16 & Pregnant to Follow Teen Mom Format

16 and Pregnant


A couple of weeks ago, MTV revealed that they would be casting for a 6th installment of their hit documentary series, 16 & Pregnant.

At this time, we had all assumed that it would follow a similar format to the former seasons of 16 & Pregnant where MTV would select 10-12 girls and film them for several months and morph it into a one-hour episode for the series.

The format has worked for MTV in the past, but the network has also received complaints about the fact that 16 & Pregnant's single episodes don't show enough of the changes that occur in a girl's life after becoming a mother at such a young age.

Susanne Daniels, a programming boss for MTV, went to theTVpage.com to exclusively reveal details about the revamp. She is quoted as saying, "We are retooling 16 & Pregnant.

We decided to try something new. 16 & Pregnant was stand alone episodes [in the past] and we are going to use the Teen Mom format for 16 & Pregnant this season."

Daniels was also able to confirm that there will only be 4 girls that are filmed for the new installment of 16 & Pregnant.

Casting is currently happening, and the stories of these four girls will carry over from week to week throughout the season.

Daniels added, "There are pros and cons to closed-ended programming. Obviously, you like it because it repeats and it is easy to show out of order.

But there are pros to ongoing as well.

We find that the Teen Mom ratings build over the course of the season as people get invested, so we thought, 'Lets just look at that with 16 & Pregnant and see how it goes."

This is a big change for the series, but it's one that we've known bits and pieces about for a while.

Teen Mom Junkies revealed that season 6 of 16 & Pregnant would feature the girls for an extended period of time, which would be true with this new format.

This format also puts a big strain on MTV's casting department, because the success or failure of this season could depend solely on the girls that are chosen for a spot on 16 & Pregnant.

We are led to believe that MTV will actually test out filming with around 6-8 teens and narrow down their possibilities from there to ensure that the girls who are chosen are able to fulfill the position in the way that MTV wants them to.

Teen Mom Junkies also talked about a Teen Mom 4 spinoff featuring the season 5 girls, and for now, that's still being discussed by producers.

A source tells us that they are having a meeting on Monday to further talk about the future of season 5's girls.


I like this idea. Hopefully this means that they'll get more interesting girls. Also, it'll get give less opportunities for these girls to get on the show who got pregnant just to be on tv.

meaning there won't be anymore Maddys??? Not only are they trying to prevent teen pregnancy, they're probably also trying to prevent 1 hour facebook one night stands

Seriously though. How ashamed would you be as her parent. Like, accidents happen. I can accept that. But she was not even in a relationshit or even at the same school at this guy. It just screams slut.

I can see that being really difficult to narrow it down to 4 girls. They would need to have very different stories then in the past. I think seasom 5 had some pretty diverse background. One night stand, pregnant and dating another, mother's battling addiction (and being shown), stepparenting, and "homelessness".

I would like to see a girl who is truly homeless. As in her parents kicked her out and she had no one to fall back on. Possibly in an abusive relationship (notice it's mainly been the girls doing the abuse?). I feel like I am being awful saying I want to witness these but I feel they would be a truer insight.

I think there would be too much backlash if the abuse went the other way and the crew allowed it to happen. For some reason people are much more willing to ignore a woman abusing a male, but I think there would be a huge problem if they showed a man abusing one of the girls, especially while pregnant and then there's the risk of abusing the baby... Who knows though!

I could see them letting it fly just enough, then having producers finally step in and put a stop to it, unlike they have ever done before. That way, they get the best of both worlds. They get the ratings and a different story line that their after, and they'll be looked at as "the white knights" or heroes in the situation, so to speak.

Not to mention, that would be the perfect way to get viewers really invested in the girl. They would feel bad for her and not want to miss what happens to her, hoping that she leaves and has a happy ending blah blah blah. We all know how the editing works. They can make it look however they want, as long as they give them something to work with and manipulate.

If there was going to a girl feature that has an abusive relationship it will be more like something the girl got out of, not something that is on going, I believe Jenelle was in a very abusive relationship with Jace's father, but left once she got pregnant, but she was in a season when everyone's story lines was basically they same.

Struggling to think of any past boyfriend of Jenelle's that she HASN'T accused of being abusive...

Jenelle says every guy beats her. Reason 6,418 she's a piece of shit.

I don't think Jenelle cries wolf in these situations, I think it is a pattern of behavior that repeats itself, that she allows. It's incredibly hard on your self worth when you're in an abusive situation, and you condition yourself that it's your fault and that your partners behavior is acceptable because they love you. I think Jenelle is so desperate for love that she tolerates this behavior time and time again from man after man.

I could be wrong here, and I'm not defending Jenelle, but I'd rather give someone the benefit of the doubt here than to incorrectly accuse a victim of lying. And not just Jenelle, but everyone.

@saraa Go over to her twitter and see all the things she brags about. This girl does not have any form of low self worth, from the fame and money this show brought her, the girl thinks she's invincible. and If I know anything about Jenelle its that she is almost physically unable to admit that a negative occurrence was her fault for anything whatsoever.

I do believe that Jenelle has been in abusive relationships. 100%. And I don't think ANYONE should ever have to endure that. That includes the dudes she dates. But we also see Jenelle being violent as shit towards other people and then playing a pity card. The unfortunate truth is, because of her "let's take this outside" attitude and penchant for egging people on and getting in their faces screaming at them, I can never be sure if she started something, participated in it, tried to end it or simply just got her ass kicked. Also, I believe she exaggerates shit to no end when she realizes it can get her extra attention. So, while I believe some of the dudes she dated were physically abusive towards her, I think she can dish it out just as much as she can take it and I think she majorly embellished what happened so she could play the "poor pitiful Jenelle" story.

