WTF Simon?

Anyone check out the "Being Simon" MTV special last week? We almost forgot to comment on Farrah's clear steering of the episode and how desperate she was to make herself look like a expert in real estate.

MTV Posted and Deleted a Tweet that Angered Thousands, Including Kail...What Was It?

In the past 24 hours, the entire Twittersphere has been reacting to Monday night's episode Teen Mom 2, in which Jenelle and David have an epic fight, and later, David disciplines Kaiser, much to fans' dismay. All anyone can talk about is the fact that Jenelle's kids are neglected and abused, but also, that MTV has been exploiting this family.

Jenelle Continues to Make Money Off MTV Even As She Threatens Them

Over the last 48 hours, we all saw Jenelle throwing a fit over MTV's portrayal of David and her. Clearly, Jenelle was pissed that David appeared abusive and Kaiser looked neglected. But, here's the shocking part of all of this. Only a little while after going nuts about the whole thing and telling off MTV publicly and threatening to leave the show, Jenelle then posts a pic of herself using a product and making an endorsement.