

Other than that, it wasn't the worst episode ever.

In my opinion it was refreshing to see an episode free of so much parental and baby daddy drama. Not every teen pregnancy ends in the proverbial train wreck. It seems as if, after his initial bout of stupidity, Ben really cares and is trying. Though I'll admit, I fully expected Hope to return from her first day at work to little Tristan screaming his head off and night shift bartender Ben sawing logs obliviously on the couch. I was proud of him when that wasn't the case! I will say I think Hope needs to stop whining about not having friends or leaving the house and try a bit harder. It's not the dead of winter, she has a stroller, and a car doesn't she?! Get out! Go to the library, the park, see the light of day! Ben seemed a little hurt by her comment about working in a restaurant. She shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth. At least he works and takes care of their baby so she can work too. She might be an hour from her home, but he's providing a home and is there to help her. So many other teen dads don't do that. It would be great to see things work in their favor, however their relationship as a couple seemed non existent.

Simply: Agree

Learn grammar. Write well, and people will take you seriously. This sounds like the rantings of a teenage girl... which wouldn't surprise me in the least.


Are you talking to me? If you are, there is nothing wrong with my grammar. I don't write recaps in paragraph form for a specific reason, which I explained in the past. In addition, I haven't been a teenager in a decade and a half.

If you're speaking to someone else entirely and not speaking to me, disregard this. :p

Thank you.

I won't be so harsh but the bullet form is annoying. It only makes sense if someone is reading it while they watch the episode. It doesn't flow well. It's like one sentence - pause - next sentence - pause. Just saying.

Someone else brought that up once too, and I asked the general public if it was better in paragraph form. The majority preferred it in bullet form. Recaps for Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 are always in paragraph form, however.

Edited: If I'm feeling crazy next week, I may try to do the recap in paragraph form to see how I like it. No promises though. ;)

I like the bullet form for 16 & Pregnant. The episodes are basically all the same anyway with random details different. All other sites do paragraph recaps and it's pretty much like reading the same recap every week. I like the bullets being random thoughts on what's going on. I especially like this one "Next scene: Ben’s mohawk is gone. I guess the girls aren’t the only ones who change their hair during filming."

I actually quite like the bullet form. It's quick, to the point, and gets the job done. I probably wouldn't read paragraph form - when I read a recap I like to get to the main points quickly.

You're compl1aining about grammar?!?! Seriously?!!? On a Teen Mom Fan Page?!?!

- It's not your page

- It's entirely correct, grammatically speaking.

- Become an English teacher to get your grammar Nazi fill

- Shut the fuck up


You took the time to complain about someone complaining about someone's grammar on a teen mom fan page?!?!?

- Kiss my ass


First Off the fans reading this page on the regular prefer the bullet form for 16 and pregnant episodes since they all follow the same format vs Teen Mom which is different everytime. Second if you don't like it don't read it. Simple as that. Obviously you're a troll seriously lacking a life to complain about a blog when there are numerous other options available if you don't like this one. You sound like a teenage ranter.

Miranda and Steve I love the blog and I visit all the time. The updates with a hint of sarcasm always make me laugh. Keep up the amazing work!!!!

If i was a teen this would definately have been the episode to deter me from getting pregnant- Seeing her at the doctors office trying to come to terms with her weight gain, talking about the stretchmarks and especially the way she talked about being torn over going to school, or working. It felt like the conversations with her friends werent as staged as some i've watched. Or maybe its just because you could tell by her tone of voice that her feelings were real and genuine. Not every teen mom will face baby mama drama, family dram and some struggle more financially than others but Hope faced problems that EVERY teen mom will face regardless of your finances or relationships. That's why i loved this episode.

I agree! No matter what your situation is you're going to lose your teenage years (or young adult years) when you have a baby. I thought their episode was one of the "best case scenario" episodes and yet they still had struggles.

Her episode was so obviously staged. Like when she visited the college and her friend was like "SOOOOOOOOOO what are we doing tonight" LOL so fake.

They're ALL staged to some extent, but I actually found this one to feel less staged than others. I'm sure the producers did ask the friend to talk to the college friends and ask them that question though..so that they could get on tape how awesome college is and yadda yadda.