Thumb down all you want but Jenelle deserves a kick to the ovaries. I don't think Gary ever hit her maybe courtland. How about don't marry a guy after like a month who is a heroin addict. Sorry not sorry I have zero sympathy for Jenelle who exaggerates having a god damn cold for the sake of attention.

I do think Jenelle was in abusive relationships. Just because she is self-entitled or seems full of herself doesn't mean she has high self-esteem and self-respect. It's easy to conflate these two but they aren't the same. She seems more like she has narcissistic personality disorder. That means she has low self-esteem but constantly needs attention and validation. If you look at her in that light, all of her actions seem understandable (but not justified). She runs relationship to relationship with guys who obviously aren't good for her or her son, because she feels validated by having male attention and someone to call her own boyfriend. She cannot be alone. How many times have we seen her truly single for on the show, and for how long?

*Even if we assumed there was no physical abuse, none of the relationships were healthy at all, and that's only from what we saw. I don't see abuse as a very far cry from what we ourselves saw happening. Babs herself was concerned several times. Also, if she just claimed it about every single guy, she never claimed that Keefah was abusive. She said it about Gary and she has never said it about Nathan even though he seems off the rails..

All of that being said I'm not defending any of her actions or her behaviour. I don't like Jenelle. But, I don't think that just because she is a bad mom and a not-so-great human being that we should assume she lied about abuse. It takes a very damaged person to actually want to be in the kinds of relationships we have seen her in.

Lol Jenelle is a pathological liar so it is tough to believe any of the bullshit that seeps out of her mouth. I seriously don't even care if she was abused lol. She's fine...she gets paid 6 figures a year for acting like an idiot. If she got slapped around once or twice I honestly don't care. I'm sure she hit them too and none of them are in jail for hitting her lol. She wants you to feel bad for her so she keeps making $$$ and she will.

I'm by no means saying she deserved it, but I think she eggs a lot of her issues on. I have a very hard time believing Gary was stupid enough to hit her. Being actively in the military they can, and usually will, beat the service member's ass for that. I don't know how the Marines works but army there is a zero tolerance. You would be straight up be dumber than a box of rocks to try that crap with a public figure who's on TV.

But then again, who really knows. It's Jenelle and she is a seasoned pathological liar and I don't believe a word she says. We live in a very sad world because I'd be willing to bet every guy she's dated would have grounds to file an assault charge against her, but as a society we cannot accept that women can abuse men and they feel like nobody would believe them or just ashamed.

She has accused Nathan of abuse. On this season's finale, she told her mom Nathan choked her after she got out of jail and came to her house. She was pregnant at the time and Jace asked her if Nathan was going to try to kill her again.

Film I completely agree. And the whole girls hitting guys is ok and funny is such a disgusting double standard. Out of all of them I REALLY don't think Gary did anything, not that he was an angel I'm sure it got heated at times but she likes to exaggerate. I remember she slammed the door on him or something, but no one says shit about that. And lol go look at that fight she got into with the girl where she's pounding that girl in the face. Jenelle is not some coy little girl that sits back and doesn't act violent herself. Not to mention slamming things down in front of her son and abusing animals. And then applying to a daycare and saying "I never yell." Lol honest Abe right there.

I don't believe for a second that Gary did the things Jenelle said he did, they had a volatile relationship but she definitely gave as good as she got. I don't believe he strangled her with the bed sheet either because she still has them. If my boyfriend choked me with my sheets I wouldn't keep them as some kind of sick souvenir, its not like she cant afford new ones. We all saw her pressing charges on Keiffer after he tried to stop her assaulting him. One day she will start her shit with the wrong person and she'll get the beating of her life

Honestly I think Nathan is that wrong person. They're still in honeymoon phase, the money is still rolling in and he has fan girls to impress. I'm not worried for Jenelle, but I do pray when he snaps (I have no doubts that he will) her children are not around to see the results. You watch and see how hard he fought those cops and Jenelle has about a 1/4 of that strength. Nathan is a ticking time bomb, but I think he's smart enough to wait until the cameras stop to truly explode.

Ya, I feel like Nathan is emotionally abusive and will eventually be physically abusive (if he isn't already). Jace is terrified of him, it's scary

This is why it baffles me that people on here actually want her to get Jace back. As long as she's with that drunken abusive loser Jace should never be in her care!

Trap Baby, you are on point tonight!!

And yeah, she did accuse Kieffer of abusing her. She filed assault charges against him on the show.

I think Jenelle is the issue. I think she is the physically abusive one, and that the "abuse" she endures is more of them pushing her away or whatnot defending themselves. I don't believe any of it for a minute.

Wow, sorry guys I think I must have missed where she said that about Nathan in the finale. I was under the impression she never said that about Kieffer because I don't recall it (and I remember him getting mad about it in relation to Courtland or somebody). It's been so long and it's kind of hard to keep track, also with the string of boyfriend. But I still think that just because she says it often it doesn't mean it didn't happen (although she could have exaggerated).

The other reason I don't see it as unlikely is because she is emotionally a mess and seems to attract guys that are also like that. She never has stable relationships.

