16 and Pregnant - Briana Dejesus

16 and Pregnant

Briana Dejesus lives in Orlando, Florida (Disney World!!!!!!! My favorite place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and she comes from a single parent family. Her, her mom, and her sister are very close. Briana and her sister both got pregnant at the same time, but her sister, Brittany, chose to abort her baby, while Briana chose to keep her. Briana and the baby daddy are no longer an item.

My thoughts on the episode:

  • Briana thinks it was awkward to ask her boyfriend to put on a condom. I'm guessing it's not as awkward as being spread-eagled in front of him squeezing out a kid.
  • Brittany tries to justify her decision to Briana by saying she'll be free, but Briana will be tied down to a baby. She doth protest too much, methinks.
  • Briana cuts her toe open and there's a close-up of it and it's really gross. Hey, MTV, we don't need to see that.
  • Brittany is annoying. She pretty much spends all her time making Briana feel like shit.
  • Before the baby is born, Briana meets up with baby daddy, Devoin, who is looking all cool, to discuss the name. He diverts the conversation to their personal issues, since they haven't spoken in like a month. She tells Devoin to get a job and he acts like it's all messed up. "I'm forced to get a job!" Um, yeah, it's called being a responsible parent.
  • Briana's plan? Take night courses when the baby is 4 to 5 months old.
  • Brittany is being annoying again. She is totally jealous of Briana's pregnancy.
  • Devoin is ignoring Briana again. I feel so bad for her.
  • When Briana goes into labor, Devoin actually shows up. I don't know what to think about him.
  • Nova Star was born on September 10th, weighing in at 8 pounds.
  • Briana left Devoin's name off the birth certificate since he took off to play basketball while she was still in the hospital. He was not happy about that.
  • Devoin is back to ignoring Briana.
  • Devoin's back. This guy can't make up his mind. While he's visiting Briana and Nova, he spends more time on his phone than with them. Briana's mother, Roxanne, gives him a what-for. It's pretty awesome. I love Roxanne. He doesn't seem to like it though. He takes off again.
  • There's a montage where Brittany's off having a blast with her friends during Halloween while Briana is home alone with the baby. Between that and Devoin being a dickwad, Briana is pretty sad.
  • Briana tells Brittany that she would have made the same decision she did if she could go back and do it again...not that she regrets Nova, of course.

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nova star? why on earth....or the galaxy..would you name a baby that? =-/

I love the name Nova Star and mom Roxanne rocks!! Definitely should be on Teen
Mom 3!!

I actually liked Briana's episode. Judging from the preview on MTV, I was a little shakey as to how their family would be; but knowing MTV they always show the bad stuff to get more ratings. I think she is a sweet girl and doesn't deserve that loser of a guy. Nova is beautiful. I thought it was kind of pathetic that Brittany kind of felt remorse and mad when Briana decided to keep her baby, but what did she expect? If you're that mad about it, maybe you should've kept yours. I'm glad though that she came around and their mom is awesome. Down to earth and knows how to set the ground rules. I wouldn't mind seeing her on Teen Mom 3, I think it'd be interesting.

thank god one of them had the brains to get an abortion. now, if only more teens would make that choice. or adoption. good job britt. i hope you got money from mtv too, because you deserve it. you made a great choice. now just don't get knocked up again.

Shame on you. I'm not against abortion, but it's not something people should be praised for. Children are a blessing, it's not thier fault who their parents are.

Really? I couldn't disagree with your comment more. Why would you praise abortion? It's a very traumatic and depressing thing to have to go through. The child didn't ask for the mom to get knocked up, why should they have to be aborted? They deserve a chance at life just like you got.

Having an abortion does not indicate she has brains. Maybe not getting pregant would be a reason to praise her and say she has brains. An abortion will scar her for life and the baby being aborted is cruel. This baby was never given a choice to live, it was taken from him/her. Being responsible when you have sex it the mature thing to do. Use protection or don't get pregnant until you are ready for a baby.

Wow!!! Mo your an idiot! Maybe your mom shoulda had an abortion! Do you have any idea how hard that is to go thru? Do you have any idea what happens durning and after an abortion? NO YOU DON'T!!! Sounds to me like not only do you not know about abortion, you don't know about having children...What would qualify you to even comment in the matter.... Idiots like you should keep their comments to themselves..

Interesting idea... What if all children born to teen parents were automatically taken away and adopted out UNLESS the parent(s) can show that they have the mental/physical/emotional/financial/spiritual ability to care for the child. Just an idea.

A lot of children would end up in orphanages...

I hear what you're saying, but you know how many kids already grow up without a family? Bouncing around foster homes, group homes, aging out of foster care and ending up on the streets? Not much of a life, sadly.

I say birth control in the water. You apply to drink different water. I'm only kind of joking.

Thats probably the worst idea I've ever heard. That's so heartless...ripping a baby away from its mom right when it's born? Granted, a lot of PEOPLE (not just teens) shouldn't be raising kids, but that is not the way to handle teen pregnancy. I go to school, work full time, and am a single teen mom. I get a LOT of help from my parents, but just because I can't support my son by myself right now, I should have him taken away? Thats disgusting.

And how would know if someone is "Spiritually" capable of raising a kid?

I'm not a teen mom, but I am young enough where I get tend to get judged a lot for having a baby. (Looking a few year younger than I really am doesn't help either.) If you would have looked at my situation a year and a half ago when I was pregnant, you would have said there was no way we could do it. However, we've managed to raise our son just fine, without any financial support from anyone else. He's a happy, healthy one year old boy. You shouldn't be so quick to judge other people's situation.

Gahhh so many typos! Sorry, I should have proofread before I posted!