I would love to be a little fly on the wall during the filming of some of these episodes. I want to see exactly how much is staged and what is natural. I think it would be interesting. :)

I was pissed that she asked to be induced. It's not about YOUR comfort it's about your baby! The baby comes when it's ready! Then they gave her a c-section after 10 hours?!?!? I guess the doctor had a round of golf to get to or something. I can't believe she agreed to major surgery after only 10 hours. Labor can take DAYS. Suck it up sweetheart!

Not all babies come when they are ready. And the baby could have been stressed or in danger which would cause the dr to do a c-section. Did you see that the baby had the cord wrapped around his neck???

Not all babies come when they are ready? That is one of the most stupid things I have ever read! Yeah because I just saw this poor lady at the store that was 2 years pregnant, the baby just won't come out! LOL

Not entirely true. She was in labor for 10 hours but wasn't progressing, with the aid of Pitocin. Contractions compromise a baby's oxygen, and oxygen deprivation can lead to multiple problems (including CP), so the doctors were looking out for the best interest of the child. Their little bodies can only handle so much. Sure, labor takes a long time, but perhaps she wasn't dilating or effacing as she should be with the aid of induction.

The Dr.s look out for THEIR best interest. If they were looking out for the babies interest they would have NEVER induced her because she was "uncomfortable". It's no wonder if she wasn't progressing, humans aren't meant to be pumped full of artificial chemicals to go into labor, it happens naturally! And babies can be born with a cord around their neck, you just simply take it off, same as with a c-section. Except with a natural birth the lungs of the baby are squeezed so any liquid comes out and the baby can breath much easier than with a c-section. You people that believe everything your Dr. tells you are idiots.

I suggest some of you watch the documentary "The Business of Being Born" if you want to enlighten yourselves. It opened my eyes a lot!

I actually work on a Labor and Delivery floor, so I'm speaking from experience and not just "believing what my doctor tells me," nor am I an idiot. I see this all the time. If a woman is in labor for over 10 hours but is not dilating the way she should, ESPECIALLY with the aid of pitocin, they will perform a C-section. Every time a contraction occurs, it puts pressure on the babies' head, compromising their oxygen and causing their heart rate to decel rapidly. To do that for over 10 hours to a baby, WITHOUT ANY PROGRESS for the mother, will lead to a c-section. Yes, sometimes labor takes a day, but it will only be that way if the mother is slightly progressing. Remember that she is being given the medication to jump-start her labor, so she should be progressing. It is dangerous for both mother and baby, so they perform a section. It's not unusual.

I've seen doctors perform sections because they don't want to be there, but usually they'll do it right away. Keep in mind that she's also a teenager, which can contribute to the reason that she was not progressing - sometimes the body just can't do it.

I'm aware that labor pushes liquid out from the lungs. With a section they'll just take the baby out and deep suction. Within the first day the baby will breathe just fine. I've suctioned them before.

She asked to be induced, but notice that the doctors went and had to check her out before they agreed to it. Not to mention they didn't induce her THAT DAY. They waited a few more days. 38 weeks is considered full-term, so it's not unusual that they allowed it without a problem.

Keep in mind that documentaries only exhibit a portion of the population, and most of the time it doesn't relate to the greater population. You shouldn't judge every physician based on how they are portrayed in the movies.

How could I have guessed that someone in the medical field would reply exactly how you did. Of course she wasn't progressing as she normally, naturally would because she didn't go into normal, natural labor! You claim to work on the labor and delivery floor. I hope by that you mean you sweep the floors or something because you are obviously dull to the facts and statistics regarding hospital birth in America.

It could be some MTV editing. As much as she was swelling and with her weight gain she could have been high risk for preclampsia. While the film doesn't show it I bet they induced her because technically you're full term at 38 weeks and staying pregnant longer may not have been the best choice for the baby. Likely it's a possibility her doctor and her had discused at a previous visit since the amount of swelling she had is a serious warning sign of complications in pregnancy. Just saying since I'm pregnant right now and have had similar swelling issues. And we all know how MTV loves to edit

Could be! One of my close friends asked to be induced a week early because she was uncomfortable, and the doctor agreed. No c-section necessary, even with the aid of the Pitocin. Great pregnancy (up until the end), great delivery, no problems whatsoever.