Once again I want to emphasize I'm not saying she is a good person or that I like her at all, or that I'm defending her. And yes, we've also seen on the show that she herself can be violent, so if anything it does probably go both ways, at least sometimes. But I would never go as far as saying someone *deserves* abuse or that it's okay or who cares, because she's a less than good person. That is so messed up to me. She has deep-seated issues that she hasn't yet adequately addressed. I also don't think she should have Jace because she has no problem introducing problematic people into his life that won't offer him stability (and much less, her).

However, I don't doubt that she uses it for attention and possibly exaggerates, while also excluding her own role in what happened (e.g. when she hit Gary). Babs did say that Gary's temper scared her so I don't know. I guess none of us can say for certain.

I agree with Saraa that Jenelle is desperate enough for love to tolerate an abusive situation, but I also believe Jenelle thrives on the drama it brings internally and externally. She clearly can't just be content in a comfortable and respectful relationship; she needs to feel at the highest level and equates explosive emotions with "passion." I agree that she does egg these guys on and probably exaggerates a lot. She seeks out these relationships because the volatility is what she lives for. I am not saying that she wants to be abused, but I don't think she would be happy in a relationship where the guy wouldn't engage in crazy fights with her.

I hate to bring it up again, but I've shared before that I was in/am trying to end a relationship with a guy who has been physically abusive to me. It's a high passion relationship and when we fight, it gets really verbally nasty on both sides. The reason I never pressed charges (other than not wanting to ruin his life) is because I know I am the first girl he has hit and I KNOW that I have egged him on beyond belief. It was his choice to get physical, but I can't say that I wasn't the catalyst for the fight. That all is embarrassing to admit, but because I have been in this position, I feel like I have some insight on Jenelle. Unlike her, though, I realize that I have never been this way before and never want to be again, it isn't healthy. Jenelle will seek out this volatility every time. She isn't an innocent victim, even if she has been a victim.

Does anyone see this shit stir going down on twitter? This is amazing. Apparently jenelle and Nathan fought all trip, broke up a bunch, hit each other, he flirted with other women... You all have to check it out in person. Its coming from that blonde candy's instagram comments.. And being posted all over twitter.

@ Eagles and Mermaids ...I can totally relate to you. I was in a similar situation. It got really bad in one instance, but there continued to be emotional abuse. It sounds a lot like your situation actually.

@Text Me Papi, I am sorry you went through that. It's good to know I'm not alone, though. How did your situation end?

It got REALLY bad again after I posted that and I went into the police department yesterday, went and wrote a statement, and got my injuries documented in case I do decide to press charges. They were almost willing to do it themselves because it was so bad. I'm not sure what I am doing yet because of what I have explained and because I really do think his abusiveness is over when we are, but... I just don't know.

or maybe the people in those situations are just not agreeing to having their lives filmed - the people have to be willing to sign a contract so an "accurate picture" of teen pregnancy is still at the mercy of that variable for MTV.

They said they're going for really sad situations this time. If they're going for really sad, maybe a truly homeless girl, a rape victim who chose to keep her child, a girl who knows her baby will have serious health problems, and I don't know what else.

It would be interesting to see quite a few of those situations. I would personally love to see a girl who is actually homeless, living in a shelter and showing how tough actual homelessness is. Not just a girl who chose to leave the luxury of her parents house to couch hop with her boyfriend.

I would watch if MTV paid these girls in counseling services rather than cash.

it'd be interesting to see a deadbeat mom vs. good father scenario. and by good father i mean someone that doesn't constantly pawn the baby off on his parents. watching a rape victim would just be heartbreaking. i don't know if mtv would go to that level but who knows.

Just for shits n' giggles I would like to see one where the mother isn't sure who the daddy is! We know this happens all the time in real life (Maury anyone?).

I'm surprised that hasn't happened yet. But then again they say the mother always knows who the real father is. I think deep down that's what was going on with Savon.

I said this in the previous post, but I hope that this cuts back on the "entitled" girls who have used Teen Mom to buy cars, take vacations, and not pay taxes. Frankly, I think that after the season airs these girls will be as bad if not worse than Nikkole, Salazar, and any other famewhores that can't give it up their 15 minutes and act like celebrities. Filming a big group and picking and choosing who airs is probably the right decision, so I'll still watch, but cautiously.

I hope so too, but like we see before on this show, there are many likable girls, than once their 15 minutes of fame is up, they try to stay relevant, and that what creates these monsters, casting directors can't tell if a girl is going to be an attention whore or not, or even if a girl gets pregnant on purpose or not, so technically it is not mtv fault on the action of some girls

I just can't justify getting pregnant to become "a big TV star!" Like... mTV money ain't gonna buy formula forever. Keep your legses closed plz.
I almost think MTV should only do this show with the agreement that they will pay for the newly anointed Teen Mom's college tuition and puts the leftover money in a trust fund for the kids. But then you'd have the girls using it for free college.

Have any of them actually gone to college and completed a degree?

Farrah got an associates. Kail, Mackenzie, and Chelsea have certifications.

I don't really blame them for not going to college, but I don't know why more of them don't get into a trade like those three. It's like they think it's a college degree or nothing.

As much as I think the really dramatic stories are interesting but I also think it's good to have at least one more "regular" girl (but one whose parents aren't doing everything for her) just to drive home to all the 16 year olds out there that IT CAN HAPPEN TO YOU! It isn't a good idea even if you have nice normal parents and aren't homeless and your child is perfectly healthy.. Motherhood is hard and it shouldn't be entered into lightly..