Wow, so her sister is just a big old bitch because she chose to have an abortion and is having troubles dealing with her emotions? That's a bit rude. I highly doubt she was jealous of Briana's pregnancy. I applaud Brittany's choice because it was JUST as hard as Briana's.

I didn't call her a big old bitch. I said she was being annoying. You're right, she was having trouble dealing with her emotions. "Jealous" was perhaps the wrong word. Maybe "remorseful?" That's just how it seemed to me anyway. Your mileage may vary. :)

Actually Melinda, I think "Jealous" is a very accurate description... you could of used remorseful as well. I'm no shrink but I think it would perfectly normal for her to feel jealous over her sister and her baby. Thats nothing to be ashamed about....it just another emotion she'd have to deal with.

That being said I'm sure whether she had an abortion or not she'd probably still be annoying... it seems like thats a pretty permanent part of her personality. Just my opinion though.

why would anyone be jealous of a pregnant teen?? lol

that'a like major fail

well im a teen mom and i am very happy with my life i havent struggled at any point in my life and i dont ever plan on it. I knew i had to grow up and i did just that. To say all teen mothers should just give up their kids or not give them a chance at all thats crazy! Preventing teen pregnancy im all for that!, but what ur saying, out of line. get out here.

I really liked her. It reminded me a lot of my situation, I also got pregnant by a guy who isn't involved with the childs life and live with my mom and sister. Not putting his name on the birth certificate was very smart, getting child support is not that hard, you just have to get a DNA test done before court (paid for by him!). She seemed like she had her head on straight, and what she said at the end sounds like baby blues to me. I remember questioning whether I made the right decision in the weeks following my sons birth, and hormones can make you say some crazy things. I would LOVE to see her on TM3, not enough "totally" single parents.

I like almost all of you, ADORED Briana. She has been extremely genuine and I love her family...even Brittany. I would absolutely love to see her continue to grow up :)

Geez, the ignorance in a few of the above comments are astounding. Praising someone for an abortion? Stating babies should be taken away automatically? Come on....

I like Briana and her family. I did think her sister seemed jealous that Briana kept her baby and she didn't, but the emotions surrounding such an issue are extremely complex so I don't have an opinion of her either way on that. I do think Briana could have picked a better name than "Nova Star" though... ugh.

I think Briana's episode was fantastic because it was probably one of the more depressing episodes. I know that sounds harsh, and I feel very badly for her, but girls watching the show need to see the negatives. Lately, Teen Mom has featured girls getting boob jobs, new cars, apartments, partying, not working, and generally reinforcing the HORRIBLE belief that if young girls get pregnant, their lives won't be difficult. But Briana's episode reinforced that having a child at 17 is terribly difficult. Her boyfriend doesn't give a hoot about her or her child, school is going to be difficult, and she is forced to rely on her mother.
Good for MTV to finally show the NEGATIVES of having a child young.

I REALLLLLLY want to see her on Teen Mom 3. I absolutely loved her episode, and I think there are so many great storylines to amplify. It won't be the generic "Let me whine about how my child is the minority that HAS an active father in their life, but I still have to deal with him because he was just SUCH a jerk to me when I was 16! But I AM AN ADULT, even though I can't get through a college class or have a civil conversation with anyone. and I'm always right and MTV will always edit me to make sure I look like the saint!" Briana's situation is what REAL teen parenthood will be like. A dad that doesn't really care if you or his child is okay, having to rely heavily on the family around you if you want to get anything done in the future, etc. I think her story has been one of the most accurate, educational episodes that this series has featured.

Agree- this is the real life of a teen mom. Its tough, it sucks most of the time, but if you care about your child you do what you have to do to get through college so you can give them a good life. It's not as glamorous as most of the TM girls make it seem.

The transition from being an adolescent to an adult is hard for teens to bear. Their whole life is turned upside down. This episode had me in tears-- nothing I've ever experienced watching Chelsea, Farrah, and Maci's pseudo struggle. Briana's story was raw, real, and extremely hard for me to watch. I could feel the pain radiating off of her in this episode. Needless to say, her courage needs to be praised, I can't even imagine how hard it must be for these *real* teen moms.

Exactly. I know others have said it, but I'll add one more vote - this is definitely the best, most real episode of the show yet.

thinking there may be a type in this post. did Bri say she would or WOULDN'T choose life if she had to do it all over again?

I honestly think Briana is the most annoying and whiny girl I've seen on 16 and pregnant. Did anyone else realize that she acted like a child the whole time? I honestly wouldn't watch TM3 if she was on it.

i honestly hated her episode i couldnt stand her sister and i couldnt understand her but what really made me hate her was that she said she wished she had an abortion,she basicly said she wished her child was dead.you just really cant say that

I can't get past the fact that she said she would get an abortion if she could go back in time. Then she says she doesn't regret her daughter....WTF? This is sick. I understand it must be hard, I understand it's not like she thought it would be. She could have said something like: "If I could turn back time, I'd use birth control" and it would have made sense. But saying she wish she'd get an abortion is just....I don't know....It's not right. I'm not against abortion per se, but she has her daughter in her arms...and she says that basically she wish she wasn't here?! I don't understand it at all!!!

I think that she is being honest. I LOVED her episode! She told the truth. Do you think teen moms don't at some point regret being a teen mom! Seriously... I was 19 when I got pregnant and there were days I wished I could go back in time and change things...And I don't regret my son even a little bit. It's the decisions we've made that makes it so difficult because you sometimes wonder if life could have been better. That's all. Just because she was ballsy enough to say it out loud, doesn't make her a bad person. I hope she is on Teen Mom 3!