Congratulations! Babies are a blessing and I, myself, am blessed to see the process firsthand on a day-to-day basis. I'm sure you'll be a wonderful mother! :)

can anyone tell me where can i watch last night episode? tried mtv page already but its not working since currently im in another country...

I really liked Hope's episode! She is such a pretty girl with a big heart. I hope her and Ben's relationship can be something a little bit more in the future, because I do believe that they do love each other. Tristan is adorable. I don't think her getting induced two weeks early is really that big of a deal, you could see that the cord was wrapped around his neck when they were pulling him out. Not all babies come when they're ready. I don't think I'm too big on seeing her on Teen mom 3, but that's just me. Her episode was boring at times, but she doesn't really have the drama or spice to add to TM3 (which MTV is obviously looking for). I wish her and her family the best in everything. God Bless you Hope! <3

I liked Hope and her family. While it was crappy of Ben to skip out on the first couple of months, I don't judge him too harshly because he was just looking for a hook up, and then all of a sudden she's pregnant. It's a lot to hear as a teen - and the important part is that he ultimately manned up and took care of his responsibilities. He doesn't get a free pass for being a jerk, but he turned it around. It was really nice to see him sitting on the couch holding Tristan when Hope came home from work - such a HUGE departure from Adam and others. I also think that much of Hope's complaining was reality really hitting her that she's a mom now, but give her a few months and things will probably be different for her. Overall I thought that she and Ben were good people and good parents. (Her bumbo on the counter comment made me cringe, but hopefully she's been told not to do that.)

Wow, these comments are actually more entertaining than the episode...

Did I spell everything right?

I'm confused, is this page about the Teen Mom episode or the chip on someone's shoulder regarding labor, delivery, induction and c/section? First of all, even with all the technology today, due dates can be wrong. Sorry sweetheart, but NO, not all babies come when they're ready. Some of them can't!!! Some are born to mothers whose small pelvis can't handle their large size, also increasing the risk of placental abrubtion. Some mothers cervix simply will not dialate at all, ever, with any type of medication. I'm sure with all your reading you know that as pregnancy progresses into it's final weeks the environment deteriorates and is not always what's optimal for baby's health, such as an insufficient of amniotic fluid, or oligohydramnios ( I know its a really big word, but try to wrap your close minded brain around it). Less fluid means less protection for baby. I bet you also know that late term babies can have their first bowel movement in the womb, causing breathing problems and infection after birth. Some babies never turn head down, and breech births are exceedingly risky. Although it's rare and doesn't apply in this case, smaller babies born to mothers who have had more children previously can actually be turned side ways (and lodged!) or full breech during labor when they were head down when labor began? (The lax confines of the "experienced" uterus combined with the contractions leads to this) pre eclampsia, toxemia, gestational diabetes. Etc., etc., etc.

I cannot imagine any sane mother saying oh yea just let the baby come when it's ready, knowing doing so risks baby's health and her own. We did not see evidence of this in Hope's situation but she did have signs of preeclampsia. I'd also venture to guess because of her age and still developing body of her own, her Drs were cautious about letting her baby get too big, since they gain an average of one pound a week in the final month. I'd further and perhaps incorrectly guess you don't have children. Why? Because you can be the biggest advocate of natural birth, wanting to have as little medical intervention as possible, (like me) but when it comes to your baby, you'll do whatever it takes.

Oh, I too was a teen mom, and am employed in the medical field! As well as a mother of four. #1 by forceps (small pelvis) # 2 induced early 2 wks because of preeclampsia and his large size (9 1/2 lbs) #3 induced 10 days early because of deteriorating amniotic fluid and high blood pressure, and # 4, four weeks early by emergency c section because during natural "come when they're ready" even if it's a month too soon labor, (recall that rare occurance I spoke of?) he turned partially side ways/breech.

The point of all this?! Do not judge. Unless you're in the situation yourself and know all the facts, who are you to call anyone stupid, idiotic or otherwise.

You really think anyone is going to read that novel you wrote? Get a life hun =\