I like this format better because as much as pregnancy sucks these girls get hit hard with the reality of motherhood!

I prefer this format, it helps people get invested in the girls as the season goes on. I stopped watching 16&P because it was just too confusing! Aren't there close to 60 girls at this point? I can't keep track of them and their drama, especially when we only get a short glimpse of each one. I do feel like the series has run it's course, haven't we seen it all at this point? I just like the drama from all the previous train wrecks!

I think it's a great idea. I've said for ages that following them for a year, just like a season 1. Would be enough. And then pay them at the end. Maybe MTV is finally listening?

Meth pipe, that sounds like a great idea to me. If they did it until the babies were six months or a year old it would show most of the struggles & the kids wouldn't grow up on tv being recognized in public. I really feel bad for the kids bc they're going to have to read about their parents and they'll be able to watch what a train wreck they were. I really feel like three years of age should be the cut off for this show for the kids. After that they are old enough to realize the cameras and crew and don't grow up notmal

The other good thing is we get to see the dads' true colors. I notice how lots of them are good boyfriends but once the baby is born, he doesn't visit the baby for numerous reasons.If they follow the girls longer, we can see how one goes from involved dad to deadbeat

I stopped watching too and I forget everyone that I did see. Lol that's why every time one of these posts come up I think I know who the article is referring to, but then I second-guess myself haha. I think this format will be way better and more interesting, if they don't pick the exact same 4 "types."

I stopped watching too because I was far too confused to keep up with all of them.

Yeah I think this is why this format will be good. After the 5th hillbilly you get them confused and forget their stories. 4 is a lot easier to remember than 15.

Yup, me too. Could not keep these girls straight, but I also have a sort of facial amnesia. I'm looking forward to following them this long.

I like this idea better, because I always thought 12 girls where way too much, I thought they should of kept it to 6-8 girls, and honest I hope they get more ethicancy not four white girls, last season was great with the but there was not a girl of Hispanic descent, like last season I hope the story lines is way diffent, like girls having different scenarios not just one little thing differant.

*long time lurker, first time commenter here :D*

I want to see a girl with culturally super strict parents try to navigate through teen pregnancy. Kind of like Isabella's family (I mean damn, the girl his her pregnancy for 8 months....) but I lovedherparentsfor actually giving heritage family a chance.

Hid* not his.

I disagree, I don't think there's been a season where a black or latina mom hasn't been showcased. I've always got the impression that MTV actually actively chose more white teens; statistically blacks and latinas are 2-3 times more likely than their white counterparts to conceive as teens.

The reasoning behind it is probably heavily based in two things: being politically correct and their viewer base. 16 and Pregnant was made for a primarily teen- young adult demographic of middle class Americans, which is comprised primarily of white people. Not saying people can't identify with people because of racial differences, but being real 16 and Pregnant would've quickly been discounted as an "urban" or "latino" show if the amount of girls casted reflected the actual statistics. As for the PC portion, no one wants to be accused of exploiting a stereotype based in such unfortunate truths.

For this next season, I think the four girl format would be good, but I hope they show some "boring" girls, girls who realized they made a mistake and are trying to right their upside down world. It makes me uncomfortable watching the girls with so much discord going on, because its not like a scripted show where they can just walk off set: their drama has real life implications on not only them, but their children, and that bothers me long after the episode is off.

Minorities are over under-represented in the media and are often stereotyped when they are. (Not to get into a debate here!). I wish they would choose more diverse people too, i.e. for the TM franchise, instead of just sometimes featuring them on the 16P episodes. I know they threw in Brianna last time but that was only one time. There were a lot of other good picks, so it would be nice to see it changed up a little bit.

***I meant to say "are under-represented" wish we could edit posts!

I was thinking a girl that was second or maybe third generation Chinese or Korean would be interesting. That culture hasn't been explored by the show before and Asian American teen pregnancy rates are pretty low, if not the lowest.

I was saying this too but you WON'T! And yes yes Ali was like 10% filipino, whatever, but you won't see full Chinese, Korean, etc. WHY? Because they have good values and don't do that shit! Statistics for teen pregnancies are black, Mexican, and white. (I'm a white chick saying this). I admire the Asian culture and my dumb ass 'Murican white race should strive to be more like them. Now yes if it is third generation than maybe you'll see it because they are more Ame=uricanized. I think you're right Asian is the lowest. They'll get their ass whooped if they act like that. I was good friends with a lot of Asian girls growing up and they just acted so much classier than my idiotic white girlfriends.

And when they do get pregnant, their parents sure as shit don't let them talk about it on national television.

it's not just that though. this is completely anecdotal, but my family is SE asian and i know sooo many teen (SE asian) girls that have gotten pregnant. it just seems like abortion is more common and/or families step in to help out more than white families i've seen.

I'm asian, and trust me, asians are slutty just like other races. There's always the good girls who look innocent but there's still the innocent girls that are truly slutty. I have heard about teen pregnancy among asian girls before and I don't think it's the pregnancy that's embarrassing, asians just don't like the shitstorm behind closed doors to be seen by public.

The statistics don't lie

Carrot is your family from SL?

I would also like to see more diverse ethnicities.
I'd love to see an Asian or Eastern Asian/Indian (lIke myself).

I would like that too but you guys have values! I worked at Sea WOrld for a while so you saw all types of different cultures etc, I have to say Asian people (actually from Asia, not the Americanized ones) and people from India were some of the most polite people I ever met! Their kids were so well behaved and they weren't pushy like my fellow Americans with their brats running all over the place. Omg it was so refreshing...we can take a lesson from you guys.

Thanks but I can't take any credit!
I have been "Amuricunized". I'm quIte the heathen myself!
But for snark's sake- Id love to see a old traditional IndIan family deal with a teen pregnancy and TV fame! It would be the end of the franchise!!

It would be really entertaining because it's so out of the norm. 'Muricanized is not ALL bad of course but it is just nice to know certain areas of the world have values! A lot still carry on their morals through each generation which is good.

OH and funny story, I guess people from India (and a lot of cultures) are kind of face talkers, they get really close to talk (and I'm not saying that's a bad thing) LOL the first time it happened I was just so confused....Americans have such a huge bubble so it was like OH HI...then someone explained to me that most cultures just like to get up close and personal hah. It's like a different world I love it. Not to mention Indian and Asian food is the FREAKING BESTTTTTTTTTTTTt.

Yes! We're gonna talk close and were gonna be vague!
I bet being in SoCal you see a little bit of everyone.

Lol yes VERY CLOSE. I'm glad I know now. I think someone visiting from Europe told me Americans are the only ones with these giant bubbles (UK a bit too), I don't know how true that is. I could understand people with thick Indian/Asian accents better than illiterate people like Summer LOL

Haha sorry but I definitely feel like having a good sized bubble is something Americans got right. As a germophobe and someone with a huge bubble I hate when people get all up in my face to talk (though drunk people like to do it too. One more reason I hate drunks). There are also apparently cultures where poeple greet you with a kiss on the hand or worse, the cheek. It's like ewww especially if I don't know you I don't want your mouth touching any part of my body.

That's really true. I have a huge bubble I like personal space.

I would love to see an Arabic girl on 16 and Pregnant. It is such a different culture, a lot of them get married so young. I was close to an Arabic family that had 2 girls and 2 boys. One boy is married with one kid. Both girls are married, one of them have several kids. All of the kids and their spouses live with the parents. I guess living with your parents is typical for their culture.

This reminds me of Mia Khalifa, the Lebanese-American porn star who got backlash for wearing a hijab in her porn film. Her parents don't talk to her anymore. I'd like to see a muslim girl or indian girl who came from a culturally and religiously strict family. But it wouldn't be good tv material if her parents decided that she should just marry the guy, it would only be good for tv if she got kicked out of the house for shaming the family.

Ginamaria, indians girls i've known are really friendly and nice, and i'm not stereotyping but literally, most indian guys I have known are really douchey, they seem to come on strong. Sorry if this offends you, I apologize in advance, but indian guys are just not as nice as indian girls, they are nice but sometimes they have bad intentions.

No offense taken at all!
I've only dated one Indian man here in the U.S. He was nice but his family was another story. They were American and had some money. Because I wasn't full blooded (my father was Italian), I wasn't "gudenuf". Hello, I went to a private school in England! He was wayyy too hairy for me anyways!
Besides, once I started dating American men- woo hoo! I loved those American men!
Where are you from Javi?

I'M jewish and I feel so weird dating another Jew. It just feels like I'm dating my cousin o_O Opposites attract! LOL about being hairy...that's no fun. I always wanted to date an Irish man...omg the accent...

I just watched the where are they now special and I really liked Savon and Summer.

I think this format will help lower teen pregnancy rates as well. I know a lot of credit is already given to the 16&P and TM franchise; this will definitely be moreimpacting (IMO). Maybe they'll get a super diverse group of girls this go-round and scare girls into taking birth control. Or at least convince them to buy condoms because "birth control makes them fat."

Ooh interesting. I like this idea a lot. I have always wanted to see a bit more of each girl during the 16&p series, but there are always so many of them that even the catch up and reunion specials are barely any more footage. When they said they were going to film the new batch for 9+ months I thought that would be even harder to fit in one hour. But this format sounds like a really good idea with a more realistic outcome for the show. They'll just have to be really careful about casting.

Exactly. I was worried that longer filming would cause the one-hour 16 and Pregnant episode to jump around even more - oh, she's telling her friends she's pregnant! Oh, now she's giving birth! Oh, now her kid is six months old and she's applying for government assistance!
Having it spread across multiple episodes makes sense, otherwise they'd probably have to jump right from "first night home" to "several months old". Or cut out those annoying couple walks where they discuss their relationship/never expecting to get pregnant.

I had that same concern, so I'm pretty pleased with the news. Also, I'd be devastated if we lost the annoying couple walks </3

Interesting idea, but that would make a Teen Mom 4 sort of redundant in my opinion. With the flop that was Teen Mom 3, I think it would be in MTV's best interest to NOT do both.

Maybe they'll pick girls from every season of 16 & Pregnant for some sort of ALL STAR season of trash.

that would be amazing!

all star just made me think of project runway all stars. what if tim gunn came out of nowhere whenever the moms were struggling and was just like "teen mom, make it work!" and then disappeared back into the abyss.

This is basically going to be Teen Mom 5

I agree with you. It doesn't make sense for them to start two shows that are basically identical when they already have two shows just like it. I kind of feel like MTV is beating a dead horse but maybe doing 16 & Pregnant like this, no more new Teen Mom series, and canceling TM & TM2 after we get to watch the Leah drama will be a good way to go.

I like this idea a lot. It cuts down on the girls who are purposely getting pregnant just to be TV and get all that money and "fame" that comes with being on it, even for just a short while. I heard that MTV is going to be looking for some really depressing storylines for this season. Like, they're going to be looking for girls who are stuck in really depressing situations---even more depressing than Season 5 (which I felt was the most realistic season after Season 3 turned into a trainwreck and Season 4 was largely a snorefest. Season 5 had the right amount of realism and drama).

I'm not sure if "Teen Mom 4" should happen. MTV is probably super-cautious about putting it on after the failure that was "Teen Mom 3". Honestly, if this version of "16 and Pregnant" is a success, then they should probably do away with continuing the "Teen Mom" series since it's become pretty stale at this point.

I agree. Now that I know they're changing 16&Preg into a more "Teen Mom" type show, I don't think they should go ahead with Teen Mom 4. It would just be overkill.

Or any TM for that matter. Everyone from TM2 is insufferable and I might feel the same after the Teen Mom reboot. It makes much more sense to have more seasons of 16 and Pregnant with the TM format than keep giving the same girls more and more money until they're unbarable to watch... Though I'll miss the old format because I like seeing a lot of different stories.

It'll still happen. There's time to do one season and see how it goes. Mtv know the end of the road is near for TM2 and if the return of TM is a flop, they've got nothing.

AKA: We wanted to see if TM4 would be a failure before we actually made one.

I like this idea, though.

This format actually sounds good to me. I'm sure they won't pay them as much and that will keep it more realistic, or at least I hope they don't

Hopefully they hold out on paying them until the very end of filming, so we can see a real look at the struggles of teenage parenting. Even the first season of teen mom, the girls had already received the check for 16 and pregnant, so it was a bit more easy than real life buying formula, diapers, etc.
I really miss the episodes with the girls having their cars break down etc., much more relatable than now, with Jenelle and her 2 cars for the one driver in her household.

Right? Wow, thinking of the girls' cars breaking down takes me back to Amber's episode. Or maybe that was in her first season of Teen Mom? idk, I just remember a scene of Amber yelling at Gary's voicemail because the car wouldn't start and she needed to go to school or a dr's appointment or something.

I think Gary drove like an older white Chevy Cavalier and I remember him looking like a stuffed pig in the driver's seat. The car would dip whenever he got in it too, poor thing (the car, not Gary).

Lolll I remember that...hahahaha. yes poor poor car...

I completely agree. It's so much more realistic to see them struggling with things like daycare, than talking about how they're renting a $1500 apartment or whatever

I think this format will be a lot better. I've not been able to really get into the last few season of 16 & Pregnant for some reason. With them choosing to film this way, I wonder if we are still quite awhile away from seeing another season on our tvs.

They're still in the casting stages now I believe. So it'll be at least a year probably, to finish casting, film their pregnancies and nine months after the births, then editing it all together.

Oh ya so it'll def be a while. Teen mom and teen mom 2 will probably both air a season before this comes on air

You're right, something about season 4 just did NOT spark my interest. Half of the girls I know by name only

I saw that episode with the gross couple and the piss test on the table. I wasn't feeling it.

Ew I remember people talking about hay. I didn't actually watch it, but we idk where they find these girls

Lol yeah taht was autumn. I really don't need to see her and her gap tooth and bf's piss test on my TV again *shrug*

If anyone has the urge to view club foot dancers Alex has some new videos on her Instagram

Oh I saw that. It seriously made my life. It honest to God looks like she is seizing...

Hahahaha so you got my tag! So funny!

I danced when I was younger - nothing competitive and I wasn't very good at it, but I did it because I LOVED it. The difference between Alex and me is, I KNEW I was bad.

It's like she's not even trying. She thinks she's such a professional ugh

You cannot possibly be that bad. I took dance too and also knew I was bad, but I neverrrrrrrrrr would act like I"m a pro or post these arrogant pictures/videos like she does lmao

How does she post these and get hundreds of like? It's like she's honestly super proud of it. Dance schools are not well there.

She's got 90,000 followers! Wtf!!

useless story. i begged my parents to sign me up for a ballet class when i was younger. we had a bunch of practices and then the final thing of the class was a big performance. after the performance, my parents asked if i wanted to take the next level and i was like "nah, dancing is dumb. i didn't even want to do it i just wanted to see what backstage looked like." they were pissed.

Haha sounds like your parents and mine can relate. I didn't have many friends in middle school so my parents said they'd get me a puppy if I joined dance team. They forgot to say that I actually had to stay on the team though so I joined, got my puppy, and quit.

OMFG it's terrible, you could see how bad she was compared to the other girls, she wasn't on time at all and her moves were off. God damn, Alex really doesn't have the gracious dancer body... and she was like the only one in booty short. Why ? Just why ? Terrible.

She looked like she didn't even really know the moves and was bullshitting through the whole thing. Oh gosh is it horrible that I think of the hippos in ballet costumes from Fantasia when I see her dance? Yes it is I know. I realize I'm going to hell..


There is nothing graceful about her. That's the first time I've seen her "dance" and just wow, I think I'll stick with Dance Moms from now on. I bet her dance instructors (does she still have an instructor? I don't know anyone that continued dancing as an adult) try to hide her in the back row since she apparently can't memorize choreography or counts. Definitely wouldn't want her teaching my kid.

Teaching, no. But a nice handmade Alex Sekella original leotard would be nice/sarcasm.

Lmao! She's always noticeably behind the rest of the dancers in her movements. Every time there's a jump or standing on one leg it looks like she's going to fall over. For someone who's been "dancing" for as long as she has now it's quite bad. Lol one comment says "you dance with such passion."

And she wants to own her own dance studio. Just imagine a room full of mini Alexes dancing. The stuff dreams are made of.

Starcasm reported that MTV did pay for Jenelle & Nathan's hotel room for their vacation. I guess Jenelle lied (big surprise) & said that Nathan had paid for everything himself, but someone she is vacationing with verified that that Nathan paid for flights (still with MTV money, but whatever), and that MTV paid for the room

LOL Nathan WITH WHAT MONEY??? He doesn't do ANYTHING... maybe with Jenelle's allowance from MTV lolz

Ya he doesn't have a job and only gets disability even though he doesn't have a disability!! (Besides his IQ score) so of course he using mtv money to pay for everything. I'm so glad that everyone on here is realistic and doesn't worship these girls. It's annoying going on other sites or mtvs Facebook comments and seeing "maci graduated college and is so mature now of course she's in a position to have another child" comments

There was a comment on The Ashley's about Nathan and Jenelle's engagement and someone had commented on it "who cares how they spend their money, the kids are taken care of" Yeah the kids are taken care of but not by their deadbeat parents are people really that dumb, Jenelle doesn't even pay any child support I don't know if Nathan does but I doubt he has any money left over to give to Emery's grandparents.

Lmao when did Maci graduate college?

Nathans- I also read The Ashley article and the comments.it turns

Crap phone.. It turns out, there are varying degrees of disability pay. Some you can still work, some you cannot (many many commenters explained it). Also someone speculated that Teen Mom WAS his job. He would receive his own check. I'm sure airfare would be cheap this time of year- they could have gotten a deal. Rooms too.
I think Jenelle did buy her own ring though.
But The Ashley article had an awful picture of Jenelle. She looked so old and her facial expression was just bad.

For someone on a dream vacation with her "best friend" she's doing an awful lot of tweeting. Does anyone know why they all seem to have fallen out, I would put money on Gaythan getting drunk and hitting on one of the other girls that were there with them. It must be nice though to never have any consequences for your shitty decisions and continue to be rewarded by MTV for destroying your children's lives.

I want the details too! Anyone have links to see what those aother people on the vacation are saying?

I love Jenelle's standard defense to it all is her usual: OMG you all are SOOOOOOOO jealous of me!!!! Me and Nate are totally happy, IN St. Thomas and engaged while your all sitting behind computer screens!!!! hahahahahahha!!! ALL YOU HATERS SOOOOOOOOOOO JEALOUS OF MY FLAWLESS LIFE!!!!!!!!

She's trying to convince herself of that, not us.

I'm totally happy sitting at home, stuffing my face with McChickens, and being engaged, all while watching Harry Potter.

Let's see what there is to be jealous of:

Attractive? No.

Wealthy? No. Not in the long-term, at least.

Well-educated? HAHAHAHAHA

Great career? No.

Good reputation? Obviously not. Her nudes are plastered all over the internet.

Model parent? Nope.

Popular? No.

Attractive, intelligent, successful fiancé? Yeah right.

Classy with impeccable taste? Pshhh.

Good citizen, at least? Nope. Been arrested 8374459 times.

She's delusional.

Lives at the beach & had a good boob job! That's about all she's got going for her!

I always wanted them to show a baby with ds or autism. I always feel like they show the struggles of parenting a "normal" child. Having a healthy "normal" child is a blessing and not always a guarantee. My son has Spd (sensory processing disorder) and although looks normal. Load noises or strong smell can trigger him to almost freak out. My cousin was only 23 when she got pregnant with twins one with ds, who sadly passed away at 2 months old. My youngest sister wanted a baby so bad (she was 17 and not in a stable relationship) got pregnant her baby was born completely deaf. Healthy babies are miracles.

Yeah I always wondered if they followed a girl who ended up having a miscarriage or still born so they scrapped her episode. It would be sad but showing one of those stories would show a possible risk to getting pregnant.

Oh my gosh me too!! I've always been so curious about that, or if a baby was born too prematurely and died. Early miscarriage is avoided since the episodes start filming when the girl is several months along, but late term is definitely possible.

Maybe they don't want girls to see it and think "well I could always lose the baby and get out of having to take care of it"? I dunno. If anything it shows how even if you're not ready for a baby losing one is still traumatic.

Mackenzie was reportly was filming for season 3 when she was pregnant with her first baby,then had a stillbirth one month into filming then got prenant again when they where casting for season 4

I think most girls that happened to would request to stop filming even if MTV wanted to show it. I can't imagine having cameras in my face after that happened and I would quickly kick them out and get the whole thing shut down. I really don't think we'll ever see a stillbirth or a baby's death on the show.

Which Mackenzie clearly didn't. She just got knocked up again straight away so they could be a familllyyyyyy.

Depending on who the person is if it where Nikkole or Ashley I think the would totally allow cameras in, if nikkole did have a still birth on 16 and pregnant she would totally be one teen mom 2, just look how she acted with her second pregnancy still birth

I find it appalling that Mackenzie not only got pregnant so soon after losing the first one, but allowed MTV to come film her all over again. I mean, what the fuck? I know we all grieve in different ways, but Mack was all about the attention and having a famillllyyyy with Josh. What a fucking attention whore.

It is weird that it hasn't happened... Would they scrap an episode of the child had something like that? can the girls change their minds? Seems like odd would be it should have happened by now. Or even a baby born addicted to booze or drugs. I guess they hide that, but it would definitely be a harsh reality check. I agree that it's something they should cover, but I think if they can avoid it, they will, because otherwise there would probably be a lot of politically incorrect things said and done and a lot of damage control.

I watched the Dr Phil show covering Alex and the Dr Phil family. Her baby was born addicted. And it was the most horrible thing I've even seen. She was a Jenelle. Three kids, three baby daddies and her parents were raising the, while she drugged and partied on.

I heard alex had a fourth baby.

Nooo! A fourth? Did she ever get clean?
I remember her being a bad addict shooting up mud with used needles!

No way! Really? Has Dr Phil given up yet? Has her mother got this baby too?

Autism is not Diagnosed until the child is at least 18 months old and the average is 3 years old, camera would be long gone by the time a "16 and pregnant" child is diagnosed, honestly since autism is so common these days I would not be surprised if one of the kids have autism ( realistic over 60 babies are born to this franchise and not at least one of them have autism) I am NOT in any way bashing people with autism, I have a brother and many cousins with it and I love them dearly

I thought one of the boys from the franchise has been diagnosed. I thought it was Chase, Jordan Ward's first kid, but I can't find the article I thought explained it. I remember it was based on Jordan's tweet that she'd been up all night with Chase, and talking about Autism being difficult or something. Anyone know what I'm talking about?

Damn it, Jordan HOWARD, not Ward. Sorry.

We've had a few with serious medical issues. Whitney from Season 1 has a son with Alpha 1-antitrypsin deficiency. Of course Ali has MD. I want to say Samantha from Season 2's daughter had to have hip surgery. And that girl from the latest season had a child with a cleft lip.

I believe Kristina, who's fiancé drowned when she was four months along in season 4 ( and has had three pregnancies since her time on the show), their son was Diagnosed with SPD and he was early and quite fragile for a while

There's also Jordan Howard's son who has autism.

Really, honestly I am surprised because none of the teen mom gossip blogs didn't mention this at all( I know they can't mention everything), but mtv should try to do a special on her and any other the other moms who children have condition that develop or disnosed after the cameras stop rolling for a while

Which one was Jordan Howard, I don't remember her

I think Jordan was the black girl who had the white boyfriend and her mother hated him because he was white and kept making racial comments about him. Jordan's mother and siblings made the boyfriend feel so unwelcome whenever he tried visiting his and Jordan's son. Then, when he inevitably stopped coming around, the mom was all, "I told you he'd be a deadbeat!". She was just a horrid bitch. On the reunion show, Jordan revealed that she and her boyfriend had gotten back together and her mom didn't know about it. I have no idea what happened after that, since I didn't watch these girls' catch-up special, but it sucks that their son has autism. I hope they have a great support system, but it seemed like Jordan's family just sucked ass.

Thank you Carly Blanket, I remember her now. There's so many of the girls its hard to know which ones which.

Yes, I wrote about Jordan Howard and her son above. From her Twitter, it looks like she married the guy and they have a second kid, a daughter. She seems like a really great mom!

The part of her episode that is burned into my memory is when a bunch of Jordan's male relatives rushed Tyler out of the house. Rumble in the jungle part II.

Oh Lyin Damn Husalah you just inspired my new name. That line has always stuck with me from that episode of 16 & Pregnant. I hope nobody else has it already.

It would have to be a very strong person that chose to appear on this show knowing their child had a disability. Some of the things that were said about Ali purely because of her MD were absolutely disgusting and I think most parents would choose to avoid that of they could

So today I googled "dog pregnancy announcement" and after scrolling through lots of cute puppy pictures, suddenly, BAM! One of Jenelle's mugshots... wtf??One where she looks all happy, not sure if she was knocked up or not, or how that came up with my search, but I thought you guys would like that!

bahahahahaha! maybe bitch was in heat at the time.

[…] site reported that a meeting regarding the future of the potential spin-off would take place on Monday. It is unclear what the […]

Color me shocked, someone on starcasm said the "friends" with Jenelle and Nathan on vacation are spilling on twitter how awful the trip has been. They've done nothing but fight and have "broken up" three times. And they admitted the whole thing was set up, staged, and paid for by MTV.

I just went there to see what's up and noticed on the left sidebar under "top categories" Jenelle Evans is the number one topic. Not even Teen Mom 2, just Jenelle by herself. What an accomplishment!

In the reality TV world, that's the equivalent of an Oscar.

I just hope MTV shows all of that instead of making it look like they're soooo in luuuuurve. Gag!


[…] to Teen Mom Junkies, a array is “still being discussed by producers.” A source told a site, “They are […]

[…] to Teen Mom Junkies, a array is “still being discussed by producers.” A source told a site, “They are […]

[…] to Teen Mom Junkies, a array is “still being discussed by producers.” A source told a site, “They are […]

[…] to Teen Mom Junkies, a array is “still being discussed by producers.” A source told a site, “They are […]

[…] to Teen Mom Junkies, a array is “still being discussed by producers.” A source told a site, “They are […]

Hello, I live in the Uk and they showed the 16 and pregnant season 4 with the whole brianna and mckenzie lot but since the new 16 and pregnant came out in america i havent heard anything about airing in the UK. has anybody heard why it's not come out in england yet?

[…] to Teen Mom Junkies, a array is “still being discussed by producers.” A source told a site, “They are […]